Have you ever dreamt of dating a beautiful Thai woman? The beautiful ladies have a strong allure and magic that pulls you even closer. Their culture is conservative, religious, high courteous, and family-oriented. Most men would seek these characteristics in women they want to date.

However, you are likely to face a culture shock and problems choosing the best partner for a long-term relationship. Join me as I take you through details of what to do and not do when looking for a Thai partner. I will also share with you sites where you can get Thai women and how to use them.

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Thai Dating Culture - What Is It Like?

Tradition plays a significant role in how Thai women date their partners. Unlike their western counterparts, they are reserved, conservative, and talk less. Therefore, when you start dating them, have patience and let the friendship grow naturally, a step after the other.

Otherwise, you are likely to lose a potential partner for expecting immediate answers and an outgoing personality.

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Besides, Thai culture expects men and women to behave with decorum when in public. Therefore, an open show of affection is virtually unavailable. From experience, when you finally meet with your Thai girlfriend, restrict your contact to casual such as greeting and brushing hands.

Dating Thai Women: What are their values and mentality?

In this section, I will share some random facts that you won’t believe are true about the unique Thai women’s values and mentality. As said earlier, Thai women are very traditional. Therefore, her family comes first. They value their families, and the opinions of the family members count towards the decisions of the bride.

The teachings of religion and spirituality influence Thai decisions. Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand. It teaches about family values and the need to have the union blessed by a monk. You have to respect these values for the relationship to thrive.

Thailand society expects the man to be in charge of the family. You need to show that you can take care of her needs and give her the security that she wants.

Where and How to Meet a Woman from Thailand - Our Top 3 Tips

If you are already meet a Thai girl, it will be interesting to know the three tips below to get the girl of your dreams.

Pick A Good Dating Site

Unless you are visiting Thailand, you would definitely find love online. The kind of dating site that you pick determines the kind of Thai girl that you meet. It is important that you choose a popular site that has a section dedicated to Thai women. It does not hurt to join two or more in search of the best girls.

You Have to Work on the Friendship before Meeting Her

Most men are quick to buy a ticket to Thailand to meet a girl they met on a dating site before working on the relationship. If you are indeed looking for love, you have to build a relationship.

Your First Meetings Should be Casual

When she finally gives you a date, do not go to Thailand expecting some intimacy during the first or second meeting. Such a girl will not stay for long. Meet her and build her trust before expecting any show of affection.

TOP3 Dating Sites To Meet Thai Brides

There are several sites where you can meet and date Thai women. However, not all sites were made equal. They come with different features and target a different kind of audience. Some are dedicated to Asian women, while others have databases of men and women from around the world.

The usage features and prices also differ. In the section below, we have compiled a list of the three leading dating platforms where you can find and date through the information to Thai women. Please go through the list and pick one that has the best features.


LoveMe is an international dating site where you can find foreign women. Apart from Thai girls, you can meet ladies from other countries such as Russia, Latin America and other Asian countries. It has been around since 1995 and claims to have paired several couples over the years. There is a different registration method for males and females. However, each of them is subjected to a personality test during registration. Men have to submit a form to get matches depending on their personality.

loveme.com Company

Otherwise, they can view the available members. Communication is free for females but a premium feature for men. The one-month subscription costs $29.95




ThaiCupid is one of Thai largest dating sites with over 1.5 million members. This increase the chances of getting a match. The company has been in operation since 2002. Its site has a strikingly beautiful interface with images of women from various backgrounds. You can chat with users via video chat, instant messenger, and SMS on your mobile on the platform. This is great because you get to talk and see your girl long before meeting her in person.


You also can communicate out of the platform. The service has platinum and gold levels with platinum members paying $39.99 a month and Gold members paying $34.99 a month.




AsianDating.com is a site dedicated to Asian women. Therefore, you can get women from Thailand and others from countries such as South Korea, China, Singapore and Japan, among others. The site prides itself for having nearly 3 million users. It has several security features in place to ensure that all profiles are authentic. To search for a Thai beauty, there is a preferences page where you input the details of the partner you wish to meet. Joining the site is free. However, to get premium features such as communicating to the ladies, you need to purchase Gold and Platinum Membership at $29.98 and $34.99 a month, respectively.




How to Start a Thai Dating Adventure

With the advent of online dating, your Thai dating journey will not be adventurous. You will be required to work your way into getting the right girl even if you have not met any. This may mean chatting with several girls before you settle one. Remember, you may restart the procedure again if the girl you settle on is not the best match.

The next stage of your Thai dating adventure will be more of chatting, getting to know her and identifying what you have in common. It is not until you are sure she is the best match that you should consider a ticket to Thailand to meet her. 

Our Advice to You:

The journey from online meeting to a face-to-face meeting may take as much as six months. However, it is worth your time to get the right girl.

Starting a Relationship with a Thai Girl: Important Things to Consider

Several unique things with Thai girls will influence the direction of your relationship. Here are things to consider.

Gain the Trust of Her Family

Your relationship is not headed anywhere if it does not get a nod from her family. Ensure that you are in good books with the family. You can do this through a pleasant personality and financial support if the family is struggling.

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Don't Promise What You Cannot Accomplish

Most men are so fascinated by Thai women that they end up promising so much. Our advice to you is to avoid making any claims you cannot meet. Many girls you meet might take your word for gospel truth, with failure to meet the promise killing the relationship.

Why Do Women From Thailand Like Dating Foreign Man?

There are several reasons why Thai girls love dating foreign men. Here are some of them.

However, since each girl is different, take your time to learn about her before making a long-term commitment.
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Conclusion: Getting to know Thai women

Just like any other women, Thai women are a little complicated. Interestingly, social expectations and religion play a significant role in how they behave and whom they pick. Therefore, it is beneficial to know one or two things about their culture and religion to increase your chances of getting the best match.

Do not expect to move from search to bliss in two to three months. However, you will be in for a treat when you land the right girl despite the wait. The beauty and courtesy that these girls have learned over the years will definitely spice up your relationship.

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