In Japan, dating happens in many mysterious ways. It can either be couples dating in university, meeting at random places, in high school or even in workplaces. Of late, online dating has been on the rise in Japan.

Did you know? Many people in Japan date for companionship reasons. People that are looking for potential future partners are among the common reasons why dating is common in japan. For this reason, there has been a rise in dating sites in japan so as to help people meet their companions.

With online dating increasing in popularity, many people are signing up with them to find their potential soulmates. In this article, we will provide you the chance to choose between online dating Japanese sites.

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What is the safest dating site in Japan?

Japanese women are naturally beautiful, irresistible and pleasant. It’s a wonderful experience to date a Japanese girl as it can bring about excitement, satisfaction and it’s also fun. In recent years, it’s interesting to know that foreign men are finding it easy to date and find true love in Japanese women. This is because of the emergence of more Japanese dating sites.

With technology being a part of our life now, online dating is more than just meeting and exchanging greetings. With online dating, you can now find your true love while sitting at home.

Romance scam

Among the safest Japanese dating sites is JapanMatch. It’s an online dating site where it connects people that are in search of serious relationships. This dating site has been dominating Japan for almost 2 decades. Over the time it has proven to be a legitimate online dating site through which people can find their true love.

To get the best experience in JapanMatch, our advice to you is to register as a paying member. Through this, you will enjoy some of its best features like instant messaging, live chat and many more.

What is the #1 Japanese dating site?

Japan has always been in the forefront when it comes to technology. Most women in japan use this technology to find the love they truly desire. From my experience I would say that you are likely to find many beautiful Japanese women in dating sites.

At this very moment, the number of Japanese women creating their profiles keeps increasing with each passing moment. So, if you are really looking for a woman online, these Japanese online sites will not disappoint you. There are many high-ranking Japanese online sites worth checking out.

omiai review

Omiai is seen to be among the leading dating sites in Japanese online dating sites. it is well suited for those looking for serious relationships. It also serves as the perfect site for foreigners in search of Japanese women.

Omiai boasts of a huge number of Japanese women. This is because the sight is actually free for women. This could be your ideal site of meeting the woman that you’ve been dreaming of. It is easy to sign up with the site and create a profile. However, to enjoy the best of the best, you will have to be a paying member.

How to find reliable and serious Japanese dating sites

It’s no secret that online dating in Japan has been on the rise in the recent years. Even when living in busy and populated cities in japan, you can easily feel lonely and isolated. This will be hard for you to make personal connections with other people.

You don’t have to be worried of feeling that way anymore, if you really want to find that special somebody, below is a list of some reliable and serious japan dating sites you can try out:


Just as the name implies, this site uses food to connect people. You get an introduction to your potential partner and get to know of their favorite joints to eat. The site allows you to ask for a dinner date and get to meet face to face and know if you are really potential matches.


This site prides in helping people meet their potential matches by providing detailed information by the help of an algorithm that will enable you meet your Dream person.


If you are tired of the normal dating scene and you want a long-term relationship, this site features thousands of single people who are in search of potential matches. The site boasts of several success stories and testimonials. I would like to inform you that it also comes with a verification system to ensure you that the people you are speaking with are actually very real.

What is Japanese online dating culture

Whether its customs around manners or food, japan is well known to have a unique and rich culture. Japan has a vast online dating culture. For instance, here are Random facts that you won’t believe are true; when Japanese couples start seeing each other, the relationship always proceeds by a stage known as ‘confession’. It is whereby one partner tells the other their true feelings then asks them to date officially. This is where the relationship begins.

Japanese woman

Another Japanese dating culture is that public displays of affection are not a thing. Generally, couples in japan may hold hands but will not kiss in public. One of the reasons is that Japanese people really value their privacy. This helps them to protect their personal connection. The other reason is that they are seen to lack public moral senses.

