Do you want to date a Pakistani woman? Pakistani women are not only beautiful, but they are also intelligent. Dating them is fun and allows you to learn more about Pakistani culture. Even better, Pakistanis view the family as the foundation of society and encompass a variety of relationships.

As such, dating a Pakistani woman assures you of true love as most families are patriarchal and patrilineal. You are embraced in the family and can now move in with the love of your life once the husband has been considered as part of the family. Let’s delve into dating Pakistani women.

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Pakistani Dating Culture: What is it like?

Dating in Pakistani is not so different from other parts of the world. Casual dating is strongly discouraged in the older generation of Pakistanis. There is a lot of protectionism and paternalism surrounding women, especially when it comes to relationships. While this might be the case for the older generation, the younger generation is more liberal and has a better or broader understanding of relationships.

Usually, most of them begin dating during or after they complete their tertiary education. Nevertheless, two people of the opposite gender being seen publicly still spike a certain degree of judgement from the older generation. Most marriages in Pakistan are arranged and brokered by family elders. In the urban areas, people have the liberty of choosing who they date and ultimately marry.

Dating Pakistan women

Generally, the larger part of the family plays a vital role in determining the prospective partners. They are often selected from the same socio-economic bracket.

Dating Pakistani Women: What are their values and mentality?

They are family-oriented

These women love and value family and are willing to marry when they find the right person. From how they have been raised, you can tell that they have grown knowing that men are respected and taken care of. They have a high regard for family.

They love food

These women love food and know how to prepare some great food. With their deep knowledge of spices and cooking tips, they can make the saddest person feel a little better. You will be hugely advantaged when you marry a Pakistani woman.

They are conservative

These women are a little conservative and might not be willing to conform on most things. Their social norms and dressing will not change even after marriage. However, when they are educated, exposed, and from the urban areas, they may be willing to change a few things as they have seen that happening.

They love a man who provides

Who doesn’t like a man who provides? Pakistani women are not exceptional. They will appreciate it when a man can take care of them.

Where and How to Meet a Woman From Pakistan- Our Top 3 Tips

You can find Pakistani women in different settings. Whether in business, recreational points, workplaces or in the village, you can always find someone to marry.

Get online

Online dating has recently gained popularity. 30% of the single people have embraced online dating, which means that you can also find your prospective spouses there. Check out three or four top-rated online dating sites, sign up and browse women.

Go to Events

There are so many events and networking events that you can find in Pakistan. You can purpose to attend three or four in a month in the quest to find a spouse. While these women are friendly and accommodating, you have to have your approaching skills ready.

Through Work

As you work, you will be interacting with women in your line of work. You can also find one prospective spouse in your workplace.

Top3 Dating Sites to Meet Pakistani Brides

While it is rarely a top pick for most singles, Pakistan has become a hive of beautiful, intelligent women. The good thing is that you do not have to travel across borders or traverse the patriarchal culture of Pakistan to meet a hot Pakistani bride.

Modern dating sites have made it easy for you to pick the Pakistani woman of your choice. is the oldest international dating site established in 1995. A majority of the site’s membership includes singles from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asian countries. The males on the platform mainly come from western nations, like the US, UK, Canada, and Europe. has over 60,000 active monthly members ranging from 18 to 70 years old.

You can sign up at the international dating agency and get your perfect match.

Sign up process
The sign-up process for is free and quick. You can click on the registration page on the website and fill in the required details like your age, ethnicity, and more. Women on the platform must also answer questions about their appearance and provide proof of their identity. They also must upload at least two photos to their profiles.
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Members can subscribe to the platinum package for only $29.95 per month.

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What We Don’t Like is a community of singles looking for suitable partners from Pakistan. For 15 years, the dating site boasts millions of connections among people of multiple races, cultures, and languages.

Signup Process

Registering at is simple. Fill up the multiple fields of the site’s online signup form, create a password, and become a member.

