Centred between Tibet in the north and India in the southeast and west, the federal democratic of Nepal is one of the unique countries and home to among the most beautiful women globally.

Many tourists choose to visit Nepal due to its incredible scenic nature. But today, most Nepal foreigners have changed their interest to a new attraction, Nepal women.

Today, men worldwide, especially from the west, are continuously showing interest for these beauties because of their undeniable beauty, character, and personality.

Suppose you are looking forward to date a beautiful, family-centred, serious, adoring, and intelligent woman. Our advice to you is to go for a Nepal woman since she will guarantee you a lifetime filled with happiness.

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Nepali Dating Culture - What is Alike?

A Nepal woman should feel highly appreciated by her man at festivals and family occasions with simple gift-giving gestures. However, this is not a must if you cannot afford to buy her a gift, but buying her a gift provides you with better chances to win her heart.

Dating Nepali women

Due to high immigration to Nepal and rapid population growth, there is a wide diversity of ethical groups. Some women may have either Indian or Chinese features. Many people consider Nepalese girls to be a representation of modesty, trustworthy and sincerity. They are loyal wives and excellent caregivers.

The modern Nepal woman is driven by the possibilities of better education, health care, and rights.

Dating Nepali Women: What are their Values and mentality?

Their mentality

In Nepal, many laws govern and regulate the genders to be equal, but Nepal women barely push for implementing these laws. In many areas, this is felt whether in private, professional, or social aspects.

Most women in Nepal do not have much freedom compared to other women in western countries. They are often supervised and not allowed to do anything on their own. The western culture has led some to be more confident and has more freedom, although there is still a lot that the society has to do.

Today most parents try to get the best education for their children, and therefore most of Nepal’s parents send their girls abroad for further studies. For the above reason, most of them are intelligent and educated, and they prefer or like educated and decent men.

How do they look like?

Most of Nepali women are very light-skinned or white. Their facial features are natural and appealing. Their colours vary, you can find everything from black, brown, to blond. They also like dressing well, and they have a high sense of fashion and personal hygiene.

nepal women

What are their Values?

Are you looking for a future wife? Then you have already accepted to carry on with the responsibilities that come with such an obligation. Therefore, you may want your partner to share the same values as you. Luckily besides beauty, Nepal women are morally valued across the globe.

This is because most Nepal women prefer living in their marriage according to customs and culture. Nepal ladies can maintain healthy relationships. Here are random facts about Nepal women that you won’t believe are true.

Where and how to meet a lady from Nepal

There are many ways to meet Nepali women, but our advice to you is; don’t visit Nepali with the idea of meeting your future Nepal bride. Nepal women are not comfortable starting a conversation with strangers, especially in the streets. Furthermore, most of them turn out to be married, which is disappointing.

The most effective and the surest way to meet your dream Nepal woman is becoming a member of one of the Nepal mail order brides’ sites listed below. In these dating sites, Nepal women are incredibly looking and more willing to interact with people, unlike when you approach them in person.

Another tip is to convince the lady to meet up with you for a date after you interact for a while on the dating site. You should be the one asking them out. Since they believe a man should ask them out first, not vice-versa.

Surprisingly, being a foreigner is an added advantage since most of them are determined to meet foreign husbands online.

Top3 Dating Sites to Meet Nepali brides

Are you interested in finding a loving and culturally rich partner? Nepali women make excellent brides with their strong family values, beauty, and warm personalities. Let’s explore the top three dating sites that help you connect with Nepali brides. Here we will provide detailed reviews of each site, including unique features and how to find potential matches.


Asiankisses.de is a dating site that aims to connect individuals with Asian partners, including Nepali women. It has a basic website with various options to help you find the ideal Nepali bride.

Sign-Up Process

You can sign up for a free profile by clicking join now in the top left-hand corner of the site. Fill out the information requested and start dating. Alternatively, you may sign up using Facebook or Google.

Unique Site Features

There are a few unique features on the site, including email correspondence and live chat with the customer service team. It also has a filter function to help you narrow down the characteristics you are looking for in a bride.

Locating Potential Matches

You can use search filters based on location, age, and interests to find compatible matches. Additionally, you can browse profiles and initiate conversations with the profiles you wish to connect with.


Asiankisses.de offers premium memberships starting at $16.33 per month. There are options for three, six and 12 months at $21.81, $43.72 and $108.48, respectively. The subscription has a maximum of 300 contacts per billing period. There are also discounts for members.

What We Like
What We Don’t Like


KissesOfIndia.com is a dating site that caters to a broad South Asian audience. It targets potential brides from Asia and surrounding countries, including Nepal and Thailand. You need to create a profile to view the brides available in the country.

Sign-Up Process

Click the join button on the homepage to create your profile. Then, fill in the information asked, such as name, location and physical characteristics such as your age, eye and hair colour and height. These help you find the best matches. You can also register using your Facebook account.

Unique Site Features

The site allows you to find members by age, gender, profile photos or those who are online at the moment. It also enables you to block specific profiles from contacting you. You can also search for potential partners in your area.

Locating Potential Matches

The filter feature is quite effective in helping you narrow down Nepali brides according to their personal characteristics and location. Start by creating a persona of the ideal bride and the website will provide a list of profiles that meet the qualifications. You can also browse profiles and pick the one that attracts you.


Once you pay, you get the gold membership. Here are the costs:

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Desikiss is a dating site for people looking primarily for Indian brides for marriage, dating and romance. However, it also includes profiles of other South Asian countries, including Nepal. It has good matching technology to help members find their ideal lovers quite quickly.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process on DesiKiss.com involves creating a profile and providing essential details. It follows a standard procedure similar to other dating sites. You fill out your personal information, including your physical appearance.

Unique Site Features

The dating site uses PersonalityMatch software to help sift through profiles with ease. Unlike many others, new users can create free profiles and view other users before they subscribe to the service. The website is also very interactive and easy to navigate. It also has a video calling feature.

Locating Potential Matches

This site provides various search options based on location, age, and interests. Use these features to narrow down your ideal partner. You can always change your preferences to get different search results.


You need to subscribe to the Platinum plan to use features such as video calling and messaging. The price per month goes down as you subscribe for longer periods. Here are the prices:

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How to start a Nepal Dating Adventure?

Nepal girls are very different when it comes to making them fall for you. She may like more and be attracted to a few things than other girls in the globe. Many of those things are ways to impress her. I would like to inform you on the tips and tricks to impress a Nepal woman.

They are perfect in marriage, respect their husbands and take good care of their kids and homes. Register to the dating sites as mentioned above and go ahead to find yourself a Nepal girl. From my experience I would say you will never regret it.
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Why Nepal women Like Dating Foreign Men

Nepal is a country in Asia that has a relatively small population. Surprisingly, even though Nepal’s ratio of men to women is nearly equal, no woman is in a rush to get married to locals; instead, most of them desire to get married to western men.

Nepali brides

There are only two primary reasons why these adorable women from Nepal choose to find their soul mates on dating sites. They are:

Conclusion: Getting to know Nepali women

Most people don’t know about Nepal, yet it is home to the world’s most beautiful women. If you are looking forward to finding an undeniably beautiful wife and providing you with the best marital experience, our advice is to consider Nepal women highly.

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