Singaporean women, especially those in the workforce, struggle to balance their contemporary and traditional roles in the Singapore economy and society. This is mainly due to three inconsistencies. For starters, despite their rising levels of education and accomplishments, fewer Singaporean women attain managerial positions in comparison to their male counterparts.

Secondly, Singapore’s society expects women to be inexhaustible, creative, corporate workers who ought to play the traditional woman role in the household, predominantly as a wife and mother. Thirdly, as members of the employed population, women in Singapore frequently face confrontation due to the work-family balance conflict.

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Singaporean Dating Culture - What is alike?

The dating culture of Singapore is unique and defective in its particular way. Singapore is a society that is Asian cultured, which simultaneously combines the values of Westernisation and Asia. This odd mix leads to a conflict between ideals and convictions in the dating scene.

Generally, Singaporeans are usually conservative by nature. They do not pursue an interest openly until circumstances are favourable to them (i.e., clubs, music shows, etc.). Sex is frequently regarded as unprincipled and immoral.

Dating Singaporean women

The Asian culture is naturally collectivistic, meaning that it is acceptable to rely upon and stay in groups instead of being self-reliant. Collectivism promotes giving up your personal needs for society’s greater good.

Singaporean women prefer to date men who are not only taller but earn more than them. Not because they are materialistic, but because they feel more secure. Similarly, Singaporean men prefer women with long hair as their beliefs indicate that it is a symbol of fertility.

Dating Singaporean Women: What Are Their Values and Mentality?

In partner preference over many decades, sexual variations are evident. Men tend to admire physical beauty, and women tend to value social status, especially for long-term relationships. The sexes, however, admire other different features even more. Such results thus reduce the significance of gender disparities and contradict the theoretical relevance of physical appearance and social status through evolutionary psychologists.

The majority of Singaporean women can finance and feed themselves; hence they aren’t necessarily looking for a multi-millionaire to date. But it is because of cultural norms, namely the story, that to have a successful life, one needs a wealthy husband, which creates difficulty.

The mentality that children are a liability and not an asset has become a hindrance for Singaporean educated women with high-powered jobs to settle down into marriage. They consider child-rearing as an economic burden and an interruption to career development.

Where and How to Meet a Woman from Singapore – Our Top 3 Tips

Top 3 Dating Sites to Meet Singaporean Brides

If you’re ready to tie the knot with a Singaporean bride, but haven’t found “Miss Right” yet, the online dating space has plenty of solutions. Every Asian dating site serves a unique set of goals and dating styles, so don’t be afraid to try them out.

Here’s my selection of the top three dating sites where you can meet Singaporean brides.

This dating site offers international dating podcasts that will steer you in the right direction to finding the bride you desire. boasts a total of 60,000 active members, 30% of whom are female. Its audience is primarily seeking long-term partnerships in the 35 to 50-year demographic. Its female users hail from Singapore, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

Sign up Process has a straightforward registration process. You fill out your personal details on a short registration form and wasn’t required to upload a photograph.

Unique Site Features’s most unique feature is its seven and 10 day tours. Its members travel to Singapore to meet female members in one fell swoop. It also offers a “Featured Profiles” section, where nonpaying users can write to a limited number of members free of charge.

How to Locate Potential Matches

You can rely on the automated match wizard or manually browse profiles on your own steam. The site also has a search engine to narrow your options.


Platinum membership will set you back an initial fee of $95. After that, you’ll pay $29,95 a month. Platinum members pay $2,50 to send a message to nonpaying members’ $9,99. Additional fees include:

What we like and don’t like on this dating site

AsianKisses is a new Singaporean bride site that launched its Android alternative in early 2023. It belongs to the German company, IK Softwareportal and has a 3.7 star average on with its ease of use and search features ranking as its best features.

Sign up Process

You can sign up under a minute, clicked into confirmation email, and then got to work on your profile. You will immediately able to find online members. Facebook signups are also possible.

