Online dating has grown around the world over the years due to advancements in technology. People prefer online dating to the conventional ways of meetups. People get to meet and date from the comfort of their homes across the world.

When it comes to dating, you come across different cultures with their unique setting. The Japanese dating culture has embraced online dating to facilitate meeting Japanese women.

This article focuses on helping you appreciate the Japanese dating culture and getting to date Japanese women.

Japanese Dating Culture - What is alike?

The Japanese dating culture is different from other cultures, especially the West. It is a challenge to some who do not understand it. Our advice to you is to avoid hookups because the Japanese consider that taboo.

Before dates, there is Gokon, where people have group blind dates to couple up and mingle. The first date is essential and is called a love confession (Kokuhaku). At this initial stage, couples confess their feelings to each other before the relationship begins. The Japanese split the bill on dates since there is a sense of equal sharing of things in a relationship.

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The popular belief is that dates are casual, be it a walk, a meal, or coffee. It is interesting to know that dates in Japan can take half or a full day with shopping, watching fireworks, or visiting theme parks. Japanese also prefer to stay at home dates. On Valentine’s Day, women express their feelings to men and give them gifts.

A month later, on March 14th (White Day), men show their love and present their women with gifts. Japanese are shy people and do not express their love in words. They value privacy as PDA is seen as a lack of public morals and makes people uncomfortable.

Dating Japanese Women: What are their values and mentality?

When it comes to dating Japanese women, you will come across different values and mentality to the Western culture. Japanese women, even though shy, show a reversal of roles. They can ask someone out that they have an interest in. They also prefer equity in the splitting of the bill during dates.

Random facts you will not believe:

Japanese women value dates such as White Day and Valentine's day when couples express their love and show appreciation. Ladies tend to shy away from controversial topics such as politics, crime, and drugs. However, they are chatty and want you to be a good listener. They let you talk about yourself as a foreigner before opening up to you hence you need to be patient with them.

Japanese women dislike fake compliments. Communication is critical, and they love it when a foreigner learns their culture. They value kindness and neatness in a relationship. You get to know that they are very polite and give a sweet demeanor.

Where and how to meet a woman from Japan

There are different ways you will meet Japanese women. A Konkatsu party is one way where people meet up to find a marriage partner. You would get together to share a meal and have conversations.

Additionally, dating websites and apps are platforms you will get to meet a Japanese woman. Online dating has taken root in Japan, and the use of different apps yields fruits. Dating apps such as Loveme, JapanCupid, and Pairs show positive activity in their numbers.

A different way you will meet the women is through Guokon meetups where men and women who are single and looking for a partner meet up in a group for drinks at this event. The parties mingle and get to find a connection.

TOP 3 dating sites to meet Japanese brides

There are many dating apps in Japan accredited to different qualities that make them more popular than others. If you are looking for a long or short-term relationship, you may find women making the first move on these apps.

These sites offer you both standard memberships that are free while premium membership requires a monthly subscription fee. The premium membership gives more features and has more objective users. However, the standard membership gives you quality matches.

The following sites are among the best dating sites to meet Japanese brides. You could subscribe for either the standard or premium membership. or A Foreign Affair (AFA) is a USA based International dating company that focuses on introducing couples globally. They have a variety of services they offer to their clients.

The main advantage of using is the free sign up and search. They also have offices in every tour city. The site has thousands of beautiful women accessible to you. has an International Dating Webcast for men every Monday and Wednesday. A Singles Group Tours and a Singles Club provide men a platform to meet women in select cities. Company

It offers an Express Mail service, a Visa service, Phone Translation Service, Adventure Travel, and a Gift Delivery Service.

The site charges a one-time fee of $95 to activate the Platinum membership, after which it charges a monthly $29.95 renewal fee. The site is free for women to sign up.

This dating website specializes in assisting people from Western backgrounds and Japanese to find matches. Their services help people anonymously find you your perfect match. The women on this dating website are beautiful. The main advantage is that it offers friendly and personalized services. They also use the latest technology to make your experience enjoyable. You can search through the many profiles on the site and find women from various backgrounds.


The membership services offered are the free Standard membership, the Gold membership, and the Platinum membership. There are different languages for ease of navigation. The Gold membership charges $29.98 per month or an annual rate of $119.98. Lastly, the Platinum membership charges $34.99 per month or a yearly rate of $149.99.

This dating website provides for both Japanese and Western backgrounds. The website is available in multiple languages. Some features are available to free members who do not have to pay to use the website. The website has an interest and personality section and shows the willingness of potential matches. The main advantage of using is that you can receive mail from other members even on the Standard membership. An automated matching system ensures you select the criteria you have an interest in. It can also filter searchers for many criteria.


Membership services are standard membership, gold, and a platinum membership. The Gold membership charges $29.98 per month, while the Platinum membership costs $23.33 per month.

How to start a Japanese dating adventure

The culture, food, and entertainment are all of great interest but dating a Japanese woman is also something you should consider. Japanese women love foreigners, and you can find potential partners in Japan if you are actively searching.

Dating japanese women

When dating a Japanese woman, just like any other woman, always try to use your best attributes. You may be witty, funny, knowledgeable, neat, or kind. Most importantly, you should consider being respectful when you are with a Japanese woman.

You can kick start a conversation with a Japanese woman by a greeting without underestimating yourself. It does not matter if you do not speak Japanese. You can always find common ground with them.

You should seek to know what they like and get it for them or express your feelings. You can take them for dates. It is beneficial to be a good listener and have patience with them.

How to start a Japanese dating adventure

There are considerations when starting a relationship with a Japanese girl due to the Japanese unique and rich culture.

Why do women from Japan like dating a foreign man?

Dating scenes vary globally, and Japanese women prefer dating foreign men due to various reasons.

Although a Japanese woman has freedom, they place their priority on the men. You would find great pleasure in dating a Japanese woman due to all these qualities.
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Conclusion: Getting to know Japanese women

In conclusion, you should get to know Japanese women. They are very different due to their rich and unique culture.

Japanese women tend to be so lively and active. The women are open to new things, date foreigners, and learn about their cultures too. They are also free to do whatever they like without parental restrictions, be it studying abroad, work or marriage.

They have become more assertive, and their ideal man is one who understands them. They are so energetic towards their partners. They show much love to their partners and focus on family and careers.

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