When searching for a girl to date online, you should check out Indonesian women. According to most men, these women are perhaps the most beautiful in Asia. That is because they display specific sexuality characteristics only seen in Latin America.

Due to their beautiful looks, Indonesian women have been characterized as a fusion of Chinese, Arabic and Latina. While you find an average Chinese girl attractive, these Indonesian women have an added Arabic and Latina touch, making them the sexiest women in Asia.

Most men find these Indonesian women sexy because they have voluptuous bodies. With beautiful natural skin, these women do not need to apply a lot of makeup. Therefore, you should consider dating an Indonesian woman if you prefer Latina women.

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Indonesian Dating Culture - What is alike?

As compared to most western countries, Indonesian dating culture is very different. For instance, men are responsible for taking the initiative. Therefore, if you want to date an Indonesian woman, you need to be the one to start conversations, call first and send flowers. On the other hand, women stay on the sidelines waiting for the man to make the first move.

A man has to say ‘I love you’ to a woman for them to be considered dating. That is because Indonesians consider it a starting point of a ‘formal relationship.’

Dating Indonesian women

In Indonesia, it is considered inappropriate to kiss your girlfriend or boyfriend in public. There is also no public display of affection, as is the case in many other countries worldwide. However, not all people adhere to societal expectations. Therefore, Indonesian dating culture often comes down to individual preferences, as is the case with other countries.

Dating Indonesian Women: What are their values and mentality?

Most Indonesian women are known to possess values such as commitment, honesty, loyalty and open-mindedness. These values enable these Indonesian women to put up with the difficulties that life throws at them. Therefore, if you are looking for such values in a woman, you should consider dating an Indonesian girl.

To compliment that, most Indonesian women have a good sense of humour too. Indonesian women have been described as highly tolerant people. That is the main reason why they are not afraid to welcome diversity. Most Indonesian women are conservative due to their religion and cultural backgrounds.

Indonesian women are known for their ‘togetherness’ mentality. Therefore, it is not hard to find them working on something together. These women like to involve themselves in family matters and are willing to help out friends whenever needed. So, if you need a long term relationship, an Indonesian woman is the best choice.

Where and how meet a woman from Indonesia - Our top 3 tips

It is not easy to pick up an Indonesian woman. These women are more conservative; that is why they will not just throw themselves at your feet. Also, they expect you, as the man, to make the first move.

So, where and how do you meet an Indonesian woman?

Follow these top three tips.

TOP3 dating sites to meet Indonesian brides

Even though Indonesia has a pretty small dating scene, it is pretty effective. Therefore, it is easy to find an excellent dating website or app. In Indonesia, there are many different dating sites with good-sized membership bases.

It is relatively easy for anyone to navigate through these Indonesian dating sites because they have simple interfaces. If you decide to start dating online, it is advisable to carefully read member profiles to avoid falling victim to a scam and fake profiles. Beware of dully filled profiles.

Here are the top 3 sites to meet Indonesian brides.


Over the years, Loveme.com has become popular in Indonesia and across the borders. With more than 25years in the industry, the site has introduced thousands of Indonesian singles with their perfect matches. Therefore, consider signing up for Loveme.com if you would like to date an Indonesian woman. Loveme.com has a relatively large membership database, meaning you have a greater chance of meeting an Indonesian bride through their matchmaking services.

Also, Loveme.com offers free signup and search option for new members. That is important since it allows you to gauge the site before you decide to upgrade to platinum membership or not.

Apart from that, Loveme.com boasts of efficient systems for searching and filtering. That is the other reason why it is easy to find a perfect partner through their matchmaking services.

As a platinum member, you have to part with £5.46 per letter and translation services. For non-platinum members, the cost per letter is £7.30.


In Indonesia, IndonesianCupid.com is among well-renowned dating sites. Cupid Media Party Ltd. runs IndonesianCupid.com alongside many other dating sites. According to most people, IndonesianCupid.com is as straightforward and functional as the other sites run by Cupid Media Party Ltd. IndonesianCupid.com boasts of a vast membership database that extends across the borders to many parts around the globe.

When you sign up for their matchmaking services, you get to view different many different profiles. Meaning, it is easy to find a pretty Indonesian bride through IndonesianCupid.com.

Apart from an extensive membership database, IndonesianCupid.com offers access to a free version of their matchmaking services. For that reason, you can enjoy their services while gauging if you would like a premium membership or remain a regular member.

If you decide to sign up for premium membership in IndonesianCupid.com, the costs are £26.54 a month, £53.11 quarterly and £106.22 yearly.


AsianDating.com is another well-renowned dating website in Indonesia. This dating site has more than 4.5 million users. Therefore, you are guaranteed a unique and safe dating experience while using AsianDating.com to find an Indonesian bride. With over 4.5 million members, there are plenty of profiles for you to search through in AsianDating.com. Also, you can access and use the site anytime. Browsing through the site is easy to ensure that anybody can use AsianDating.com.

Apart from that, AsianDating.com offers fast and easy registration for new members.

The costs of membership in AsianDating.com are £110 yearly, £51.13 quarterly and £25.49 monthly.

How to start an Indonesian dating adventure

So, you have met a perfect Indonesian woman through a dating site or in a shopping mall. You are wondering how to approach or start your dating adventure. Relationships, particularly starting one, can be a tricky business. However, here are a few tricks to start a dating adventure with an Indonesian woman.

Due to Indonesian women’s conservative nature, it is advisable to avoid asking her for a date right away. Instead, you can have a drink, depending on the location, and get her phone number later on. If you met her on a dating site, she probably already gave her contacts. So, you can proceed to chat politely with her while showing your interest to know more about her.

After 3 or 4 days of chatting, you can proceed to ask her out for a date. Make sure you choose a nice restaurant, does not have to be expensive, and dress nicely for your first date. If you carry yourself well during the first date, an Indonesian woman would most likely fall for you.

Starting a relationship with an Indonesian girl: Important things to consider

As a foreigner, starting a relationship with an Indonesian woman is not easy. However, things can be a little less challenging if you know a few things to consider.

Indonesian brides

One of the things you should consider when starting a relationship with an Indonesian woman is meeting her family. In Indonesia, life revolves around the family unit. That is why some Indonesian women between 18 to 30 years still live with their parents.

When you meet her parents, try to be shy, rather than displaying a macho attitude. Our advice to you is to try posing yourself as a conservative person.

Why do women from Indonesia like dating foreign men?

One of the reasons is cultural exchange. According to Indonesian women, dating a foreigner comes with more cultural advantages than dating a local guy. These women prefer foreign guys because it is an opportunity to see much of the world rather than just finding out about each other’s traits.

Also, most women from Indonesia like dating foreign guys because they like nontraditional dates. With a foreigner, dating activities tend to be more varied. A date with an Indonesian guy is simply going to a mall or watching a movie. However, Indonesian women prefer more diverse foreign guys that can take them to places such as museums and tours in other countries.

Dating an Indonesian woman comes with a few challenges. However, the rewards are great because dating one would surely leave you in good hands. Indonesian women are submissive and devoted to their companions. That means they are more likely to take care of you properly.
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Conclusion: Getting to know Indonesian women

Indonesian women are definitely worth some attention. However, these women are conservative because of their traditions and religious backgrounds. Therefore, you need to up your game if you want to date an Indonesian woman.

Last Updated on May 29, 2023

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