Why Asian women are looking for Western matches?

Online dating has recently become rampant in the Asian community. There are many online dating platforms specially dedicated to Asian women and men.

Most Asian women on dating platforms indicate Western men as their preferred partner.

This post discusses why Asian women are attracted to Western men. Furthermore, we want to answer the following question in this dating guide, “Why is Asian men dating Western women still a rare form of interracial love?”.

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Why Asian women are looking for Western men online?

Asian women on online dating platforms often look for Western men to date and forge long-term relationships with. Below are reasons why this is so:

They are fun-loving

Asian women, like most women in the world, love men that enjoy life. No woman wants a man that is only focused on their career and spends all his time trying to climb the corporate ladder.

This is especially common among Asian men. Asian women love men that know how to take breaks from work and enjoy fun activities. Therefore, they are attracted to Western men because they know to give time to their partners and enjoy fun activities together.

They are more understanding about past relationships

Asian women who have gone through failed marriages and past relationships often have a hard time meeting fellow Asian men who understand their past. This is especially the case if they have children or a child from a previous relationship.

This is why most mature Asian women, primarily those previously married, date foreign men. Western men are more understanding of such situations. Therefore, Asian women do not have to hide their past and can be open in their new relationships.

They are responsible

Asian women also like dating Western men because they are responsible. Western men know how to take care of their partners.

why japanese women dating

They are also very hardworking and are not stingy with their partners. This is a quality that Asian women, like most women from other continents, love about Western men.

They are quick to resolve conflicts

Asian women also look for Western men because they are quicker to resolve conflict than other men, especially their fellow Asian men.

Many women report that Asian men often take a passive approach when it comes to disagreements. They also often stay quiet in hopes that the issues go away instead of resolving them in healthy ways.

This is not the case with Western men. In my opinion, most Western men prefer talking issues through as soon as possible. This quality helps in creating lasting and healthy relationships.

They offer them a chance at a better life

Many Asian women also go after Western men because they desire a chance at a better life. Western men are the ticket to a better life for most of these women. Western men can provide them with financial stability and raise their social status. For this reason, a lot of Asian women, especially those from low social classes, seek out Western men on online dating apps.

It is also worth understanding that in most Asian countries, people marry according to social status and class.

Therefore, a lower social status woman would have a challenging time even meeting or getting involved with a man from a higher social status. However, Western men do not pay attention to social status when choosing their partners.

Western men are caring and faithful

Another reason why Asian women go after Western men is that they are more caring and faithful. In most Asian countries, like Thailand, Polygamy was legal for centuries until the mid-1990s.

Therefore, many Asian men have a hard time committing to one woman. Therefore, issues of unfaithfulness with Asian men are rampant.

Therefore, Asian women go for Western men because they are more accepting of monogamous relationships. Western men also make great husbands because they are more caring.

They have shared values

Asian women are attracted to Western men because they have shared values. For instance, Asian women are family-oriented, loving, and caring. This is the same with Western men. Therefore, they complement each other. This is why developing relationships with Western men is easier.

Asian men and foreign women: Stereotyped and excluded in online dating

While Asian women dating Western men has become a widespread phenomenon, Asian men dating Western women is still a rare form of interracial love.

More often than not, I have witnessed people staring at Asian men walking around holding hands or displaying affection in public. According to statistics, about four percent of annual marriages in Asian countries, like China, are interracial.

However, ninety percent of interracial marriages are between Asian women and Western men, not vice versa. Asian men are often stereotyped on online dating platforms. The following are some unfair stereotypes that Asian men face on online dating sites;

They are not masculine

One of the most prevalent stereotypes about Asian men is that they are not as masculine as Western women desire.

This stereotype stems from the fact that most Asian men are usually smaller and shorter in physique. This is why most Western women shy away from relationships with Asian men.

While this is an oriental look among Asian men, it does not represent their masculinity. Note that some Asian men also find Western women less feminine than they would prefer.

They are not outgoing

Another common stereotype about Asian men is that they are not as outgoing as other men. This is far from the truth. While some Asian men may be reserved, this is not a common phenomenon among all Asian men. However, many Western women believe this, hence the low rates of interracial dating between Asian men and Western men.

They are too possessive

I have also often heard that Asian men often get too possessive over their women. In some way, they care too much. For foreign women, especially Western women, this can be too much.

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It is also worth mentioning that many Asian men seem to be uncomfortable around Western women. Therefore, they rarely approach Western women for relationships. In my opinion, Asian men often feel insecure about their masculinity when they are around Western women.

 Most of them compare themselves with Western men and feel insecure about the comparison. This has played a significant role in the low dating and marriage rates between Asian men and foreign women.

However, these are just stereotypes and beliefs that people have about Asian men. However, the truth is;

Why is Asian men dating Western women still a rare form of interracial love?

Interracial marriages and dating have been accepted socially in China even before the 1990s, so such relationships don’t come with any negative connotations. Asian men dating Western women is becoming more common in the society, but it is still extremely rare.

The main reason for this is that Asian men are stereotyped as being feminine. Because of the relative rarity of this form of love, it has developed a cult following in China and other Asian countries and is even the subject of TV programs.

Our Advice to You:

Interracial dating is currently acceptable in Asian countries and other parts of the world. Therefore, you need not shy away from dating outside your race or culture. You can find Asian men and women to date and interact with on various dating platforms. Interacting with Asian men will help eliminate some beliefs and stereotypes you may have about them.

Liu Ye, a Chinese actor, has attracted more than 50 million followers on his Weibo account, and this is partly because he is dating a French woman. He now has two children with his wife, and one of them is becoming a famous actor.

Another couple that has created a media sensation is Kat and Sid, and they have 1.5 million followers on Weibo. They also have a YouTube channel where they show their day-to-day lives.

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