Not every person is lucky enough to find a life partner. The number of single individuals who have never been married continues to rise in industrialized countries. Geographically and culturally diverse nations, like the U.S., experience this phenomenon the most. Such places find a great use for mail-order bride services.

The concept of mail order catalogs dates back to 1620 when the Virginia Company ordered brides for the Jameson colony. Four centuries later, mail-order brides remain a popular way to find a wife. With this option, you can choose your ideal mate from a list of worthy Filipino candidates. In this guide, I tell you the basics of using Filipino mail order catalogs to land the woman of your dreams.

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Find Filipino Women Ready for Marriage

Filipino women are gorgeous, well-informed, and respectful. They highly value a healthy traditional family structure comprising a father, mother, and children. Moreover, they take pleasure in preparing meals for their families. These qualities attract men worldwide who are seeking a life partner.

The interest is mutual. Thanks to their education and exposure to modernity, many pretty Filipino women are willing to settle in marriage with foreign men. Consequently, more and more match-making businesses offer Filipino women catalogs to lonely men looking for love.

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Online mail order catalogs make dating for marriage less cumbersome. You only have to join your preferred website, pay as necessary and search for the right bride-to-be. The appeal of mail order catalogs is that you get to choose from thousands of profiles of pretty, charming, family-oriented Filipinas. Filipino dating services also offer unmatched diversity, ranging from artists to professionals to farmers.

The Filipino Matchmaking Business Flourishes: more and more catalogs online

It has never been easier to find lonely Filipino women to marry. Online services revolutionized mail order catalogs. Now, men searching for brides from the Philippines have numerous options to consider.

Dozens of international marriage agencies and niche dating sites provide a wide range of services to meet the demands of western men seeking foreign women as wives. Therefore, regardless of your preferences, you can be confident about finding suitable candidates.

Attention - Filipino Romance Scammers!

I wouldn’t be doing this guide any justice if I didn’t include the risks of using mail-order catalogs. The popularity of online dating services has made scams that much more prevalent. Cases of well-intentioned men falling prey to scammers are not uncommon. Romance scams happen when people with malicious intentions create fake profiles and use them to lure unsuspecting individuals.

These scammers can then trick you into sending money or personal information that they use for criminal activities. Dating websites are ripe targets for scammers because their users are open to building close relationships. Therefore, be smart when interacting with romantic partners online. Take your time to learn more about the other person to see if she is real and serious about the relationship.

Where Can I Meet Filipino Mail-Order Brides?

The success of mail order catalogs led to a large number of agencies entering the market. Additionally, the internet made it easy to set up international marriage agencies. One warning I give anyone who wishes to find a wife in Filipino catalogs is to be careful about the sites used. Not every website is legitimate.

Here are my top recommendations for finding a beautiful Filipino wife. (A Foreign Affair) is an international introduction service that caters to a global audience. The company arranges tours in different cities between foreign women and single men who wish to meet them. 

Filipinas are some of the ladies you can find on the platform. You can register on for free, although you don’t have to be a member to see profiles. offers video and phone calls, express mail and webcasts. Free dating seminars, letter-writing tips and professional dating coaches are other offerings. arranges singles group tours to Cebu and Davao, allowing you to meet Filipinas. The company also offers individual experiences for members who can’t join the group experiences.

You can view profile pictures and information for free. However, to call, message or receive messages from your ideal woman, you must either sign up for the premium membership plan or use the credit-based system. Women, on the other hand, can access all the site’s features at no cost.

To become a platinum member, you must pay an activation fee of $95.00. You should then pay $29.95 every month to sustain your membership and take advantage of phone translation, discounts, credits and express mail services.

Alternatively, you can pay for every letter you send and three-way phone translation. The site charges $9.99 per letter and $5.99 per minute for calls. If you are a platinum member, you only pay $7.49 per letter and $3.99 per minute for calls. Comparing the two payment structures, signing up for the platinum membership is much cheaper in the long run.

Launched in 2004, BeHappy2Day caters to single men who are serious about finding marriage partners. The dating service provides premium features to connect men to single ladies across Europe, Latin America and Asia. 

Filipinas are some of the members interested men will find on the website. The platform lets you register via Google, Facebook and Apple. 

Other features you pay for include:

Although creating an account is free, using the various services at BeHappy2Day costs money. The site uses a credit system to charge for each feature. Credits are available from $14.99 for a set of 20. 

Different categories on the website let members filter profiles for specific matches. So, you can find Filipinos by city, popular names and hair colour, among other parameters. The dating platform has an iOS and Android native app.

Catalog of Filipino Women - FAQ

Choosing a life partner can be hard, especially when you don’t have many options. Filipino mail order catalogs improve your chances by giving you a diverse selection. When using a reputable company, you can trust the profiles provided, meaning most of the heavy lifting is out of the way.

Credible niche dating sites put up real profiles of women who want to get married. Companies that provide Filipino mail order catalogs have strict criteria for verifying profiles. Some even conduct background checks. For this reason, stick to reputable websites with good reviews and transparent services.

Physically Filipino women are known to have sun-tanned skin, shiny curly hair, plump lips and dark eyes. Their traits include being kind, generous and respectful. Additionally, they are religious, whereby most are Christians. Following their religious beliefs and traditions, chastity is a highly cherished virtue among Filipino women.

To begin with, Filipino women are beautiful. You will, therefore, have an attractive partner by your side. Also, Filipino women value family setups. They make great wives who prioritize the needs of their husbands and children before anything else. Moreover, they are affectionate, faithful and loyal.

By law, you can become a Philippines citizen through marriage to a Philippine national. You can, therefore, live in the country permanently if you like. Depending on your agreement, you may also move with your new bride to your country. Regardless of where you live, you will not forfeit your citizenship.

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