On the other hand, Japanese people also tend to be shy. They rarely use words such as 'I love you' freely like other people. They understand that their partner loves them without having to say it out loud.
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Are Japanese dating sites scam-free?

It’s no secret that online dating sites are on the rise. However, I would like to inform you that not everyone that creates a profile in these sites has good intentions. Romance scams lead to high per-person losses when it comes to cyber theft.

Common scams

Most scammers contact their victims through email or social media sites. They claim to have common interests or mutual connections. Other scammers make fake profiles that are very appealing and wait for their victims to contact them. Some of the common scams are;

Military romance scams

Scammers can use the name and photos of actual soldiers to create fake profiles. They start building strong emotional connections with you then later start requesting for money.

Intimate activity scams

In this type of scam, scammers contact their victims as potential suitors residing from abroad in southern Asia or Europe. They later friend them through social media platforms and request to connect with their victims via webcam. Later, the scammer’s webcam just breaks mysteriously and they praise their victims for being beautiful and convince them to do other intimate acts.

The scammer then reveals the true identity of their victims. They then threaten the victims by telling them to send money or else they will share their video with the victim’s mutual social media friends.

TOP 3 Japanese online dating sites

Japan has several dating sites that are reliable and boast of a significant number of members. If you want to find a Japanese girl, you should do it by checking out these Japanese dating platforms.

Once you decide to join dating sites, our advice to you is that you have to carefully read through the members profiles. This is because you might come across many fake profiles.

Below is a list of some of the top 3 Japanese online dating sites. Company

This is an international dating site connecting interracial singles. On this site, women are mostly from Latin America, Asia and eastern Europe.

A Foreign affair has more than 25 years in operation in the international dating industry, and from my observation, they understand how to take over profiles and match-make their clients. introduction services offer a variety of assistance globally, ensuring the success of those who have been looking for that special someone.

Services and usability

The site boasts of pairing many brides and grooms ever since its launching. It has some unique offerings such as ‘singles tour’ which involves events of meeting women and men. Female members are required to have photos as part of the registration process.


The site offers monthly platinum renewal of $29.95.



This site boasts of successfully building relationships around the world. It has made so many couples happy since its launching in 1998.  It utilizes the latest technology to improve means of communication as well as great security system.

Majority of its members are singles who are looking for a serious relationship. It has a lot of Asian women types to choose from but most of them are from China, Thailand, or Vietnam. The site also visited from the United States, Australia, and Canada

Services and usability

This online dating site helps men find Asian matches. For this reason, the site is strict when it comes to those that can sign up. Men from anywhere in the world can register while only women of Asian descent can sign up.


It charges its members with prices based on credits. For 2 credits, you will have to pay $2.00. for 16 credits you will have to pay $96.00 while for $100 credits you will have to pay $399.00.



This is an online dating site run by Cupid Media. It provides for Japanese online daters that want to meet their potential future soulmates. Its main aim is to connect singles within and outside Japan.

JapanCupid is a leading Japanese dating site  for Japanese individuals worldwide to link to the perfect match. Designed for Japanese, Asian and Tokyo women.

Services and usability

The site boasts of over 700,000 members worldwide. It has more male members as compared to the females. While signing up, you can get your own personal profile that you can fill out.

There are usually hundreds of members active on the site daily. Most of these people are usually Japanese that are looking for potential dates. Some members are usually looking for potential partners from the west.


The site provides membership in gold and platinum. For gold membership, you will have to pay $29.98 per month. $59.99 for three months and $119.98 for 12 months.

For platinum membership, one will have to pay $34.99 per month, $69.98 for three months and $49.99 for 12 months.



Putting it together: What is the best Japanese dating site

Thanks to technology and the internet, meeting other people has been made easier. Not all Japanese dating sites are good. To have a fun and exciting online dating experience, you will have to go for the best. is the leading online dating site in Japan as it boasts of a variety of advanced features which can work to your advantage to get your potential lover.

Last Updated on May 28, 2023

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