Taiwan is a country in Eastern Asia, known as the Republic of China, whose capital city is Tapei. Although not rated in the top ten or twenty countries as having the most beautiful women in the world, you will not be disappointed.

To start things off, women in Taiwan are subordinate to men, which means they get a better education and full-time jobs are easier for women to achieve than men. This is likely because of their traditional patriarchal views.

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Taiwanese Dating Culture

According to their patriarchal views, Taiwanese don’t go out on dates. Most of them don’t particularly understand what dating is, neither do they accept the Western way of life. They have this thing that most millennials do before dating; it is called the act of confession.

If you happen to come across a pretty lady, you can’t just walk up to her and ask her out. You have to be introduced to her by a mutual friend, workmate, or classmate. Also, it’s not right to force issues; just relax and let the date go on without showing affection toward your quest.

Taiwanese brides

You ought to be open to their culture. If there is a language barrier, this is normal and expected, so it’s best to be patient when learning Mandarin. With their main dish being stinky tofu, it’s advisable to avoid miscommunication, especially maybe when coming across a stinky tofu vendor in the market or roadside.

Dating Taiwanese Women: What Are Their Values and Mentality?

A woman who doesn’t know how to sajiao or be adorable will be awkward because people think she’s got a problem with attitude. Sajiao is described as a method of indirect convincing, with a casual and playful structure, but definite.

But Taiwanese women often surrender themselves to men and follow conventional gender roles openly because of both culture and social pressure to help men “save face.”

In Taiwan, the greatest difficulty is that women are very closed, very cold, trapped, and clicky like they are practically inhuman. They are nothing like transparent and dedicated to strangers. They bear on their faces the “don’t bother me look” everywhere they go, making them quite unavailable.

Where and How to Meet a Woman From Taiwan— Our Top 3 Tips

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, commonly known for having intelligent and incredibly educated women, without forgetting its underrated nightlife. These women speak decent English, so if you’re looking for a decent woman in Taiwan, I suggest visiting Taipei as they have fantastic night clubs. Pick up a Taiwanese woman and double points for foreigners as they are super-curious about foreigners.

Online dating is one of the more common places to meet new and single ladies in Taiwan. There are several dating sites where you can find Taiwanese women.

In Taipei, if you are looking for a relationship, we can’t forget about Ximengding. It is the best place to meet single women during the day as it’s packed with malls, cafes, shops and has lots of foot traffic, meaning you get to talk to and chat with as many beautiful singles as you like.

Our Advice to You: You may need to learn about the Taiwanese culture before anything else. It will help prevent you from doing or saying anything offensive to a Taiwanese woman un-knowingly.
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Top 3 Dating Sites to Meet Taiwanese Brides

Are you looking to meet and forge a romantic relationship with a charming Taiwanese lady. The good news is that you do not need to travel to Taiwan to make this happen. Mail order and online dating sites are the best place to meet and connect with Taiwanese singles. Let me introduce you to three of the best sites where you can meet a Taiwanese bride.


Previously known as “A foreign affair,” Loveme.com is an international online dating site and matchmaking service. Since its establishment in 1995, this platform has helped millions of singles from across the globe find love. This platform features members from across the globe including men from western nations and women from Asian countries like Thailand, Europe, and Latin America.

Sign up process

The sign-up process for Loveme.com is free and quick. You can click on the registration page on the website and fill in the required details like your age, ethnicity, and more. Women on the platform must also answer questions about their appearance and provide proof of their identity. They also must upload at least two photos to their profiles. Furthermore, women must wait for a few days for their profiles to be approved.

On the other hand, men have a simpler sign-up process. For instance, they do not need to upload photos or provide details on physical appearance. However, you must answer questions regarding your background and set up your profile.

Unique site features
How to locate potential matches

You can use the search feature to find potential matches on Loveme.com. The search facility allows you to browse for women from various cities in several countries at the same time. You can also browse or singles by profession and physical appearance.


The pricing system for Loveme.com is slightly complicated. The basic membership is free. However, there is a silver membership that costs the following:

There is also the gold membership, which charges all the above costs except 9 USD for three to ten addresses per virtual email. Finally, there is the platinum membership that charges the following:

What we like
What we don’t like


Asiankisses.de is an international online dating platform dedicated to helping singles with Asian backgrounds find and build love relationships. It features Asian singles residing in different parts of the world, including women from China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, and more. The site also features men from US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia. The members are aged between 18 to 65 years.

