If I were to read tips and advice by a dating blogger, I’d like to know the story of how this blogger met her husband – so here’s my International dating story.

In the distant 2010 I graduated from the university in Frankfurt, worked in a marketing agency and had a rather unhappy and displeasing relationship with a Russian guy.

I didn’t know how my relationship would go on, but I was afraid to take the next step and finish it. We were together for over 5 years. My first and longest relationship at that time…

In this very agency I had an office desk neighbor – a ginger German guy who tried to flirt with me, but did not dare to show all the power of his severe Aryan charm.  Nevertheless, one day he gathered all his courage and invited me to dinner. 

And I agreed, as I was pleased with the German guy’s attention. Before that I dated a few Americans, Italians and representatives of other nationalities, but never went on dates with Germans.

We talked all night. At the end of the evening he asked how my relationship with the Russian guy was. I answered that we were going to break up, as we were both not happy with each other. Daniel answered me that he would marry me immediately and would not let such a girl like me out of his way.

Now you will think that the happy ending has come and Krystyna and Daniel lived happily ever after and gave birth to 3 children.

No! After a romance period and the beginning of life together, we had problems understanding each other and finding a compromise. We spoke different languages (although my German is fluent, still sometimes it was difficult for me to find the right words).

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
Mignon McLaughlin
American journalist and author

Our story is not like Romeo and Juliet. Our story is about hard work, finding compromises, ability to communicate and respect the culture of each other. Marriage is not about living in a beautiful fairy tale and seeing the world through the pink glasses; it’s about finding the right person and feeling comfortable and happy.

Intercultural dating and especially marriage is not easy but if you can make you will have the most interesting and exciting life together. 

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