Dating is the process where two people get to know each other better with the intention of entering into an intimate relationship, possibly even marriage. The dating process usually consists of various activities that are carried out to bring couples closer. Activities that need the participation of both individuals, such as playing tennis, yield great results.

Successfully dating women from Laos would require you to understand them first. This means getting to know where their country is, what languages they speak, the food they eat and get to learn more about their culture and values.

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Laos Dating Culture - What is alike?

In a typical scenario, Laotian single men and women tend to date their long term friends, people they knew when growing up. Laotians are free to date whomever they choose and are not compelled to marry their parents’ choice as would be the case in other Asian cultures. However, some ethnic groups in remote areas still prescribe to arranged marriages.

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Once they get into a relationship, Laotian women and men will introduce their partners to each other’s family. In the Laotian culture, most relationships are expected to end up in marriage, so families are involved.

In some ethnic groups in mainly remote Laos, parents of the couple expect to be consulted on their children’s potential marriage partner. The parents may also prefer that their children marry within their ethnic group to conserve their culture and traditions. However, this is not so common in urban areas.

Dating Laos Women: What Are Their Values and Mentality?

Public displays of affection or public body contact between men and women are discouraged. However, they value conflict-avoidance and any actions that would likely cause emotional discomfort to others.

In Laos, the family unit is fundamental and follows the man’s family matrilineal system. You will find that in most communities, the females are almost always related. A large majority of Laos women will expect to get married and have children, in that order.

Women from Laos are bashful and shy. They are however very friendly so you will not have a problem starting a conversation with them. They are conservative in their dressing, so you will not find them dressed in clothes that expose their bodies. They tend to wear their traditional dress called the “Sinh.”

Laos women believe that foreign men will take care of them and their children better than the local men. So they dream of meeting foreigners and will work in a bar to fulfil their dream.

Where And How To Meet A Woman From Laos - Our Top 3 Tips

Top 3 Dating Sites to Meet Laos Brides

Laos is much more conservative and traditional than its neighbour Cambodia and other Asian countries. Meeting a Lao woman is not as easy as in those other nations. It is actually easier to meet these women on dating sites. However, you must ensure that the dating site you go to protects your privacy and will not compromise your safety on the internet.

When looking for a good dating site, keep in mind who your potential companion is. This way you won’t have to waste a lot of time browsing sites for women you are not interested in. Go for the more specialised sites instead of searching generally. Here are a few suggestions you can try:

Random Facts That You Won’t Believe Are True:

There is a law in Laos that prohibits Laos girls from having sexual relations with foreign men. It is a fineable offence and even attracts the possibility of deportation of the foreigner.

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How to Start a Laos Dating Adventure

Although Laotian girls are shy and bashful, they are also very friendly. Starting a conversation with them will not be too difficult.

Food is a crucial part of Laotian life, and you can use this point to your advantage. Take the Laotian girl out for a meal and have a conversation while you eat together.

Dating Laos women

All girls like to have fun and let their hair down at some point, and Laotian girls are no different. Take her out to a friendly club or bowling alley and let her enjoy herself while in your company.

While chatting with your Laos girl, always ask questions about her family and her life as a whole. Showing her that you are interested in her will get her to like you more.

Starting a Relationship With a Laos Girl: Important Things to Consider

When you decide to start a relationship with a Laos woman, you will consider that she is brought up with solid family values. At some point, she will have to introduce you to her family for approval. The Laos family unit usually consists of three generations which means you will have to meet her grandparents.

That being said, you must acquaint yourself with the Laos cultural norms. Things such as no touching a Laotian with your feet or no displays of affection in public. Do not touch your Laotian woman in front of her parents; it is a taboo.

Our Advice to You: In general, Laotians are very laid back and have a mentality of things will get done when they get done. They do not rush, so you will have to take things at their pace. Don’t get irritated, relax. Perform research on their culture, traditions, and values before you start any relationship with them. This information will help guide you on the do’s and don’ts as you engage with any Laos woman you meet.
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Why Do Women From Laos Like Dating Foreign Men?

Women from Laos believe that foreign men are more loyal than their local counterparts. Laos women value family and think that a foreigner will give them and their children a better life than they would otherwise get from Laos men.

Laos is a developing country. The perception or promise of wealth and a better life from a foreigner is another reason why Lao women would prefer dating foreign men over their local men.

It is important to note that though stories of being mistreated by Chinese men make Laos women steer clear of foreigners, these stories may not be accurate.

Conclusion: Getting to Know Laos Women

There are many ways to find out about Laos women, and the internet is your best bet. It would also help learn about the country itself, its politics and governance, and other things like what their staple foods are.

Always keep in mind Laos women are amiable yet traditional and shy. They prefer not to get into confrontational situations or cause emotional discomfort.

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