Sign up process

The sign-up process is simple. You need to fill a registration form by providing details like your date of birth, email, location, and creating a password. After signing up, you can set up your profile by providing accurate personal information as you follow the guidelines. Finally, complete the process by uploading photos to your profile and an appealing intro.

Unique site features
How to locate potential matches

You can locate potential matches on Asiankisses.de using the search tool and its filters. You can locate women based on their location, persona and physical attributes, zodiac sign, photos, User ID, children, relationship priorities, life priorities, preferences, and more.


Premium membership on this platform starts from 31.37 USD per month. You can also pay 84.97 USD for three months, 127.19 USD for six months, or 169.58 USD annually. The premium membership plan is recurrent.

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Asiansingles2day.com is an online dating service that helps singles from Asian and Western backgrounds find love. A majority of the women on the website are from Taiwan, Thailand, China, Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines. There are also men from the US, Europe, Australia, and Canada. There are more men than women on the platform aged between 25 to 65 years old.

Sign up process

The registration page features only four fields that take less than five minutes to complete. Alternatively, you can sign-up with your Google account. After registering, you also must create a profile with detailed and accurate personal data and a profile photo. You can make your profile unique by adding information about your life, aspirations, and more.

Unique site features
How to locate potential matches

You can use the search tool to locate potential matches. You can locate your matches by filtering your search by age, address, physical attributes, and other elements.


Asiansingles2day.com works on a non-recurrent coin or credit plan. The prices are as follows:

What we like
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How to Start a Taiwanese Dating Adventure

Taiwanese women are humble and polite, almost to a fault, given Taiwan’s etiquette and manners. They are also shy, modest, and have sophisticated tastes. During the 20th century, they were closely connected to the US and Europe hence the worldly habits compared to those of most Asian women.

Taiwanese women are more cultural than Asian women. The differences between them run too deep, and one must not make the mistake of lumping them in with the rest of the Asian women.

Random Facts You Won't Believe Are True

Taiwan is in love with Porsche cars. About 90% of the Taiwanese population suffers from myopia (nearsightedness).

Starting a Relationship with a Taiwanese Girl: Important Things to Consider

First and foremost, they are shy, even though they are crazy about foreign men. However, the shyness is related to the etiquette and manners that Taiwan as a country upholds.

Secondly, we all come from different cultures, and trying to change someone from their culture to join yours is a deal-breaker for most. Shedding these aspects of your life is not as easy as it may sound, no matter where you go or live. So respecting her culture is important.

Dating Taiwanese women

Invest. Invest in your Taiwanese woman. Given that Taiwan is a cultural country, you may want to know that generosity is a cultural trait, and they are raised as such. They would give you everything and more if one were to fall in love with you. Selfishness is a no-no.

Taiwanese women are somewhat westernized and like to be treated to nice and sophisticated things like good food, expensive trips to nice places around the world, and nice clothes.

Practice patience with the linguistic skills, no matter how good her English may be. It’s important not to make fun of her as they are shy and not very confident about it.

Why Do Women from Taiwan like Dating Foreign Men

I may have mentioned this above. They live a cultural life, and most Taiwanese call this Xicanmei. This term particularly refers to women hence suggests that there is a male chauvinist implication behind the term.

Some women think Westerners are particularly exotic, just like how maybe a man prefers a woman with a huge bosom or a huge behind. Because they find their political position awkward, they tend to project foreigners as stereotypical.

For some Taiwanese women, it is somewhat an achievement to sleep with a westerner, of which in Taiwan, foreigner basically means westerner.

Education in Taiwan tells them that foreign things are great. For instance, you have to speak English to be international. Taiwanese have made this a habit so much that they have this notion that if immigration limits were to loosen, the Taiwanese culture would experience invasion.

Conclusion: Getting to know Taiwanese women

Suppose you are looking to find a Taiwanese bride. In that case, you can learn as much as you can before travelling to visit the country and be willing to adapt to their culture. The best place to start your journey is in Taipei, where most Taiwanese women have access to dating sites such as Asiandating.com and are more educated and intelligent.

They speak English well, and conversation is not such a hassle. Remember that these women are sophisticated and, most of all, very cultural and that their culture is important to them. I hope the information I have given you will help you start your journey to acquiring a Taiwanese bride.

Last Update: July 14, 2023

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