What are Japanese Beauty Standards Like?

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If you have ever looked for an exotic beauty to grace your arm, then a Japanese lady may be the ultimate in beauty standards. With her fair and flawless skin, dark almond eyes, small and petite smile, and her gracefully rounded but tiny body, you’re sure to be absolutely enthralled with a Japanese partner or wife. 

But what are Japanese beauty standards like? 

What do Japanese women consider to be true beauty, and how does this make them different from Western beauty standards? 

Find out all you’ve ever wanted to know about Japanese beauty standards right here, and learn what to expect from a beautiful Japanese woman. 

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What Are the Modern Standards of Japanese Beauty?

In Japan, women try very hard to achieve a youthful glow, even going as far as trying to get that “school girl” look that’s so highly appreciated by some men. 

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For a Japanese woman, flawless and pale white skin is desired as it’s said to hide other flaws. Likewise, they complement their almond eyes with lengthened eyelashes that are long and curly. 

Modern Japanese beauty standards may change slightly as cultures evolve and thanks to the influence of younger generations. Most of Japanese society still frowns on extreme beauty procedures like botox and plastic surgery. Surgical skin peels don’t meet local beauty standards. 

So if you date a beautiful Japanese woman, chances are that she’ll look beautiful with flawless skin and beautiful eyes no matter what time of day it is. What you see is her natural look, with a few cosmetic enhancements, but not surgery.


Japanese ladies may go as far as never going out in the sun to keep their flawless skin and avoid any sign of a tan. To avoid looking like a vampire, Japanese ladies may apply a little blush on their high cheekbones, just below their eyes, which results in a healthy glow. 

Some traditional skin treatments that the Japanese ladies may attribute their beauty to can involve drinking copious amounts of green tea, and even using green tea as a toner to tighten pores and provide a flawless skin tone. 


Part of wanting to look like a small doll as a beauty statement in Japan is to have a small face. Japanese ladies will go to great lengths to achieve the small face with a v-shaped jaw. This small and tapered face is known as kogao (meaning small face). 

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Part of the small face look is to also have large eyes, usually with a “double eyelid” known as futae.

A double eyelid is when the upper eyelid folds, creating a double lid appearance. Some Japanese ladies will use specialized makeup to achieve this look, but plastic surgery to get the futae is still frowned on. 


Japanese women want to have a delicate and petite body. Your Japanese girlfriend will never overeat, and she will work out to maintain slender legs, a delicately curved figure, and an overall slim appearance. 

While most Japanese women are short, the ideal height is 5 feet and 1 inches, and anything taller is considered not-petite. 

Part of the body concept for Japanese women is their feet. The way in which their feet appear have been an integral part of Japanese culture and tradition for centuries. When a Japanese woman shows you her feet, it’s akin to a sexual act. 

So Japanese ladies may dress in a way that accentuates their feet. Their little girl appearance may be matched with large work boots or platform shoes in a contrasting color. Everything your Japanese date does is to accentuate her feet. Being mindful of this and complimenting her appropriately will earn you serious bonus points. 

If your lady shows up with white socks and sandals that split at the toes, it’s not only a sign of beauty but also a serious invitation to some undercover action. 


Japanese ladies work hard with their makeup routines to ensure they have a flawless but natural look. They believe in achieving a perfect complexion that is pale, but they add a natural glow with a faint blush applied to their cheekbones right below their eyes.  

Part of their makeup finish is to create a double eyelid to deepen their eyes and achieve the much desired futae look. 

A huge part of Japanese beauty standards is to have a desirable personality that is demure, sweet, gentle, and kind. This type of virtuous personality for Japanese women is known as yamato nadeshiko or feminine beauty. 

Western and Japanese Beauty Standards: Similarities and Differences

Perhaps you are wondering how Japanese and Western beauty standards compare. Surely there are huge differences, but there may also be some similarities. Here’s what I’ve found.

Western Beauty Standards

In the West, women want to go bold and be noticed. They accentuate their eyes with smokey eyeshadow, dense lashes, and rosy cheeks. Pale skin is not as appreciated, and most women of Western descent spend hours and hundreds of dollars in tanning salons to achieve that sun-kissed skin that we see in beauty magazines. 

Bold, kissable lips and pronounced cheekbones are also the order of the day in Western beauty. A Western woman will also spend quite a bit of time applying foundation and bronzing products to look like a sun-goddess. 

How Japanese Beauty Is Different

Unlike Western ladies, your Japanese lady will cherish a more natural skincare routine. For Japanese women, skincare and healthcare are one and the same. Where Western ladies add beauty as a show for the world, Japanese ladies enhance their beauty from within. 

Japanese ladies will spend more time on skincare than on applying makeup. The idea is to have flawless “rice paper” skin, and this can only be achieved through cleanliness and natural nourishing treatments.  

One similarity that’s starting to catch on in Japan is the creation of large eyes with eyeliner, colored eyeshadow and mascara. This is mostly popular among younger generation Japanese women, but even more mature ladies carefully outline their eyes to achieve that special look that’s so cherished (a wide-eyed innocent doll).

One other beauty standard that’s very different from Western beauty norms is the idea that a snaggletooth or child’s teeth are popular. Having slightly overlapping teeth and prominent canines are seen as sexy. 

Western ladies would never want to be seen with such “imperfect” teeth, and especially American ladies prefer pearly white teeth that have been straightened or altered with veneers. 

Another mouth-related difference is how Western and Japanese ladies laugh. Western ladies may laugh loudly and with open mouths, using the opportunity to show off their lush lips and perfect teeth. This open-mouthed laugh may even be seen as sexually alluring. 

Japanese women laugh by covering their mouths. It’s seen as rude to show your teeth while laughing. Remember that the Japanese ideal of beauty is to be feminine and delicate.  

Japanese ladies will dress tastefully and formally for a date, while Western ladies may prefer to dress up in a more seductive and revealing way. 

What Beauty Does Your Japanese Woman Expect from You?

I’ve talked about how your Japanese lady is different from Western ladies, but what about her beauty expectations of you? 

To meet your Japanese woman’s beauty standards, you will have to be slender and tall. Facial hair isn’t very popular in Japan, so you may have to say goodbye to any whiskers you’ve been growing. 

Being clean and super conscious of hygiene is another important trait that Japanese ladies value. Oddly, she’ll find the diameter of your head a turn on. Yip, having a bit of a melon head is sure to get her extra interested. 

If you don’t have one, you can favor a haircut to create that illusion. Little boy haircuts are popular with Japanese ladies. 

The Final Beauty

Japanese beauty standards are unique and very focused on creating a natural and innocent look that’s both fresh and inviting. Your Japanese lady will spend most of her beauty routine focused on the health of her skin, her overall health, and then her appearance. 

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For Japanese ladies, being healthy is a sign of beauty. While you will always be able to take her anywhere and have admiring looks from guests, your Japanese woman won’t be like any Western lady. 

Cherish the beauty differences, and appreciate the lengths she goes to in achieving that youthful glow you will find swoon-worthy. 

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