India’s total population is approximately one-sixth of the total population of the world. It is the second most populated country in the world, coming in after China. If you have been lucky enough to visit India or heard about, then I believe you are aware of the beautiful Indian women with their unique looks.

Apart from Indian brides being beautiful and gorgeous, they are also known to be of excellent character. In this article, I will deliver an in-depth outlook of everything you need to know about Indian women, why you should date them and guide you on how to meet them online.

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Indian dating culture - what is it like?

The dating culture in India is slightly different because the community always has a hand in it. India’s dating culture always comes with marriage in mind and never embraces the idea of casual dating.

Dating indian women

Parents use these dating apps as a way of matching their children. The moment a match occurs after considering a few factors such as costs, finance and religion, they go ahead and calculate the two matches’ birth dates. They will then check the family compatibility before a first date is set.

Dating Indian women: what are their values and mentality?

Dating Indian women comes with many advantages as they are known for their desirable qualities because they are very kind, warm, gentle and caring, among others. The Indian culture values traditions based on their traditions. Indian women are raised appreciating love. Therefore, they develop unique and desirable values.

When it comes to carrying out their daily duties, they do their work in a well-organized manner and they possess household skills, which is what men look for in a potential wife. If you are looking for a woman online, our advice to you is to go for Indian women.

Indian brides are fairly educated but based on the education they get from society, they are quite smart. When it comes to life generally, they see life with a lot of positivity despite the numerous challenges the girl child can face. Indian brides are capable of raising families, this is thanks to society’s upbringing they undergo.

Where and how meet a woman from India

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the Indian dating culture has taken a modern twist in recent years, especially because the dating scene now embraces online dating. Meeting Indian women in the streets can be hard as many might be travelling for work, business or education.

In my experience, I would highly recommend you make meeting arrangements earlier if you wish to meet any Indian lady. If you wish to date an Indian lady, you should do it by registering to a dating site where you will meet one.

Through registration to a dating site, you will be able to view the many profiles and potentially meet up with the one you love. The good thing about registering with a dating site is that many women are interested, single and ready to mingle. So, there is minimal time-wastage as the women in these dating sites are ready to build connections with interested men.

TOP3 dating sites to meet Indian brides

The great presence of modern online dating sites has made it easier and faster to meet foreign women and Indian babes are not left behind.

Finding that Indian beauty endowed with a charming personality is now a click of a button away.

Here, we recommend 3 sites that offer you a worthwhile exploration of meeting the Indian woman of your dreams. strives to match single men and women from across the world, with most brides and grooms hailing from Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

Registering with LoveMe is absolutely free. To sign up, you are required to provide a few identifiers, including;

The Matching Process

After registering with LoveMe, the matching process is easy and straightforward. Here are some steps to follow;

Unique Site Features

LoveMe has a few features that make the site unique, including Call Translation Services and Singles Tours.

Services such as viewing profiles, receiving matches, searching for members, and accessing inboxes come at no cost.


However, to enjoy services under the platinum plan, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $29.95 on top of a one-time subscription fee of $95. Such services include:

Such services include joining a singles tour, translator services, sending real flowers, private videos, and messaging for men.

You might also want to take note of the extra costs that come with additional services, such as receipt of letters with attached photos and opening messages from another member.

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What We Don’t Like

If you are interested in Marriage Dating, then KissesOfIndia is the go-to page.

The dating site limits unregistered users from accessing or viewing your profile. This way, you only get a match from a real woman who is validly registered.

kissesofindia review
Sign Up Process

The signup process involves filling a registration form with about 17 fields capturing users’ basic information. Registration is also free. Therefore, filling up the signup form completes the entire registration process.

Matching Process

KissesOfIndia matches you to your preferred Indian bride using either of the following criteria:

Unique Features

KissesOfIndia is best known for its unique features, including;

kissesofindia profiles


KissesOfIndia has four membership plans, including;

What We Like
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DesiKiss is a dating site built to help Indian singles find their dream partners. The platform offers free services for all the basic functions. Advanced features come at a fee.

Sign Up Process

The signup process involves filling out an online registration form. You are required to provide personal information, such as your gender, country, city, date of birth, and email address.

Usernames are also created at the signup stage.

After filling out the online form, DesiKiss takes you through some random one-off questionnaires to define your personality. Such questionnaires highlight issues like your body type, height, hair color, eye color, profession, income, and educational background.

Unique Site Features

The various outstanding features of DesiKiss.come include;

Matching Process has quite a specific criterion for matching individuals. If you are looking for an Indian bride with specific attributes, such as hair color, educational background, eye color, and body type, then DesiKiss provides that exact match.

The site’s filters also makes narrowing down to those specifics easy.


To subscribe to DesiKiss’ premium plan, you can make payments in either of the following formats;

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How to start an Indian dating adventure

Indian women are known for their stunning looks and their dress codes. Most Indian women have long black hair which compliments their skin colour. Indian women are also known for their sexy ability to move their hips effortlessly.

From my experience, women love to be appreciated. If you want to date an Indian girl, be sure to appreciate her looks and dressing. Not forgetting her jewellery.

Indian brides

Indian women are also committed to their lovers. To have an exciting dating adventure, ensure to portray this value. Always go an extra mile of showing your commitment to her as a way of spicing up your dating adventure.

Our Advice to You:

Family comes first in Indian women. In the Indian culture, they live as big families as a way of appreciating family principles. Ensure you have family values in you to enjoy your dating life.

Starting a relationship with an Indian girl: Important things to consider

Before you decide to get into the dating world with an Indian girl, there are a few things that you must take into consideration.

Why do women from India love dating foreign men?

Most women in India are trying to make an honest living but it is full of challenges. For this reason, they prefer dating foreign men who can support them financially and offer a promising future.

Considering India’s culture where the girl child is always undermined, most Indian women prefer dating foreign men to get protection and acquire quality education. Also, considering India’s challenges, Indian girls see dating foreign men as a chance to improve their living standards.

Dating should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. If you find your potential Indian girl, don't hesitate to hit her inbox.
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Conclusion: Getting to know Indian women

Indian women are basically outgoing, focused, friendly and adventurous. Meeting has become an easy task by simply signing up to dating sites like the ones discussed above. Come up with an appealing profile that can attract Indian women to you.

Since pictures speak a lot, the quality of the picture you choose to use as your profile picture should be of high quality.

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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