What attracts Western men to date Thai and Filipino women?

Western men seem to have a clear preference for Thai and Filipino women. Perhaps it is because of their attractive looks.

Or, is it their natural hospitable nature?

Surely, there must be a reason for such fierce attraction.

Read on to find out what attracts western men to Thai and Filipino women.

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What Treats of Thai and Filipino Women Attract Western Men to Dating?

If you are thinking of dating a woman from Thailand or the Philippines, it is important to understand what treats make them very attractive to western men.

Though there are some differences in their physical appearance, personality, religious and cultural upbringing, both Filipino and Thai women (read more: Meeting Thai Brides – Thai Dating Guide) make great dates. Generally, these women are attractive, sexually appealing and carry themselves elegantly.

Here are some treats you should expect from your Thai or Filipino girlfriend:

They Take Pride in Cooking for their Partners

If you are a foodie, then you should find yourself a Thai or Filipino woman (read more: Meeting Philippines Brides – Philippines Dating Guide). These women are excellent cooks, specialising in preparing healthy, nutritious dishes.

If you date a Thai girlfriend, you are assured of delicious local dishes from Thailand, which often incorporate everything from sprouts, herbs, spices to meat and fish in small proportions. Basically, you will have a personal Thai restaurant in the house! How great is that?

As far as preparing local cuisines is concerned, you cannot leave Filipino women out. These women are superb cooks who can prepare a wide range of traditional Filipino dishes, including rice, seafood and meat.

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Unlike Thai women, they do not have many herbs and spices in their foods. However, you will love their cheffery if you enjoy a plate of specially prepared meat.

They Would Keep Your Home Clean

Thai and Filipino women are known to be meticulous in cleanliness, making them excellent home keepers.

Even before you decide to take your relationship to the next level, these women would have already assumed the wifely duties such as cleaning and decorating your home.

However, dating a Filipino or Thai woman means you have to change your old bad habits. For instance, no more entering the house with dirty shoes or throwing laundry anyhow. Dating any of these women ensures you have a pristine and smart home.

They Treat Your Family as Their Own

If you are dating a Thai or Filipino woman, you do not have to worry about how they relate to your family. In Thailand and the Philippines, family is everything. It is not uncommon to find a 30-year-old Thai or Filipino woman that still lives with their parents.

They are social, well-mannered women with a good upbringing and strong family relations. Therefore, they are more likely to accept your family as their own.

What is it about Thai and Filipino Women that Western Men Find so Irresistible?

Now that you already know the treats you can get from your Thai or Filipino girlfriend, let’s look at some of the aspects that make them irresistible for western men.

Thai and Filipino Women are Beautiful

If we are honest, most western guys date Thai and Filipino women because of their attractive looks. With their great skin, exemplary figures and black, silky hair, these girls are arguably the most beautiful women in the whole world.

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Additionally, they are learned, intelligent, modern and elegant, making them excellent girlfriends that you can take with you anywhere.

With a pretty simple upbringing, these women do not expect a lot in terms of big houses or expensive lifestyles. Of course, they are human and want a comfortable life. However, they value affection, loyalty and family more than anything else.

Filipino and Thai Women are Hard Workers

Thailand and the Philippines have a predominantly patriarchal society – where women are not treated equally as men. Modern Thai and Filipino women who have been exposed to the western way of life often admire and desire the respect their western counterparts receive from their male companions.

That makes them hard workers as they strive for success in every sector, including school and work, to build a respectable life for themselves and their families.

However, you should not, at any point, think that Thai and Filipino girls are all work and no play. Like any other young and energetic girl, they love to dance, party, shop, among many other things. They have a unique skill set that enables them to make merry and have fun but still maintain a solid relationship.

Thai and Filipino Women have a Feminine Touch

Another thing that western men find attractive in Thai and Filipino women is their rich feminine nature. If you are from western countries, you might think femininity is a lost art. But you haven’t met a Thai or Filipino girl.

These women are feminine to the core, even though they are modern and understand their rights.

This feminine nature extends to their attitude toward relationships. It is infrequent to find a Thai or Filipino woman cheating or other related vices. They are family-oriented and cherish loyalty – just like their parents showed during their upbringing.

Thai and Filipino Girls are Fun to hang out with

With everything we have talked about above, you might believe dating a Thai or Filipino woman is all about the serious stuff. But you’re mistaken. These women like having a good time too – you will not miss out on enjoyment when you date a Thai or Filipino woman.

Like any other woman, they enjoy dressing up, wearing makeup and going out for a fun night with their partners.

There is a common misconception that these women are widely unconcerned about their general appearance. But, I would like to tell you Thai and Filipino ladies always make an effort to look presentable.

What do Thai and Filipino Women look Most for in Western Men?

As we already mentioned, Thai and Filipina women do not demand much from a relationship – but that doesn’t mean they are okay with everything you throw their way. Here is what most of these women look for and expect from western men.

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Love and Affection

Thai and Filipino girls want a sweet and affectionate man. If you are afraid of getting in touch with your sensitive side, you perhaps shouldn’t date these women. In their book, a perfect man isn’t afraid to be vulnerable when he is with his woman. Additionally, they want someone who isn’t scared to express affection or ask for it when required.


Another thing that Thai and Filipino women want in western men is stability. They desire a family-oriented individual that understands the importance of family. Even if you aren’t so close with your people, you just have to understand the value of close family ties – and perhaps want to have one of your own in the future.

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As we already said, good looks and money don’t cut it for most Thai and Filipino women. You need to be intelligent. That doesn’t mean you should have an Einstein or Steven Hawking IQ level. All you need is to have a respectable perspective of things and be able to carry a conversation.


If you are keen on dating a Thai or Filipino woman, you should find the right way to meet them. That’s because there is a vast difference between women you meet at the bar and those you meet on the street or at work (read more: Thai women vs Filipina women: What is the difference?).

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