Syrian women usually keep their relationships private. They can also marry at a young age because most of them still have arranged marriages. Most of them are okay with dating and ultimately marrying foreign men. They make excellent partners and are cultural women. They have family values instilled in them from an early age.

Online dating can be tricky when you want to find serious love and commitment. Luckily some sites have real Syrian women who want to find love and marriage. If you are interested in meeting Syrian women, you should find a legit dating site. They are naturally beautiful women who are very resilient.

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Syrian Dating Culture

Dating in Syria is usually aimed at marriage. It’s not easy to find singles dating just for fun, especially women. They are considered the most progressive when it comes to dating in the middle-east. Premarital relationships do exist, although it is kept hidden from friends and family.

Because of religious customs, they can also be very conservative in all the social dynamics. Their many traditions and customs have greatly influenced their dating scene, but it usually comes down to individuals.

Syrian Brides

You might find women or men who are very open-minded and liberal or very conservative and cultural. The most important thing is to know the person you are interested in before you start dating. Dating among singles is very common in Syria; they are also open to online dating like most people.

They are active in all social activities; for a foreigner, it may take a while to navigate dating a Syrian, but it is doable.

Dating Syrian Women: What Are Their Values and Mentality

Syrian women value the family unit a lot; they build their lives around family. They are taught to value and include family in their life, both extended and nuclear. The women’s reputation and status in society are defined by their family. They are devoted wives who are loyal to their husbands. 

Divorce usually is not an option unless there is no other way out. They are also good mothers and are thought to bring up their children with their customs and traditions. With progressive times, most Syrian women are also educated. They are beautiful, charismatic, warm and charming. The husband has the authority in the marriage, and most women are submissive.

Where and How To Meet A Woman from Syria- Our Top Three Tips

Syrian women are attractive, and it is inevitable that you would want to meet them at one point. I would advise you to start taking the initiative and find yourself a Syrian woman. There are many single Syrian women around the world, and here are three ways you can meet them.

Online Dating Sites

Dating sites are one way of meeting these women. If you have never used online dating sites before, this would be a perfect opportunity to start. There are many sites out there with access to Syrian women.


There are professional matchmakers that can take on the job for you. Matchmaking is old fashioned, but it is quite useful. Make sure you are clear on what kind of woman you want.

Social Media

If you can’t go with online dating sites, you can use social media. Create a Facebook or Instagram account with a catchy profile. A lot of Syrian women are on social media.

Top Dating Sites To Meet Syrian Brides

Dating, in general, is complicated. When you want to meet Syrian brides as a foreigner, it can be even harder. Dating sites have blown up, especially since the pandemic started. With most social gatherings closed, it got even harder to date. Online dating is the most reasonable way to meet and date; they provide easy access to Syrian women.

At the comfort of your home, you can meet and interact with a lot of women., and are among the top three dating sites. They have access to thousands of Syrian women looking for serious relationships and marriage. is a dating site that has been in existence for several years. It is mainly made up of women. All of their women are serious about meeting people they can start a life with, whether foreign or local. They have matched people before who have gotten married. Company


They have affordable services. You can meet a lot of Syrian women that may potentially end up being your life partner. They are a private site, and you don’t have to worry about any safety issues. There are people who have met life partners there.


There are Interactions with women at all times. Live calls, messaging, and other communication means are also available. They can also allow you to order flowers, and they deliver them to your woman.


There are monthly charges that you will incur. It is one of the most cost-effective dating sites. Services may differ depending on what you pay. The least monthly payment is 29.95 dollars.

This dating site was founded in 2004. If the time it has existed is anything to go by, it has facilitated several successful love matches. It is ranked highly among all the international dating sites. With millions of users, the chances of meeting a Syrian woman are high.

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It has one of the largest numbers of singles. It saves time and effort when you want to find a date. It offers the best chances of finding the right woman for you. It is easily accessible and very confidential.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a foreigner; communications are translated. You can chat live with women on the site; there are also videos from women. They have virtual gifts that you can use to impress the person you are interested in.


Platinum and gold memberships are the two ways you can pay for services. Platinum payments are the highest with the full services. They have free profiles too.

It has offered access to women online for more than twenty years. It has over four million singles. There are real women on the site from Syria. You can get access and find a partner easily. There are no registration charges.

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Their women are serious, with core values and a positive mentality. It does not require a lot before using the site. It doesn’t matter if you are picky or not; there are many women to choose from.


They can organize one on one meeting with accommodation. You can send letters to your love interest using their postal addresses. They also allow you to send other gifts when you want. They have various communication services.


Like most dating sites, they offer platinum and gold payment plans. Gold is a little lower than the platinum membership. Their charges will depend on the months you will be using the site. The lowest payment is 29.98 dollars.

Random facts that you won’t believe are true:

Divorce rates are very low when Syrian women are married to foreigners; they rarely separate from their foreign husbands. Also, most Syrian women rank their fathers highly; they are likely to compare their husbands to him.

How to Start a Syrian Dating Adventure

Once you have identified a legit dating site and have registered, you should set up a profile that will help you attract all the singles you want to meet. Make sure you nail the first impression. You should then know the type of Syrian woman you are interested in. they can be conservative or open-minded women. Depending on whom you choose, you should be respectful of their culture and religion.

Keep in mind that they are dating because they want to get married. Starting a Syrian dating adventure will require a lot of patience at first. Make sure the person you date online is actually from Syria.

Starting a Relationship with a Syrian Girl: Important Things to Consider

They are not likely to have premarital sex. If you can’t come to terms with that, you might want to consider finding other people. Family is very important to them; most of the time, you will need to impress their families. Men are regarded with high respect; if that respect is lost, it can be devastating. Make sure you are okay with dating a Muslim and the possibility of converting to their religion.

They are very traditional, and it might require some getting used to; especially if you are from the west. Not all Syrian girls wear their traditional clothes, but some do. They are very respectable girls with good virtues.

Why Do Women From Syria Like Dating A Foreign Man?

It’s no secret that many Syrian women marry foreign men. Their reasons for marrying may differ from one woman to another. Some marry foreign men as a coping mechanism, mainly because of their unstable government. Many Syrian women would marry western men to escape their troubles; they look for stability and security.

Dating Syrian women

Some of them marry foreigners who are open-minded and may allow them to be socially and morally free, unlike how they would be back home. They also escape polygamy; most of them prefer being married to a foreign man because they will be the only wife. The divorce rates among marriages with locals are also the reason why they prefer foreign husbands.

Some just marry for adventure; they want to be able to travel abroad and have a luxurious lifestyle. Social inferiority for women in Syria has pushed a lot of women into the arms of foreign men. They are not socially visible back in their own country.

Our advice to you: When you want to date Syrian women, you should be very protective of them. Ensure they feel safe in your marriage or relationship. Be there for them and don't abuse them emotionally or physically. You should also respect their beliefs.
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Getting To Know Syrian Women

Syrian women are beautiful and reserved but also very passionate. They are good cooks and homemakers. You should be prepared to learn a lot when you start interactions with a Syrian woman. Mostly they need acceptance and respect; you should be trustworthy and respectable. Make sure you are financially stable; although some women don’t mind, most of them do.

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