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Are you looking for a perfect Filipina wife? With the Filipino mail-order catalog, you can find the perfect match from the Philippines and make your dreams of a beautiful and loving relationship come true. 

Read this post to learn more about  Filipino mail-order brides. We provide 5 profiles of the most beautiful Filipinos who are ready for serious long-term relationships. How and where you can find these women to chat.

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Filipino mail order catalog - which filters can I use?

The catalog offers a wide selection of beautiful and eligible Filipina women, all screened and verified to ensure that they have the qualities and values you desire in a wife. With a secure and reliable system, you can feel confident choosing a Filipina wife.

Filipino Mail Order Catalog

No matter what you are looking for in a woman, the Filipino mail-order catalog can provide qualified, beautiful, and caring women.

Top 5 Profiles Filipino Brides

Filipino brides are some of the most sought-after brides in the world. They are known for their beauty, loyalty, and strong family values. Every Filipino bride has unique characteristics, making them the perfect match for many potential grooms. Here are five profiles of Filipino brides you can find on

Melanie from Davao City

Meet Melanie from Davao City, one of the top five profiles of Filipino brides from Melanie is a 31-year-old woman with black hair and black eyes. She is a natural beauty and loves to travel and explore new places. 

She is also very kind, generous, and willing to make more friends. In her descriptions, she states that she is funny, easy to get along with, and a family-oriented woman. She intends to find love and affection from the platform.

When it comes to relationships, Melanie is looking for someone caring and faithful. She is also looking for someone who is patient and understanding and can support her. Her ideal match is a man willing to make time for their relationship. 

She intends to have a long-lasting relationship and hopes to meet her future husband soon. While her native language is Bisaya, her English is equally good, so you can conveniently communicate with her.

Melba from Cebu City

Melba from Cebu City is one of the top five Filipino brides from At 34 years of age, she is a beautiful woman with black hair and eyes. Melba loves to sing and cook, and she loves to share her talents with friends and family. 

She is a caring and supportive person, so she would make a great partner for anyone looking for a faithful and understanding companion.

By her face, you will notice that Melba is a serious woman. However, she says that she is a romantic, generous, and affectionate woman that you will love. She is a Christian, particularly Catholic, and desires a man with thoughtful thoughts and goals in life. Her perfect match will be a man who knows how to value true love and to treat a woman.

Her man should be frank, honest, and affectionate. They should be sure of themselves and stand for what they feel. Do you fit the bill? Sign up on and engage her today.

Lubesly from Cebu City

Lubesly is a 43-year-old Filipino bride with a zest for life. She weighs 51kg, giving her an energetic and vibrant vibe. She is a true Christian (Catholic) with a heart of gold who loves to sing and dance and does it with passion and grace. 

Besides her beautiful black hair and eyes, Lubesly is a proud mother of three children and loves spending time with them. She is a doting mother who will do anything to make sure her children are happy and safe.

Her bio describes her as an honest, loyal, understanding, and hardworking lady. She loves to travel to any destination that makes her happy, especially with her man. She focuses on leading a healthy lifestyle with a healthy mind and body. She is a hopeless romantic and hopes to find a truthful man with sincere love to offer.

Lubesly is looking for a serious relationship with someone honest, kind and understanding. She wants a man who can accept her and her children and be a loving and supportive partner, possibly a future husband. She is an amazing and beautiful woman who will make any man happy. You can find her on

Alyssa from Davao City

Alyssa is a beautiful 28-year-old Filipino bride from Davao City. She loves to sing, cook, and dance. She is a faithful Christian who always puts her faith first. Alyssa is a very dynamic and independent woman who loves to take risks and try out new things. 

She is also very caring and always puts the needs of those she loves before her own. She is also very humorous and can make even the most serious of conversations filled with laughter. Alyssa also loves to play badminton, and it helps her stay fit and active.

Alyssa is an incredibly compassionate and caring individual. She always looks out for others and puts others’ needs before hers. She is also a great listener and loves to provide comfort and support to those around her. Though she came from a broken family, she strives to become a better person and is ready for any possibilities in relationships and romance.

She desires to meet a man who will care for and love her. Her desired qualities in a lifetime partner include someone loving, understanding, caring and family-oriented. Since she loves to travel, she promises to be your tour guide, buddy, and friend.

Joan Rose from Cebu City

At 24 years old, Joan Rose is from Cebu City and is one of the top 5 profiles of Filipino brides from She is a kind and cheerful woman who loves to sing and play volleyball. 

Joan Rose is an active lady who seeks to express herself positively. She loves to go out with friends and explore new places to make her life more interesting. She is a great listener and always listens to people attentively.

Joan Rose is an amazing person to be around. She loves to have a good time and keep the atmosphere lighthearted. She is an optimist who always looks for creative ways to do things. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and she loves to motivate others. She is always there to offer support and advice when needed.

She is looking for a man who is loyal, honest, and committed to a long-term relationship. She wants someone who can provide her with a sense of safety, trust, and respect. She desires a loving, open, sincere, and romantic man. She is looking for someone who will be her best friend, confidante, and partner.

Filipino mail order catalog - What to consider?

Dating a Filipino bride can be a rewarding and exciting experience, but it’s important to research and consider all the factors before taking the plunge. By doing your due diligence and taking the time to understand the culture and values of the Filipino people, you can ensure a successful and fulfilling relationship with your Filipino bride.

Her Family

Filipino culture is deeply rooted in tradition and family values, so respecting her family’s beliefs and customs is important. This means meeting her parents and siblings, being aware of any potential cultural differences, and being open to participating in family gatherings and celebrations.

Her Religious Beliefs

Religion plays a major role in Filipino culture, and many Filipino women take their faith very seriously. Before committing to a relationship, it’s important to ensure that your beliefs align and that you’re both comfortable with each other’s beliefs.

Language Barrier

Many Filipinos speak English, but some may have difficulty understanding certain words or expressions. It’s important to be patient and understanding and to try to learn Tagalog or another Filipino language if possible. The best thing is that there are online providers who can train you at an affordable rate.


Filipinos have different lifestyles and values than Westerners, with different expectations for relationships. Make sure you’re both on the same page with regard to expectations for marriage and family life and that you’re both willing to compromise if needed. This makes everything easier for both parties.


Look for someone compatible with your personality and lifestyle. Make sure they’re interested in the same things as you and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Find out their dreams and goals and what kind of life they want to lead. This will help you ensure that you’re compatible and have a strong foundation for a long-term relationship.


It’s also important to know the cost of dating a Filipino bride. You may need to pay for transportation and visa costs and other expenses such as wedding costs and legal fees. Make sure you’re aware of all the costs associated with the process, and make sure you can afford them before you commit to anything.

Final Thoughts

Filipino brides are known for their beauty, charm, and loyalty. The Filipino mail-order catalog has thousands of beautiful and eligible women from the Philippines, all screened and verified for their high standards and values. 

By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can find the perfect match for your life and start building lasting relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Simply visit, sign up, and begin browsing the available Filipino brides.

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