Are you a foreign man hoping to find a Japanese wife through an online platform? Well fear not for luck is on your side. For years now, online dating in Japan has been picking up especially since gaining government support. The advancement in technology has facilitated this uptake with people engaging within the comfort of their homes.

You might have some concerns regarding their dating culture, fear of cultural barriers, famous stereotypes, and/or how to go about it. Random facts you won’t believe are true is that in Japan, the online dating market will be three times more by 2023. In 2017, experts estimated it to be around $237 million while it will grow to over $787 million. It indicates that there is growing interest in women from Japan.

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Facts about Japanese dating culture

If you are planning to go ahead and pursue a Japanese woman it would be our advice to you to take a keen interest in facts relating to Japanese dating culture. The Japanese culture varies extensively with other cultures, especially the West. To start with, it would be interesting to know that one is expected to confess their feelings to somebody they like before going for a coffee date. The confession of affection towards each other, also called Kokuhaku, is an essential first step in pursuing a Japanese woman.

Japanese dating culture

However, if one is too shy to approach the person they are interested in, ‘group dates’ can be organized. These group dates are referred to as Guokon. Once the duo is comfortable around each other, they can have half/day–long weekend hangouts with little or no public display of affection. During valentines, ladies usually give their men gifts as an act which will be reciprocated on the White day by their men.

An important factor of the Japanese culture is that it is per tradition that a couple has equal sharing of items in a relationship.

What is dating like in Japan?

Dating experience in Japan is quite different from that of western countries. Japanese ladies can at times approach the person they like and confess their feelings. They are no-nonsense and do not take politeness to hang around and try to assume their partner’s feelings.

One would expect to cater financially for a whole casual date but not with these ladies. The bill is usually split between the couple since Japanese women prefer starting relationships with their partners on equal grounds. Something else you should note is that the Japanese prefer not to express love verbally but through actions. So be keen on one’s body language and actions.

Dating japanese women

Japanese often go to a Konkatsu party to meet individuals that are potentially marriage partners. They get together to share meals while having in-depth conversations. The couple finally decides to meet their parents, this is seen as a clear indication of marriage intent.

Recently, there has been the development of a matchmaking method called Nakodo. It has grown popular due to its effectiveness. Considering that the Japanese focus particularly on their careers there exists arranged marriages. This has assisted many individuals who have limited time for dating.

As much as the Japanese prefer the expression of love through actions, they value privacy and public display of affection is viewed as a lack of public morals.

Top 3 stereotypes about dating Japanese women

It is quite normal in every community or country for a myth or stereotype about its residents to exist and be spread like wildfire. When it comes to Japanese women, it has always been believed that foreign men have a higher chance of dating a Japanese woman compared to a Japanese man. To some extent, this is not true when factors such as public stigma, parent disapproval, and language barrier are in consideration.

Another famous myth about dating Japanese women is the assumption that they are submissive and do not argue or challenge their partner’s decisions. This is because they tend to nod when listening and prefer challenging decisions in a suitable environment shunning public involvement.

Lastly, Japanese women are assumed to like cute (kawaii) things. This appears not to be the case with all women as some women prefer simple attires and enjoy a natural look more.

How to win the heart of a Japanese woman?

Before drilling in on what to do to win a Japanese woman’s heart, you should know that respecting them takes you a long way. When wooing a Japanese woman try and compliment her actions such as how she looks good in the dress she’s worn. However, be cautious not to objectify her when complimenting.

You can also get her a well-thought gift, doesn’t have to be expensive, something you know she will like or has a deeper meaning. When giving her a gift please try and avoid showering money in a showing off manner because it implies that you see them as an object that can be bought.

You can also try and learn her language which will show that you appreciate and respect her culture. This alone will earn you some points. Don’t forget that girls do talk, try also to be on her female friends’ good graces, they might put in a good word for you.

How Japanese people show their love?

There are various hints that you should look out for to know that the Japanese are in love with you. These include whatever they say and their actions.

Due to the unique Japanese dating culture, Japanese people mostly express their emotions through actions. Few Japanese express love verbally, most of them prefer to give gifts, hold hands privately, organize surprises, and go on dates. They also tend to be caring and protective of their loved ones.

It is quite common seeing a couple on group dates when they are still shy around each other. The couple can also show their affection to each other by how they treat their partner. They can shower you with compliments, attention, and care.

Consistency and expression of interest is another way that Japanese people show their love. They do this to eradicate any doubts concerning one’s intentions for the other. Just keeping the conversation going is an indication of their affection towards you. Some even go ahead by offering an invitation to ask her out.

Did you know that there are some tell-tale signs that you can watch out for which will show whether a girl likes you back?
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How to tell if a Japanese woman is into you

In the case of Japanese women these are the signs to watch out for:

Dating with Japanese women: What to consider

When starting a relationship with a Japanese woman there are some factors that you should put into consideration:

Putting it together

The unique and rich culture of the Japanese culture makes them very different from most cultures, especially the western culture. A partner that has embraced their culture is an act that Japanese women cherish.

They are open-minded to not be overly constricted. This makes them seek foreign men to be able to experience new cultures. Some go to the extent of learning a new language to ease communication with their partner.

You ought to be well-groomed and organized as this is critical for a Japanese woman. They uphold honesty and go into a relationship expecting it to be long-term. As much as Japanese women focus on their careers, they value their partners and partners. You could easily be amongst the many men that have enjoyed dating a woman of Japanese heritage.

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