What Are The Standards Of Filipino Beauty?

Filipino women are said to be among the most beautiful women in the world (read: Meeting Philippines Brides – Philippines Dating Guide). The standards of beauty in the Philippines are different from what you may be used to.

The women here have a lighter skin tone, smaller features and slimmer bodies. Let’s explore these beauty standards in depth.

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What Does Curvaceous Mean?

Curvaceous is often used to describe women with hips, thighs, and breasts more voluptuous than slim. Women in the Philippines have curvy bodies.

A study on Filipino female college students found that 97% were pear-shaped, meaning they had wider bottoms than the top half of their bodies.

It also means Filipinos usually have bigger breasts and hips. Filipino women are naturally blessed with fuller figures that represent femininity, fertility and motherhood.

What are the standards of Filipino beauty?

While some may be unconventional, here are a few standards for Filipino beauty.


Previously, skinny women were not considered beautiful in the Philippines. The ideal woman is voluptuous with a voluminous body that looks like she has more meat on her bones than compared to slim women.

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In 2015, being slim or having a leaner physique is slowly becoming more accepted in the Philippines. Filipino celebrities like Kris Aquino and Marian Rivera are good examples of this standard of beauty.

Random facts that you won’t believe are true
  • Men always prefer women with childlike facial features
  • Over 80% of women are unhappy with their bodies
  • Around 65% of people believe in the existence of an ideal body
  • People begin to have opinions about their bodies at age three

B cup sizes for women

In general, Filipinos consider B cup sized breasts as perfect and beautiful. Women with bigger cups don’t often get acknowledged because they are deemed to be flat-chested.

Remember that Asian women usually have flatter chests than Caucasian women, so it’s only normal that the natural B-cup-sized breasts are perfect.

Light skin tones

It’s often said that the lighter your skin, the more beautiful you are in the Philippines. Fair-skinned women are considered to be elegant and classy. In the Philippines, women don’t get tanned from spending too much time outside.

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Filipinos have a light skin tone that is one of the reasons these models are famous worldwide. Fair-skinned celebrities are Filipina actresses like Alessandra de Rossi, Ariella Arida and Isabel Oli.

Interesting to Know:
  • In place of oil, women used greasy brilliantine on hair for a sleek finish
  • A huge majority of women use makeup to enhance their facial appearance
  • The most hair colour sought after by most women is blonde
  • Lipstick was an essential beauty item for female nurses during the 19th-century wars

White teeth

Filipino people are known for their brilliant white smiles that are among the best in the world. Stains from food or smoking can ruin a person’s smile instantly. Most of these women have pearly white teeth that are part of their beauty standards. They do not need to get their teeth bleached.

The Down syndrome look

Many Filipinos have straighter, lighter hair than other Asians, like the Chinese or Japanese, who have more wavy hair. They believe it is easier to maintain when there’s length and thickness involved compared to short cropped hairstyles like the pixies and others.

camille prats

This makes it easier to manage and gives them a sexy look that is feminine and petite. Anne Curtis and Camille Prats are perfect examples of the Down syndrome look with their shoulder-length straight hair.

Beautiful Eyes

Many Filipino women have beautiful eyes that are either small, wide-set or almond-shaped. The eyes are often considered the windows to one’s soul. Many people believe that beautiful women have beautiful eyes.

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Actress Angel Locsin, model Iza Calzado and beauty queen Shamcey Supsup are good examples of this standard of beauty with their striking dark brown irises. The girls in Filipino advertisements also tend to have this type of eye makeup with brown eyes.

Nose jobs

In the Philippines, women get nose jobs to look more beautiful. Many of them have higher noses that are considered very sexy by Pinoys. Some even go for a runway nose to make their features impossibly gorgeous.

It is a crucial part of Filipino beauty standards. In fact, there’s a common joke in the Philippines that you’re only allowed to call someone beautiful if you can talk about their nose.

Fuller lips

Another standard of beauty in the Philippines is having fuller lips. Filipinos spend a lot of time plumping up their pouts with lip gloss, colours or lip injections. It’s not just for young women who want to look sexy.

The current trend in the Philippines is to get the Kylie Jenner effect with fuller-looking lips that are plumped up. Even older women have bigger lips because it’s considered a sign of youth.

Small feet

A lot of men prefer girls with small feet. A study shows that men view a woman’s foot as a crucial part of her body and an important measure of her beauty and femininity. In general, men get turned on by a woman’s feet.

In the Philippines, tiny feet are considered attractive and sexy, so most women wear small shoes to fit their standards.

Long legs

In the Philippines, having long legs is a crucial part of beauty standards. Some women will even resort to wearing height increasing shoes or heels.

They feel that they look more attractive and confident when they appear taller rather than shorter. Some of them even put their health at risk for really high heels because it is considered sexier.

Tanned skin

Filipinos don’t get tanned from the sun because of their naturally fair skin. They stay out in the heat for hours but still look radiant and healthy with a golden-brown glow that many consider sexy and irresistible.

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Women from other countries even try to get a suntan in the Philippines to have their skin match how Filipinas look naturally.

Did you Know?
  • The left side of the face is prettier
  • Beautiful people are often happier
  • Women find men less attractive when they smile
  • Women are often attracted to men who’re wanted by others

Are Filipino women considered to be curvaceous?

Many Pinoys are curvy because of their standard for beauty. They have a wide range of body types, but most men find shapely women more attractive. It’s the same reason why Kim Kardashian is considered sexy.

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She has big breasts, big hips and a small waist. Even full-figured celebrities like Anne Curtis are popular in the Philippines because they fit the standard of beauty.

Our Advice to You:

The standards of beauty in the Philippines might not match your own. You must get to know the standard there and understand why they are this way. You should be attracted to someone because of who they are inside, and how they look on the outside doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that the person loves you from the heart and doesn’t take your love for granted.

Final thoughts

The standards of Filipino beauty are very different from other countries. Some might consider it old-fashioned or even sexist with their focus on women’s bodies rather than what they have to say.

To most men in the Philippines, however, these things are considered crucial parts of a woman’s attractiveness.

Last Updated on May 25, 2023

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