KoreanCupid is a typical dating site in South Korea and its environs. It is very popular among the locals and the reviews tell it all. I have known about this site for quite some time now, and I decided to give it a shot. I went on ahead, registered, and got myself an account.

I am glad to report that the site is genuine and very wonderful. On the site, you can get to meet thousands of hot singles looking for companionship. The women and men on the site are amiable, and you will have an easy time getting by.

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KoreanCupid - Briefly about the company

If you are looking for someone to date and marry or just someone to have fun with while you are still young, KoreanСupid is your one-stop-shop. Here, the dating society is very vibrant, and you are guaranteed to find the love of your life eventually.

Additionally, the dating site is straightforward to use and navigate. Anyone can quickly scroll and get whatever you are looking for. I liked their simple dashboard and website controls. Anyone across the board can easily get by without much assistance.

Services & Costs 93%
User-friendliness 88%
Customer Support 95%
Security & Anti-Scam Policy 86%

Their website is also secured with an SSL certificate. That means no one can illegally acquire your information and use it for malice.

How good is the KoreanCupid profile quality & authenticity?

A KoreanCupid profile is effortless to set up. You do not require much information and data to set up. The details include hobbies, talents, age, place of residence and relationship status.

You also need to upload a picture of yourself to complete the registration process.

Of course, the verification process takes a while because they have to ensure the profile is authentic. However, site management does not always succeed in this endeavour.

I have been on various other dating sites, and I can tell you that the narrative is all the same; people being conned by impersonators. So as a precaution, always be safe on the online space.

Lastly, the quality of the dating experience is good. That is because of their many fun and fascinating features on the site.

The registration process at KoreanCupid.com

The signup process is quick and easy. You can join the dating site by using Facebook or email. I found this to be unique because you can import pictures from Facebook. Additionally, there is no verification of your email address.

The first step to signing up is providing your name, gender and age. Those are only the basics. You will then proceed to providing a valid email address and setting up a password for your account.

Subsequent to setting up your password, you will be required to upload a clear picture of yourself. The photo will play a role in the verification process. You must then upload your I.D. the card will genuinely verify that you are not an impersonator and is needed to verify your age.

Lastly, you can sign up using Facebook. You simply need to link your account, and you will be good to go.

My advice to you: would be to use an alphanumeric password to secure your account. They are very secure, and anyone would have a hard time trying to hack your account.
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KoreanCupid app in our review - mobile dating experience

KoreanCupid has gone a step further and developed an app. The app is only available on android, but a version for iOS will be available soon.

The app is very attractive and bears the same features as the website. There is a search tab on the app that you can use to find hot singles. You could also use the filter options to customize your search results.

You could set it to find singles near your location or people of a certain age bracket. Additionally, there is a ‘popular searches’ tab on the app that contains exciting profiles.

The app also has other features like a heart, which one can tap. After tapping on that heart on another person’s profile, it will send a message that you are interested. There is also a messaging feature on the app. Tap on the icon to start communicating.

Design and usability of the platform

As I perused through the website, I discovered that it is very user friendly. Anyone can get on the site and start their dating experience. Additionally, the website has a colourful theme that is pleasing on the eyes.

They also use high-quality images of happy Korean couples that depict what your future would look like! The website was started in 2004 and has perfected the art of providing an excellent environment for singles to mingle.

You can also switch from English on the website and use over 14 other languages the site has been translated.

KoreanCupid viewing and communication features

On the app, if you view someone else’s profile picture and like it, you can tap on the heart, and they will notify them that someone has shown interest. The notification is sent straight into their inbox.

Additionally, a messaging feature is also available on the site. However, it is only available to members who pay for a premium membership. I find this to be a bit harsh because a regular member cannot send a message to anyone.

That is not all; I also found out that replying to messages is completely free of any charge for all members. You would also be surprised to note that there is no chat room on the website. However, many more features on the app and website are fun.

Free and fee-based services at KoreanCupid

As with any other dating website, there are free features and ones that you pay for. The only free services are essential matching services. Additionally, when tapping on the heart, you can send interest, and lastly, you can get in touch with premium members.

Below is a listicle of the fee-based services:

Additionally, you can become a VIP by subscribing to the premium membership plan. The VIP feature will give you access to additional features.

Costs of premium membership in our overview

You can get premium membership on the site by subscribing to one of the plans available. Gold and platinum are the two plans available. For gold membership, a member would have to part with $29.98 per month.

However, you could choose the three-month duration, which would cost you about $59.99 in total. If you do the math, you will be paying $20.00 per month. Subsequently, you could opt for the annual subscription. You would have to pay $119.98 for the whole year. Again, if you do the math, you will only be paying $10.00 per month.

The platinum membership is also available. It is a higher bouquet than the gold plan and has additional features. A platinum member pays $34.99 per month and $69.98 for a period of three months. If you would opt for the annual subscription, it will cost you $149.99.

What payment options does KoreanCupid accept?

There are various payment modes you can use at KoreanСupid. You can use a bank transfer where you will request your bank to transfer a certain amount to koreancupid’s account. The second option is using credit cards. You only have to link your card to koreancupid, and the renewals will be automatic.

People living abroad can use the PayPal option. PayPal Is a dependable and easy way to make payments. Right after you have credited payment to the site, your account balance will reflect, and you can continue to enjoy the services.

There is also the option of Paysafecard and the use of online bank transfers. One can easily make payments to the website, and the membership plans are updated automatically.

In the event you would like to cancel your membership, you are well eligible for a refund.

Is KoreanCupid a real dating site?

Yes. Korean cupid is a reputable dating site where singles meet and interact. If you do not believe this, head on to their website and read the client reviews. So many couples have met on the site.

As much as there are fraudsters on the site who are out to steal your hard-earned money, it is a genuine site. However, management is continuously working hard to minimize cases of fraud and impersonation.

Their matching algorithms are also excellent. Any real dating site has excellent searching algorithms that match couples with each other.

It is also interesting to know that about six in ten online daters say they have a positive experience. That makes for 57% of all online daters. So do not be afraid of con artists.

Lastly, you should see it for yourself that the website is genuine. Visit the site today and experience it first-hand.

Anti-scam policy in our check

In my spot check on the anti-scam policy enforced at Koreancupid, I realized there is not much effort that has been directed to this area. The only real policy they have in place is the verification one. That is when you are registering; you have to upload a photo and a corresponding I.D.

Concerning fraud control or recovering funds lost in fraud activity, there is no policy in place. My advice to you would be to stay safe as you browse through koreancupid or any other dating website.

It is upon you, the individual, to stay alert and report any suspicious activity to their customer care department. The department will investigate your claims and feedback sent to you in good time.

Conclusion: Is KoreanCupid.com legit?

KoreanCupid is a beautiful site full of Asian women and handsome men. If you are searching for love, then cupid says it is your lucky day. Head on to the site and check out all the hot singles that could arouse your interest.

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Additionally, I cannot put enough emphasis on this. Stay safe in dating sites. There are many impersonators and people of ill will on these sites, and it is upon you to take care of yourself.

Lastly, remember always to protect your payment gateway. The way you make payments should be a secret or else you could risk losing your money.

The last update was performed on September 20, 2023.

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