How to Attract a Persian Woman: 10 Proven Ways

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If you’ve fallen madly in love with the idea of a Persian wife, it’s crucial you know how to attract a Middle Eastern lady and woo her. You also need to know what’s expected of you if you want to date her and possibly marry her. 

But all the effort and climbing the steep learning curve is totally worth it to be with such a sultry and mysterious beauty. 

Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about attracting and being with a Persian woman. 

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What Are Persian Ladies Like?

It’s easy to see why Persian ladies catch any man’s eye. These dark haired beauties with their exotic eyes and lush brows are stunning and have a real presence about them. In a word, Persian women personify dignity. 

While most Persian women cover up, their eyes are the real stunners. Their eyes are accentuated with understated makeup and offer an alluring glance at the man who might appeal to them. 

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If you are fortunate enough to see a Persian lady without her head coverings, you’d be surprised by the fairness of her skin and a slight blush creeping over her rounded cheeks. Due to the colder mountain ranges in the Middle East, the people from that region tend toward fairer skin,  which is complemented by a rosy blush, than their neighboring countries. 

The Essential Knowledge on Persian Women

There are a few things you need to know about Persian women if you want dating success. 

While these are the basics, it’s how you interpret them and present yourself as a great catch that will determine your dating success with your Persian beauty.

How Do I Approach a Persian Woman?

When you first chat to a Persian woman, the first thing she will notice is how you act toward her. If you are shy, she may be intrigued, but if you are loud and bombastic, she will move away as this will seem disrespectful to her. Instead, ooze quiet strength and authority. 

Ensure you are well dressed before you even consider making eye contact with her and be sure you greet her in the traditional manner so she will know you acknowledge her customs and culture.  

A Persian lady may greet you with a traditional “hello” by saying, “Salaam alaikum,” which means “peace be on you.” Don’t try to shake her hand or make any physical contact by way of greeting; instead, warm her heart with a respectful half-bow with your hand over your heart. 

Speak in low tones, and if you naturally speak loudly, it helps to lower your speaking volume too. She may seem shy at first, but while she prefers listening over talking, she’ll happily debate things she learned about. Persian women are highly intelligent, and most of them have achieved a university degree (or more).  

So when you approach a Persian woman, make sure you are polite, well-dressed, and ready to have an epic conversation where she will love the challenge of being able to express herself. 

10 Proven Ways to Attract a Persian Girl

As I’ve already said, you need to dress neatly if you intend to approach a Persian woman. She will be absolutely gorgeous in a luxurious outfit with the traditional head covering. Whether she shows her face or only her eyes, her modestly downcast eyes will charm your heart, so she is definitely worth the effort. 

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There are a few other ways you can also attract a Persian woman:

1. Display Impeccable Manners

Your Persian lady will be from a family that can trace their ancestry further back than you can imagine, so be respectful in everything you do. When her family invites you to dinner, there’s no excuse for not going, so ensure you are there on time.

Greet the elders, host, and then everyone else. Take your cue from your host, and if they aren’t wearing shoes in the house, then remove yours and place them aside. Some traditional families will still follow the custom of washing hands at the door, so follow your host’s example. 

When you speak, ensure you use a respectful tone. Address the host and elders with extra respect. 

When you meet your Persian lady away from home (perhaps in a shop or at a restaurant), ensure you show off your refined manners by holding doors and pulling out chairs for her. Maintain a respectful distance and don’t try to make physical contact. 

2. Invest Time to Know Her

Your Persian lady won’t be interested in a man who clearly has one thing on the mind. Take the time to really get to know her. Learn about what she likes, what her dreams are, and what she wants in a relationship. 

You will be amazed by just how interesting your Persian woman really is. She will have diverse interests and make a great conversation partner, even if she seems a bit shy at first. 

3. Take It Really Slow

Persian women have a responsibility toward their families to not bring shame on the family name. This means your Persian lady will be very conscious of appearances in public, and she’s very unlikely to take kindly to any public display of affection. 

To show her you are interested in her, you will have to find other ways to win her over, and you will have to do so slowly. If you rush, she will assume you are only interested in a fling. 

4. Compliment Her

Your Persian date will appreciate a few tasteful compliments on her appearance. She’s put in hours of work to get her makeup just perfect, chosen her best clothes, and spent hours ensuring she is beautiful from head to toes. 

Complimenting her is about expressing your appreciation of the effort she’s gone to. 

5. Dress More Fashionable

Many men aren’t nearly as fashion conscious as women, but a Persian lady will really take note of any of the latest fashion trends and accessories you may follow. She will express her appreciation with a quiet compliment, so accept it gracefully. 

6. Use Good Humor

Women are naturally attracted to a man who has a good natured sense of humor. Don’t crack dirty jokes or act the fool, but a few quick smiles and a harmless joke can go a long way to assure her you are a level-headed man. 

7. Show You Are a Man of Means

Many Persian families are quite well-off, and a Persian girl will want to know that if she chooses to be your wife, you will look after her and keep her in the lifestyle she is accustomed to. While you don’t have to leave a bank statement lying around, there are other subtle ways that you can show her you are able to afford her quality of life. 

8. Be Family Oriented

Persian women are raised with the concept of family being important, so your Persian girlfriend will want to know you are also interested in having a family of your own. Ensure you mention how close you and your family members are. 

If you have interests in starting your own family, it would be a good idea to mention you love children and want to have kids of your own one day. You may also mention how close you and your family are, which will definitely perk her interests. 

9. Don’t Play the Jealousy Game

If you want a wife that’s subservient and servile, you had best look elsewhere. No Persian woman will fall for that song-and-dance. She has a life before you, and the people she socialized with will still be in her life. 

Some Persian women have very active social lives, so you’d better find out just how social your lady is and accept this as something that won’t change. When you are open to her having friends and being an individual, she will be all the more interested in you. 

10. Choose the Right Dating Platform

If you think Tinder or Bumble will land you a hot Persian lady, guess again. Rather sign up to dating services that offer great chances of meeting Persian ladies from the Middle East. 

Some options to consider are:

Final Thoughts

If you want to attract a beautiful Persian woman, it’s essential to be yourself and a gentleman. Act with respect toward her and her family, and ensure she sees you as someone she can build a family with. 

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