Relationship with a Thai Girlfriend – Things You Must Know

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If you are looking to be adventurous in the dating space, you could consider dating Thai women.

You are not obligated to marry from your race or country, so do not let people block you from pursuing foreign women. If you think of having a Thai girlfriend, you will have to keep an open mind on issues like religion or traditions. These issues usually require one partner to compromise so that the relationship can work. However, you will learn later on how to handle some of the problems that may arise due to cultural differences.

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Five things to know before having a Thai girlfriend

We all date someone with the hopes the relationship will work out. As a foreigner, you have to try your hardest not to mess things up with a foreign woman. Here are a few things you should know about them before dating them:

Common problems that occur with dating a Thai woman

Dating a Thai woman poses a myriad of challenges as well. Here are some problems that arise when you date them:

Advice to Western men on dating Thai women

Dating a Thai woman may seem like a tall order, but here are some things you could do and not sell yourself short:

How to tell if a Thai girl loves you

Here are a few signs that a Thai woman is slowly falling for you:

What it is like to have a Thai girlfriend

You may need to remember that not all Thai women embody certain stereotypes, such as prioritizing money or family. To prove this, here is what a Quora user, Steve Stewart-Sturges, said about his experience with a Thai woman.

According to him, his wife of seven years never asked him for money. Instead, she asked him for money to start her own cosmetics business and opted to pay him back once her business stabilizes. When it did, she paid him back and even paid rent and school fees for their children. Also, she did not compel her husband to send some money to her family, as is the norm. This story proves if a Thai woman likes you, she will not ask for money from you.

The only thing Steve detested about his wife was being a workaholic. Being wealthy seems to be a thing in Thailand; hence spends long hours at work. Even when he opted to take her on dates, she would still prefer to work.

Where and how to meet a Thai girlfriend - Our Tips

If Steve’s story about his Thai wife has moved you to get a Thai girlfriend, then I can help you. There are three main ways of meeting these women: going to Thailand, joining online dating sites like and joining romance tours conducted by We will briefly discuss each of them below:

Travelling to Thailand

You will need a valid visa to stay in Thailand, so make sure you consult your local immigration office on the process. Also, it would help if you had a passport as well. Remember your expired passport will invalidate your visa, so ensure it is up to date.

By now, you are aware of the COVID-19 pandemic. Upon arrival, you will have to undergo a mandatory 14 days’ quarantine. Still, you will also be asked to download a COVID-19 tracking software on your cell phone to fight the virus. The application is used to trace the movement of those who have contracted it. This move is to ensure they do not spread the virus.

Asian / Thai online dating sites

There are many online dating sites, but would be an excellent place to start since it is for meeting Asian women. You can either join free or at a fee. Entering for free will limit certain features. For example, you will see several profiles for single women, but you will not be able to send them a text. To enjoy the most out of this platform, you will need to pay a certain amount monthly. You can close your account once you have found a Thai woman you love.

Thailand romance tours conducted by

Not only does let you chat online with a single lady, but they also organize tours all over the world for singles to meet. Your premium membership fees cater for your tours around the world. The tours also give you a chance to visit a country you have never seen. A Foreign Affair thoroughly vets their women, so the men are certain that they are serious.

All tour reservations include $235 of Instant Value!

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Dating a Thai woman makes for a great experience once you have successfully won her heart. For beginners, you will have trouble dating them because they will appear snobbish or demanding. Their behaviour is heavily attributed to their upbringing, so once you understand a thing or two about their culture, you will enjoy the company of a Thai woman.

Just like all dates, ensure you are both benefitting from the relationship. Do not sell yourself short due to being eager to date outside your nationality.

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