Iran is a fascinating country, steeped in history and deeply influenced by religion. While conservatism runs deep in Iranian society, online dating is becoming increasingly popular. 

In this article, we’ll look at three of the top Iranian dating sites and explain our criteria for rating them. We’ll also debunk common stereotypes about dating Iranian women and offer essential tips for a successful experience. We’ll also address concerns about the legitimacy of Iranian dating sites. 

Join us on this journey into the world of Iranian dating, where culture, tradition and modernity converge!

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Our Criteria When We Recommend Iranian Dating Sites & Apps

Before we get into reviewing Iranian dating platforms, let’s outline the criteria we use for our ratings:

The Best Iranian Dating Sites: Our Choice

Combining ancient customs with modern technology, dating platforms open doors to a realm of potential connections and memorable encounters. Equipped with these guiding principles, we can now make a thorough and comprehensive assessment of Iranian dating sites.

As a branch of the World Singles Network, is one of the big players in the online dating scene for Iranians, Persians, and Muslims. 

You can think of as the spot where singles from the Iranian community gather to chat, make connections, and possibly find a special someone online. provides all the typical features you’d expect from a dating site. You can engage in live chat and even play dating games. 

To express your interest, you can like photos or use the slideshow feature. And if you’re looking for someone who meets your specific criteria, advanced search filters are at your disposal.

There are three payment packages to choose from

  • 1 month – 39.99 USD/ month
  • 3 month – 29.99 USD/ month, total – 89.97 USD
  • 6-month – 24.99 USD/ month, total – 149.94 USD

What we like and don’t like

  • Functional design
  • Strong security measures
  • Mobile app for Android
  • Dating games
Could be better:
  • Old-fashioned design
  • Unstable functioning of desktop website version

Launched in 2008, the site proudly proclaims itself as the virtual meeting place for educated and fascinating Persian singles. Its main goal? To ensure that your online dating adventure is smooth sailing and super safe. offers a range of services that are pretty standard in the online dating world. Their “Quick Search” helps you find members in your area using your postcode or IP address and preferences like age range.

persiansoulmate app

They also offer a full featured chat function for real-time conversations. To express your interest in someone, you can use features like “Like”, “Wink” and “Flirt”. 

And don’t worry, if the same people keep bugging you, you can add them to your banned list. If you come across any suspicious profiles or scammers, you can report them to the site administrators. keeps things simple with three subscription options: 19.98 USD per month for a one-month plan, 14.99 USD per month for a three-month plan and 9.99 USD per month for a six-month plan.

It’s worth noting that they only accept credit card payments. Also, be aware that both subscription plans are set to automatically renew until you decide to cancel them. So, keep an eye on your subscription if you don’t want it to continue.

What we like and don’t like

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Mobile app for iOS
  • Detailed profiles
Could be better:
  • Many negative customer reviews
  • Suspicion of moderated chats and fake profiles is proud to be the top Iranian dating platform for Persian singles, offering a range of advanced features designed to foster connections within the Persian community, promoting friendship and love. 

Users can access the platform through Android and iOS apps, enjoy Persian chat rooms, securely upload private photos and benefit from a range of other engaging features that enhance the overall online dating experience for Persian singles worldwide.

In addition to standard dating platform features such as video and audio chat, favourites lists and matchmaking tools, offers unique services such as interactive live club and lounge experiences in 3D virtual rooms as well as engaging street chat options. 

These innovative features add a new dimension to online dating and foster more meaningful connections among users.

  • Monthly package 29.95 USD
  • 3 months package 49.95 USD – $16.65 USD /month
  • 6 months package 59.95 USD- $9.99 USD /month
  • Yearly package 79.95 USD –  $6.66 USD /month
yapfinder app

What we like and don’t like

  • Virtual world features
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Lots of related features
Could be better:
  • No reviews on trustworthy review platforms
  • Limited free features

Dating Mysterious Iranian Women: Tips and Stereotypes

Iranian women are raised in a culture that values family, community and human relationships. Their charm lies not only in their appearance, but also in their kindness and nurturing qualities. 

When you’re with an Iranian woman, you can expect showers of affection, unwavering support and unwavering loyalty (read more: How to Attract a Persian Woman: 10 Proven Ways).

Negative stereotypes often portray Iranian women as oppressed, weak, and reliant on men, but this is far from reality. Iranian women have a history of strength and independence, playing integral roles in society.

persian women online

These stereotypes often depict them as veiled, religious fanatics devoid of freedom and modernity. Moreover, it’s wrongly assumed that Iranian women face educational and life opportunity restrictions due to gender inequality and discrimination.

One of the most important aspects of dating in Iran is the influence of family. Family plays a central role in the lives of Iranians and their approval and support is highly valued. Before taking the next step in a relationship, it’s common for Iranians to seek the approval of their parents and elders. 

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Typically, Iranian relationships begin with a friendship phase where potential partners get to know each other while maintaining a respectful distance. Public displays of affection are generally frowned upon, so emotions are often conveyed through stolen glances and secret smiles.


Respect and modesty are deeply rooted in Iranian traditions. Respect is the cornerstone of Iranian dating etiquette and includes respect for elders, traditions and each other. Modesty is seen not only in the way women dress, often opting for elegant and modest attire, but also in their behaviour and interactions.

Are All Iranian Dating Sites Total Scam?

While not all Iranian dating sites are total scams, the online dating world, including Iranian sites, is not immune to scammers.

Even sites with strong security measures can still encounter fraudulent activity (read more: Asian romance scam: The basic information to know). 

It’s important to exercise caution and be aware when interacting with others online. Common signs of potential scams include requests for money, inconsistent or suspicious behaviour, and overly aggressive approaches. 

To protect yourself, it’s a smart idea to research a site’s reputation, avoid sharing sensitive information, and report any suspicious activity to site administrators.

With due caution and awareness, you can navigate Iranian dating sites safely and potentially find genuine relationships.

Final Advice: Remember These Things!

In your quest to find love or meaningful relationships on Iranian dating sites, here’s some final advice:

By following these guidelines and staying cautious, you can increase your chances of finding genuine connections on Iranian dating sites while avoiding potential pitfalls. 

Good luck!

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