Turkish women portray an amazing physical appearance as they are both fit and good looking. These distinctive traits make them desirable and attract both local and foreign men. Interesting to know; most Turkish women are about 161 cm high, so if you like shorter girls, you will definitely like them. However, there are still tall Turkish women for those who like tall girls.

Their versatile diet and healthy lifestyle make them fit and good looking. When it comes to facial beauty, Turkish women are extremely beautiful. From blondes to brunettes, you can find a pretty Turkish girl with gorgeous looks. To attract a Turkish girl, you should know some basics about them so let’s get to it.

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Turkish Dating Culture - What is alike?

Though it really depends on the part of Turkey they come from, Turkish women have a general character when it comes to dating. Most of these women grow up in families that uphold cultural values, which impact their dating. Traditionally, the general dating rule was no sex while dating until marriage. 

There were no such talks until the traditional marriage. Turkish dating culture has changed with the modern world. Today, Turkish women are on dating sites and you will find them scrolling to find the perfect match.

Dating turkish women

Despite recent changes in the modern world, Turkish dating culture is still conservative. There is less physical contact and no living together while dating until marriage. If you are used to modern dating where people are holding hands and kissing in public, you will find this Turkish dating very strange.

Dating Turkish Women: What are their values and mentality?

Most Turkish women value their culture and try to uphold their cultural values. Whether they have adopted the modern lifestyle or not, Turkish ladies will still adhere to their cultural values. Religion is also very important to Turkish families. Most of them are Muslims and uphold their religious values.

Most of these women wear hijabs and cover their bodies as religion demands. Besides, dating rules such as not living together until marriage still upholds in most families.

Turkish ladies are open-minded and positive about life. They work hard and are known to value family, so if you marry one, you are sure your kids will be taken care of. In addition, they are respectful and remain loyal to their husbands. They value tradition and remain open and ready to learn new cultures.

Where and how meet a woman from Turkey - Our top 3 tips

You will rarely meet a Turkish woman in a different country other than their home country. However, there are those few Turkish women who travel to work or study in foreign countries and if you are lucky, you will meet one. If you are looking for a Turkish woman to date, our advice to you is to register with a legit dating site as most of them are on online dating sites.

The very first tip on how to meet a Turkish woman is by talking to some of them. You will learn a lot about what they like, their character and their opinions by interacting with a few Turkish jewels. So, if you are interested in them, try as much to engage with those you come across and you will be surprised at how much you will learn.

Second, learn about their dating culture. With knowledge of the Turkish dating culture, you stand in a better position to meet one. Furthermore, if you are lucky to attract the attention of one Turkish beauty, you will know what to ask or expect from her without offending her cultural values. Finally, register on dating sites that have profiles of Turkish women.

TOP3 dating sites to meet Turkish brides

You will rarely meet a Turkish woman on the streets of a foreign country. Though some travel to work or study in other countries, most of them remain in their home country. Unless you travel to Turkey, you will rarely see them. However, you can meet one through a dating site as most single Turkish ladies are registered on online dating sites.

Dating sites have connected hundreds of couples and proved to be of great benefit. They act as a link between people who are miles away and a platform to exchange contacts, thus facilitating communication. If you want to meet a Turkish woman, here are the top three dating sites to register on.


You can find that Turkish girl on Loveme.com. This dating site has numerous profiles from single interested women only.




Loveme.com charges are on the upper average compared to other dating sites. You can either go for a gold or silver price level. For every one address, you pay $12.00 in one order. You still pay $12.00 for two addresses in one order and $9.00 per address for three or more orders.


InternationalCupid.com is a popular dating site that has succeeded in pairing thousands of singles. If you are looking for a Turkish beauty, this dating site will link you to numerous profiles where you will pick your favorite.



You can utilize the free standard version to browse on different profiles. However, it’s best that you pay to get full access to the dating site. You will pay $69.98 for a three-month subscription or $23.33 every month. For an annual subscription, you will pay a total of $149.99 or $12.50 every month.



This dating site has existed for more than a decade. It is among the largest dating sites with excellent services.



If you register for a gold membership, you pay $30 monthly, $20 for a three-month subscription and $10 for an annual subscription. Platinum membership will cost you $35 for a month, $24 for three months and $13 for an annual subscription.


How to start a Turkish dating adventure

To start a Turkish dating adventure, register on a dating site that will link you with a Turkish woman, such as the sites mentioned above. After registration, make sure your profile bio is interesting thou exclude your personal details. After registration, you can now access the numerous profiles and pick the best.

Draft a compelling message that will draw that Turkish lady to you. Use your tactics to catch her and get started on your dating adventure.

Starting a relationship with a Turkish girl: Important things to consider

Pay attention to your personal care the same way a Turkish woman prioritizes her personal care. They will take their time in dressing properly to complement their beautiful looks. Turkish women have strong empathy skills. Immediately a Turkish girl falls in love with you; she expresses her affection and reveals it to you in every possible way.

They have a perfect taste in outfit matching, so pay attention to your coding, so you don’t let her down. These women are known to remain loyal to their partners all their life. And since she will remain loyal to you, consider remaining loyal to her too.

Why do women from Turkey like dating foreign men?

Turkish women find foreign men interesting compared to local men. Since most of these foreigners are educated, they will keep conversations on diverse topics while making the subject interesting.

Turkish brides

Turkish women will find these conversations interesting and a foreign man with open minds on politics and different opinions about the world. In general, these beauties like talking to foreigners, so if you are a foreigner who likes Turkish girls, you will be pleased to know they like dating foreigners.

Random facts that you won’t believe are true:

Turks have always been more into foreigners compared to others in all history.

Women from Turkey are open to different cultures as there is always more to share and talk about. As a result, they will date a foreign man to explore their culture and learn about their cultural values. Besides, these women grow up in families that appreciate cultural values. They appreciate foreign cultures the same way they appreciate their culture.

Conclusion: Getting to know Turkish women

Turkish women are generally short and portray a physically fit body. Most of them are almond-eyed with white skin. They have amazing facial features that leave most men amazed. With excellent taste in outfits, they know how to compliment their looks, making them more beautiful.

Their hobbies and personalities vary according to the regions they come from. Turkish women value their culture and pay attention to family values. They are simply amazing humans and perfect as wives.

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

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