Unique Site Features

The site functions around video chat meetings, allowing Singaporeans to meet men in a safe environment with real-time updates. The site also lets you browse and rate profile images.

How to Locate Potential Matches

This is one of those dating sites that only rewards those who are active and immersed, so check your updates, enter private chats, and get to know other members.


AsianKisses charges a monthly subscription fee in Euros and will thus vary according to the exchange rate.

What we like and don’t like on this dating site
Random Facts That You Won't Believe Are True:

For Singaporean women, confidence and character is an instant magnet to a man. However, if they don't meet other requirements, they will be quickly struck off the list of possible pursuits.

AsianSingles2Day is a May Group Solutions LP business based in Dublin. It ranks 82 among Asian dating platforms. It received the Bronze Award from Mail Order Brides for its high success rates and versatile functionality.

Sign up Process

I found this to be one of the simplest signups I’ve handled. They gave you a password and login, after which you have to perform an email confirmation.

Unique Site Features

AsianSingles2Day pushes its video and live chat features heavily. These one or two-way conversations give you a better idea of your potential match than a written profile.

How to Locate Potential Matches

The site offers two-way video chats. You can buy gifts for that special someone or meet them in Singapore on a Romance Tour.


Registration is free, but if you want to access its full functionality, you will need to part with a little cash.

What we like and don’t like on this dating site

How to Start a Singaporean Dating Adventure

Empathize with her, that is, putting yourself in her shoes and imagine how she feels in a particular situation. Throwing random complimentary comments to a complete stranger is bound to get her attention.

Keep your body language in check. Mimicking hers may shock her a little, but that’s nothing a gentle smile can’t fix. However, different personality types react differently to situations. Aggression may work in one interaction, while for another, subtleties are the more preferred option.

Be a friendly stranger, but only if you are genuinely interested. Authenticity, intentions, and emotions have a way of showing up and exhibiting themselves in your interactions. Focus more on making her comfortable as opposed to conjuring up fancy lines or techniques.

Starting a Relationship with a Singaporean Girl: Important Things to Consider

When deciding whether to be direct or indirect about your intentions, judge the situation and respond carefully. Some girls will appreciate you asking them questions about themselves or general questions about the weather to initiate conversation. Observe the environment you are both in and determine what move is more appropriate.

Singaporean brides

Dress well. While there’s no need to go around shopping malls fully adorned in an official suit, maintain cleanliness and well-fitting clothes to get a Singaporean woman to notice you. If your approach is via online channels, be curiously engaged in your interactions. This will ooze off the feeling that you are genuinely interested in her.

One precondition to approach a woman in Singapore’s collectivistic culture is that 99% of the time, regardless of whether it’s daytime or you’re in a club, you must lead the conversations. This is because most Singaporeans don’t have the social capabilities to talk to a stranger.

Our Advice to You: Be authentic in your interactions, lead conversations, and dress smartly.
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Why Do Women from Singapore Like Dating Foreign Men?

In 2015, 1,622 marriages occurred between Singaporean women and foreigners, a 39% increment from those in 2005. Considering there’s a significant number of foreigners working in Singapore, combined with the fact that more and more women from Singapore are working and studying abroad, there are increased chances for both parties to interact.

For Singaporean women, foreign men are more evenly matched to them regarding income levels, cultural references, and education levels. Likely meet up places include the workplace and educational institutions. As more women from Singapore wed foreigners and maintain happy marriages, more of them will be inclined to settle down with a foreign man.

Conclusion: Getting to Know Singaporean Women

Generally, it is no mean feat getting to know Singaporean women, whether she is career-oriented or family-focused. They are open to marital unions with foreigners, so if you play your cards right, you’re sure to get lucky using the above guidelines. Also, always remember to keep your interactions respectful.

As a rule of thumb, conduct your due diligence when using online dating applications. As much as the sites may do their best to ensure their members are legitimate, there may be a few who shift through the sieve. Don’t send money to someone you’ve never met, then claim later that the dating platform is a scam. Other than that, happy dating!

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