Do you want to date a Korean lady? Are you looking for tricks, tips or want to get well acquainted with these Asian girls? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find everything you need to know about dating Korean women.

Dating a Korean is not extensively different from dating other girls. However, there are several cultural aspects you need to be well-conversant with if you want to meet and date a Korean.

Being aware of these cultural aspects will make your dating experience a walk in the park. Read on to learn more about Korean beauties.

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Korean Dating Culture – What is it Like?

If you are looking forward to dating a Korean lady, it’s essential to understand their dating culture plus the overall Korean culture. In fact, the latter comes in handy if you are after a serious and long-lasting relationship.

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Keep in mind that the Korean culture is different from what you are used to in Western culture. After assessing the Korean history, you may realise Confucianism determines their social rules.

Confucianism has main beliefs, such as hierarchy, education, respecting the elders, sense of duty and loyalties. The Koreans are strong-minded and extremely hard working because they experienced the Korean War, fast industrial revolution, the Cold War and the Japanese Occupation.

Dating Korean Women: What are their Values and Mentality?

I want to inform you that Korean ladies are cool. Most Western men who date them say that they are cute, loyal, sweet, sexy, clean and exciting to spend time with. In addition, there is an innocence aspect linked to the Korean girls’ appearance. Here are their values and mentality:

They Don’t Want to Look Easy

A huge percentage of Korean women fear Western men may think they are easy to get. So, whenever she goes on a date with a man from the West, there are high chances she will think her new ‘catch’ may think she is easy to get. Due to this, they are extra cautious when dating a foreigner.

They Fantasise about Dating a Foreigner

Yes, Korean ladies dream of meeting and dating a foreigner and then go abroad. Consequently, most ladies from Korea do not love their archaic tradition practices that typically favour men.

Where and How to Meet a Woman from Korea

There are several ways in which you can meet a girl from Korea. The best way is via online dating platforms. Else, you can meet them physically in their country.

But if you live abroad and want to date a Korean lady, the best way to meet her is through the popular dating platforms. Currently, the top three dating websites to meet your dream girl are,, or the

If you are already living in Korea, it’s pretty easy to meet your dream Korean girl instead of when you are living abroad. Here, you can meet them in church, clubs or even through your mutual friends.

Our Advice to You:

Online dating will certainly help you locate girls near you. Thus, it would be helpful to register at a website that majors in Korean dating. This way, you will have an easy time to scale down your search considerably and end up coming across the ideal girl to date.

Top 3 Dating Sites to Meet Korean Brides

You are perhaps aware of the wide variety of Korean-based dating sites out there, but you don’t know the best to join. You may decide to try a couple of them and determine whether they work best for your demands.

Luckily, we have reviewed the best dating platforms where you can meet your perfect match fast and seamlessly. So, if you are looking to date and potentially marry a Korean girl, please consider signing up at any of the dating websites reviewed in this section. is an exceptional dating platform where men meet and girls from other countries, such as South America, Asia, or Eastern Europe. You can join the platform as a free member, but you have to upgrade to the premium plans to enjoy extensive privileges.



Depending on the plan you opt for, there are several services you can enjoy.

Free-based Services

Premium Services


You’ve to activate a premium plan with a one-time fee of $95. Afterwards, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $29.95.

Other fees you will incur: is intended to connect the Asian people, especially the Korean singles, either romantically or socially, with their perfect dates. The site offers both free and premium features to assist you in finding your ideal partner.


Free Services

Premium Services


Gold Membership Plan

Platinum Membership Plan is one of the most trusted and popular dating sites in Korea, with millions of registered members globally. The best thing about this dating platform is that you can access it in various languages.


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Costs offers two premium membership plans, the gold membership and the platinum membership.

Gold Membership Plan

Platinum Membership Plan

How to Start a Korean Dating Adventure

Dating a Korean girl can be confusing, frustrating and hard. As a Korean, you might not see it this way. However, as a foreigner who is after a Korean girl, you precisely know what I am saying. Dating a Korean is way different from what you are used to, back at home. As a matter of fact, it is certainly different from any other country you have ever dated a girl from.

As a gentleman looking for an attractive woman to marry, it is possible to ask yourself, ‘Why are Korean girls not accepting my dating proposals?’

Remember that just because you do not understand anything does not mean that thing is bad. After meeting your perfect match in Korea, you will love the country’s dating adventure.

Yes, you can be part and parcel of this dating adventure, but only if you are well-informed about the country’s dating culture.

Starting a Relationship with a Korean Girl: Important Things to Consider

Now that you want to get into a serious relationship with a Korean girl, there are several important things you need to consider. Here are the crucial tips on dating a Korean lady.

Eliminate the Playboy Figure

Yes, Korean ladies see foreigners as playboys and womanisers. The reason for this is that foreigners attract a lot of attention from Asian women. So, be ready for your preferred girl to start the relationship with a lot of suspicions, and you’ll only be innocent after proving her wrong.

Dating korean women

Family is Very Important

As you date a Korean lady, you will find out how respectful and obedient she is to her parents. In the end, the parents may meddle in her relationship. Thus, you should never underrate her parents’ influence in her relationship even if you take her abroad.

Respect is Vital

Like dating in any other country, treat your Korean girlfriend with the utmost respect. Most Korean women are after serious and long-term relationships.

Why do Women from Korea Like Dating Foreign Men?

You have perhaps read and seen a lot of stories about Korean ladies who prefer dating foreigners. Here are some of the common reasons why some Korean women are dating men from the West.

But are these reasons valid?

Well, I contacted a couple of Korean ladies, all with foreign husbands and boyfriends to find out from the horse’s mouth. Below are the main reasons why Korean women prefer Western men:

I hope the above-mentioned tips help you date a Korean girl and get you closer to realising your goal – marrying a Korean lady.
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Conclusion: Getting to know Korean women

Although Korea is currently a modernised country, their dating traditions and way of life are pretty much similar to what it looked like more than 100 years ago. It means there are huge differences you have to be aware of before meeting a Korean girl.

Thus, before meeting and dating one, you should know what the girls expect from the men they date. With this, you can assure them that and much more.

Lastly, now you understand a lot about dating attractive and beautiful Korean ladies than you did before reading this article.

Last Updated on May 27, 2023

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