ThaiFriendly is an internet dating site for those interested in Thai women. The website has over two million users, and about one thousand new users join the platform every day. The ThaiFriendly dating website is open to anyone at no cost. The site also offers various options.

Thai is considered the land of smiles and ThaiFriendly makes it possible for Westerners seeking Thai women as friends or a relationship to meet. The site is also offered in the Thai language, making it possible for Thai women who are not very eloquent in English to easily navigate the website.

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ThaiFriendly - briefly about the company

Thaifriendly was launched in 2010 and is now one of Thai’s dominating free dating sites. The usage numbers are almost record-breaking, with nearly 1000+ newcomers daily and more than 10,000 users online at any time.

Services & Costs 89%
User-friendliness 78%
Customer Support 79%
Security & Anti-Scam Policy 89%

Thaifriendly has consistently been voted one of the few actual consumer online dating websites and has proved that its offerings are unique. Whilst many people may know the idea of online dating, the public may be impressed by the site’s ease of navigation.

Pros and Cons


How Do You Set Up Your Profile at ThaiFriendly?

To register is quite quick. You only have to complete a questionnaire with some of your simple and personal details to have your profile. The procedure takes just about five minutes because personality evaluation is not required.

You are asked to establish a special identifying username when you sign up. Select a name to remain for a long time since a request to alter it can only be made by premium users. Note that you must use a workable email address when you register for your protection and legitimacy.

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During the enrolment process, some details on your profile page must be complete. You can choose to miss out some of the details you are requested for, but you must still answer those mandatory details. This also entails your Thai speaking skills and your education level.

Does ThaiFriendly Have a Mobile App?

Interestingly, the smartphone edition of ThaiFriendly is even better than the web version. Compared to the web view, the app has greater accessibility of messages and an improved browsing experience. Its eye-catching user interface is well organised. Nearly all the website features are included on the mobile app version, except one: links to your favourite list. You need an updated account in the framework edition to access any form of list.

Please note that if you plan to update your subscription, the app provides only one form of premium service and has a price that is different from the one on the website. Just $19.99 a month would pay for a membership bought via the app. This is comparatively cheaper than the $24.95 subscription price of one month for the laptop edition. You will want to consider shopping with the app if you want to obtain a subscription.

Usability and Interface of The Platform

The site’s cumulative visual appeal is unbelievable. After a few moments of browsing through the pages, you might get distracted too easily. You will see images of online participants set up in tiny thumbnail images on its webpage. After this, you can add or reveal your interest to your favourites. The page can appear busy, but the style makes it easy to navigate.

Certain parts of the profile are void even though the dashboard looks comprehensive. It has far too much free capacity that could have been better utilised in gathering more information. The ThaiFriendly website continues to be perhaps one of Thailand’s top dating platforms, notwithstanding its lack of aesthetic appeal. The key to this is, maybe, how user-friendly it is.

Random Facts That You Won’t Believe Are True:

The head is the most significant aspect of the body in the Thai culture. As a consequence, you ought not to touch someone else's head, not even children. Thais try to maintain their heads at a lower level than those who are older or anyone else in a higher position to display acknowledgment and respect. Keep this in mind when you visit her parents.

Free and Fee-Based Services at ThaiFriendly

As a free member on ThaiFriendly, you can access several services like adding profile notes, uploading your photos and viewing other members’ photos. You can express interest and add people to your favourites list. You can also use the basic search filters and send a free message every ten minutes.

Advanced services like chat features, highlighting your profile, controlling your privacy, and enabling read receipts can only be accessed as a fee-paying member. Other advanced features are the ability to send an unlimited number of messages to any member, gaining access to the lists, and utilising advanced search filters.

The ThaiFriendly Costs in An Overview

Interestingly, there are two different prices depending on whether you are using the web version or the mobile application. There are only two types of memberships at ThaiFriendly; the Standard one, which is free, and the Premium one, the upgrade.

For the mobile version, the cost is only $19.99 per month. The desktop version has four varying payment options. You can opt for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual payments, each one with an increasing discount.

Monthly costs are $24.95, whereas the others are $49.95, $69.95, and $119.95, respectively. This calculates to $24.95, $16.65, $11.66, and $10.00 monthly for each of the payment periods, correspondingly.

Is Legit?

ThaiFriendly is one of Thailand’s most popular and legitimate dating sites. It has revamped and continues to expand beyond its over two million active members. It’s a prominent dating service, specifically for those who want to meet Thai buddies, soul mates, or even bedfellows in Thailand.

ThaiFriendly gives you multiple choices. Many of its users are searching for people they can potentially meet face to face, so ThaiFriendly can support you if you want to liven things up during your Thailand excursion! The website is available to anyone and has a welcoming community that attracts even non-Thai speaking participants. 

You can also block offensive users and report them through the report profile feature on their profile and their account goes into investigation.

Customer Reviews of ThaiFriendly at Trustpilot

Customer reviews on Trustpilot are quite conflicting. One member is elated that he met his girlfriend through this dating platform, and he highly recommends joining ThaiFriendly if you are looking to meet a Thai beauty.

Thaifriendly review at

Another review is of a very upset member who seems to have experienced nothing other than frustration on this dating platform. He complains about maintaining his membership for three months, but it is not bearing him any fruits. He states that he would never get replies from the ladies, whereas a friend of his maintained a free account and would get more access than his paid membership. Basically, he feels he was scammed and would not recommend ThaiFriendly.

TOP Alternatives to ThaiFriendly

In case you are not too impressed with ThaiFriendly, look on the bright side; there are other impressive alternatives that you can try out and perhaps have a better stroke of luck, and finally, meet your soulmate on one of these other dating platforms. (A Foreign Affair)

The site makes it possible for you to send real-life gifts and they also make arrangements for couples to meet upon request. It is an ideal site for interracial unions, and members are offered assistance no matter their ability levels. Company

Loveme organises international singles events trips, so face-to-face meetings with possible partners is easier and hassle-free. It is a requirement for all female members to have photos, so you’ll not be left guessing in the dark. This is your dating platform to find a beauty from either Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America.

Loveme only has one membership option, the Platinum package, which costs $29.95 monthly.

Our Advice to You:
If you want to have a successful interaction with a Thai lady and possibly take your association to higher levels, ensure you are always polite. Your Thai male counterparts, who they are used to, are exceptionally polite, so it is a basic expectation. When you go on a date, pay for stuff; she's not in it for the money, but they appreciate it when you are a gentleman.
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AsiaMe makes your online dating experience as real as possible with Live Chat, Video Chat, and Calling options combined with the ability to send real-life gifts and flowers. With an enhanced security and safety system, the possibility of being scammed is minimal.

Asiame review

There are lots of active members every day, with up to 450,000 active members weekly. Most females here are from Vietnam, China, or Thailand. So once you decide which Asian country you would like your bride to be from, you can better select your dating platform of choice.

Access to premium services is through the utilisation of credits purchased in sets of 2, 6, or 100 credits for $3.99, $96.00, and $399.00 per respective set.

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