Unique Features is popular for its multiple unique features. Some of the features offered at the dating site include:

Matching Process matches you with different Pakistani brides based on your dating preferences and personal information. You can also use the site’s customizable filters to pick your ideal woman.

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Costs are distributed into 3 plans;

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What We Don’t Like is one of the few dating sites focused on connecting Muslim singles from across the world. The site is categorized as a religious dating platform, thanks to its orientation and community. This is your go-to dating site, especially if you are looking for a Muslim soulmate from Pakistan.

Signup Process features an online registration form with up to 27 filling fields. Details required during the signup process include your gender, country of origin, residence, date of birth, and contact information.

Unique Features is popular for its multiple unique features. Some of the features offered at the dating site include:

Matching Process matches Muslim singles through a well-engineered search tool. Since all profiles are highly informative, you can key in any search feature to find a compatible Muslim bride.

The filter system makes it easy for you to spot your ideal woman based on such traits as appearance, personality, lifestyle, and physique.

Costs does not have a free plan. Connecting with other singles come at a cost. The site’s pricing plans include;

What We Like
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How to Start a Pakistani Dating Adventure

Learn the Culture

Like other parts of the world, Pakistan also has its cultures and traditions. Before you begin dating her, you must first understand the culture and traditions, especially concerning dating and marriage. You get to know what works best.

Get the Intentions Right

Before you make things serious, you must first clarify what you want from the relationships. There are different reasons to date whereby one could date for sex, another for love, another for friendship, and another for marriage. Pakistani women will want you to make things clear before anything else.

Be Careful about the Family

If her mother doesn’t like you, then you must be ready for more drama. The family’s matriarch always has a huge role to play in your relationship as she will be advising her. Before you make any marriage decisions, you should first check the family you will marry.

The Man is Always in Charge

As the man, you must be ready to make the major decisions, especially regarding the dating and proceedings. You should be ready to initiate things like dates and important matters in the relationship.

Starting a relationship with a Pakistani Girl: Important Things to Consider

Buy her gifts

Every woman loves getting gifts. Once you begin dating her, you must try to impress her as much as possible. You can master the gifts that she loves and colours so that you can know what to get them.

Pakistan brides

Be polite with her

Girls love a polite man. It always translates to being a gentleman. If you go out with her, you should be polite with the other people there as it portrays how you will treat her after that.

Value her opinions

Listen to her as she talks and airs her views. It is usually a great way to show that you respect her. Pakistani women are not difficult. They will fall for you if you treat them right.

Why do Women from Pakistan like Dating Foreign Men?

They love fun

These men know how to have fun and enjoy life. They want someone who takes some time off their busy schedules and gets some luxury. Pakistani women love a fun-loving man.

They like to resolve conflicts quickly

According to most Pakistani women, foreign women are quicker to resolve conflicts as compared to their Pakistani counterpart. These men are willing to talk through things and resolve things quickly.

Our Advice to You: Dating is a personal initiative. Before you set foot in Pakistan and start dating, you should assess yourself and know what you can and cannot handle. While most people focus on finding the right person, our advice is that you should focus on being the right person and doing the right things. She will appreciate that.
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They are providers

Foreign men love to work and scale up the career ladder. They are heavy on investments and making money and can provide for their families. They can easily support the kind of lifestyle that these women desire.

They may give these women a chance to leave the country

If a woman wants to leave their country, it becomes easy to date a foreign man compared to their Pakistani counterparts.

Random Facts that You Won’t Believe Are True:

A woman’s place in society is secondary to the man’s, brides are still brokered in Pakistan, a third of the online dates always end in marriage

Conclusion: Getting to Know Pakistani Women

As a foreign man looking for a Pakistani woman, you must first strive to know them and understand what they want. These women are beautiful and welcoming. However, you should know that extra-marital relationships are prohibited in Pakistan since it is a Muslim-majority country. You must be willing to adhere to these regulations beforehand.

Last Updated on July 16, 2023

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