Have you always wanted to have your very own Asian beauty at your side? Asian ladies are exotic, offer that X factor that is so highly sought after, and they are more sophisticated than most Western men realize. 

Getting your own Asian girlfriend may not be as simple as ordering a bowl of Wonton soup, but you will be as addicted once you’ve found your own Asian lady love. 

Here’s how. 

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How to Get an Asian Girlfriend: Our Top Tips and Hacks

Before you launch into the idea of getting an Asian girlfriend, make sure you don’t have a stereotypical view of what an Asian lady is like. The region or country she originates from may influence what her life perspectives are and the way in which she will behave. 

However, you can’t assume you know how a lady will be simply based on her country of origin. Likewise, you can’t assume that every Asian bride you meet will be head-over-heels for you simply because you are a foreign man who’s come to rescue her. 

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Chinese and Japanese brides tend to be raised conservatively, so they would make suitably conservative girlfriends if you are somewhat reserved yourself. While these ladies are by nature more reserved than other Asian ladies, they may also opt for the opposite of what tradition dictates. 

South Korean girls are more modernized, so they are more open to speaking their mind, and if you want a girlfriend you can reason with and even get stuck into with a great discussion, these ladies are ideal for you. 

Your dream Asian lady may not behave as you expect. Many Asian girls are tired of being pressed into a traditional role, and they are looking for a Western man who will allow them more freedom and not pressure them into a subservient role. 

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If you want an obedient girlfriend, don’t assume that by getting an Asian lady you will be fulfilling your wishes. Some Asian girls are very motivated by gender equality, and they aren’t afraid to point out your own shortcomings. 

Some tips for finding an Asian girlfriend include: 

Define the looks you want.

Asian girls don’t all look alike. There is a great difference between the type of aesthetic beauty of a lady from Seoul compared to a girl from Tokyo. 

Don’t treat your date as a stereotype.

While you may prefer an Asian lady from a specific region, don’t treat your date like a statistic. The Asian lady you date may be entirely different from what is considered the norm for her country. Find out about the lady, study her profile, and engage her in a conversation that helps you get to know her better. 

When you treat your lady as a person, you will win her heart. Treat her like a representative of her country and you’re sure to be girlfriend-less in no time at all. 

Never shame yourself.

A surefire way to lose an Asian girlfriend is to swear, act rude, or gossip when on a date with her. Your reputation and hers will be at the front of her mind at all times, so focus on being polite, friendly, and kind. 

When it’s just the two of you, it would be acceptable to have debates and argue politics or religion, but when she introduces you to her family, you may have to opt for the strong and silent role instead. 

Be authentic.

When you are with your Asian lady, never try to impress her with false mannerisms. Be authentic. Like most women, Asian girls will see through pretense and foolery, and it won’t impress them. 

While you want to put your best foot forward, don’t hide your personality or character. Trying to be someone you’re not will only push her away. 

Show an interest in her culture.

Attract Asian ladies by asking about their culture, and show you have actually researched their culture. When you care enough to find out about her culture, she will be eager to share her time with you. 

Of course, don’t treat your date like a foreign language lesson or insist on showing off how much you know about her country. Instead, sprinkle a few gems here and there in your conversations, and you’ll win her over even faster. 

Top3 Dating Sites to Find an Asian Girlfriend Online

Using the right dating site will increase your chances to find the best Asian girlfriend. 

Each dating site offers its own benefits, and if you know what region in Asia you’d like to date a girl from, you can opt for a site that specializes in Asian ladies unique to that country, though it’s recommended to consider other Asian countries too and not give in to a stereotyped view of Asian ladies.  


Loveme.com is well-known for organizing singles and romance trips so you can meet your true love in Asia (and some other countries in the world – read more: Are You Ready Going on a Romantic Tour to Asia?). However, the company also has an online dating platform so you can meet your true love.   

Top Loveme.com Services 
Costs of Using Loveme.com 

LoveMe.com offers a Platinum membership to male members at an initial joining cost of US$95.00 and a recurring monthly cost of US$29.95. The membership gives you a discount on messaging and other services the site offers, and you can also buy credits to pay for certain features.  

Female members use the site for free.  

Loveme.com (also called A Foreign Affair) doesn’t have the most modern of website designs, but the site is functional and user-friendly. This is great for you as you’ll be able to easily message potential love interests and start getting to know them. 

Why Do We Recommend Loveme.com? 

BeHappy2Day.com (asiansingles2day) has been around for almost two decades; the site was created in 2004. The online dating site wants to help single men find their soulmate from Asia and other countries.  

Top BeHappy2Day.com Services 
Costs of Using BeHappy2Day.com 

The dating service makes use of credits, so the benefit is that you only spend money on what you need. 

Credits are available in bundles of 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 500, and 1,000. The cheapest bundle (of 20 credits) costs US$2.96 and the biggest bundle costs US$379.00. 

If you buy 40 credits at US$28.00, you can:

BeHappy2Day.com is a user-friendly online dating site so you can easily navigate the platform and find what you need. 

Signing up is easy peasy; you can find the form on the site’s homepage. Everything else you need is on your dashboard.   

Why Do We Recommend BeHappy2Day.com? 

If you are a Christian and a Filipina single, then ChristianFilipina.com is the right dating site for you as you’ll meet like-minded singles who share your faith, values, and world views. This makes it much easier to find the love of your life.  

Top ChristianFilipina.com Services 
Costs of Using ChristianFilipina.com 

There are three subscription options on ChristianFilipina.com: 

You get access to custom messages, live video chat, and more when you become a paying member.  

The Asian online dating site is very easy to use and you’ll quickly find your way around the site to use the cool features (recommended read: Choosing The Right Asian Dating Site).  

Why Do We Recommend ChristianFilipina.com? 

Final Thoughts - Finding an Asian Girlfriend Is Not Easy But Possible

Asian girls aren’t easy to find or keep, but with some effort, the right mindset, and by using the right dating apps, you can also meet your Asian dream lady. It’s important to have an open mind when it comes to international dating. 

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When looking for your dream Asian girlfriend, you need to keep in mind that the lady in question has to like you too, so set aside time to self-reflect and improve your social output. When you are ready to be with an Asian lady, you will embrace her culture and uniqueness from the start. 

Happy dating!

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