Everyone has a preference when searching for a partner; either character or appearance, some even nationality. From my own experience, foreign women are the real deal. They come with a unique vibe and culture, which is quite intriguing and appealing at the same time.

Although you will know your foreign partner better over time, it is essential to understand their culture beforehand. This will help you acknowledge her actions and points of view, which may somewhat differ from yours.

Luckily, you can learn about different cultures online. If you’re into Asian women, look no further. This article mainly sheds light on Chinese women and their dating culture.

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Chinese Dating Culture - What is it like?

Chinese dating culture is unique. The basics are the same; however, there are few differences regarding social cues that you should note.

Firstly, the Chinese don’t follow the typical steps of meeting, dating, then getting into a relationship. The idea of dating is not so common among the locals. After things go well on the first date, the lady will presume that you’re in a relationship with her—no need to discuss taking things to the next level. Please watch out for this to avoid giving the wrong impression and potentially breaking her heart.

Dating chinese women

In Western Culture, two friends going after the same lady would more often than not disagree. However, in the Chinese dating culture, this is not an issue. Don’t be surprised when you realise the lady you’re pursuing is receiving gifts from other men as well.

Dating Chinese Women: What are their values and mentality?

Compared to other ethnicities, Chinese women are practical and traditional in their values and mentality. They express their love through actions, not words. Indeed this is one thing everyone desires from their partner.

Materialism is expected in the Chinese dating culture. Typically all women love to be spoiled with gifts and presents. However, for the Chinese, this is an old-fashioned courting method. The lady expects the man to flaunt his stuff and buy her lavish gifts, to prove he can provide a good home and take care of her.

As a result of extreme pressure from family and society, Chinese women value marriage from a tender age. They quickly want to get married, have a home and start their own family.

Where and how to meet a woman from China - Our top 3 tips

If you fancy a beautiful lady with good morals and a unique culture, you need to find a Chinese woman. Below are the top 3 tips to guide you on where to look.

Local area

Thanks to diversity, you can meet a Chinese lady locally. You may be lucky enough to meet a beautiful Chinese exchange student from the local universities or in a cafe. However, your location may limit you to very few women who may probably be already taken or not meet your taste and preference.


While in search of your Asian queen, how about a trip to China. Enjoy a vacation and meet a gorgeous Chinese lady. The women options there will be limitless. The only challenges may be your busy schedules or costly flights.


Turning to online platforms to find love is the most convenient option. You can search from the comfort of your sofa, talk to multiple women and assess compatibility before going on an actual date.

Top 3 dating sites to meet Chinese brides

The advantage of using dating sites is that you will meet like-minded singles, all searching for love. Websites provide an extensive database of women with different personalities and from various nationalities. It is up to you to narrow down your preferences and find your perfect match, better yet, your future wife.

Narrowing down to Chinese women, below are top 3 dating sites to help you find your Asian bride:


If you’re new to online dating, Loveme is an excellent choice. This foreign affair has connected singles since 1995. It has a vast pool of Asian ladies from China and other nationalities like Russians and Ukrainians.



In addition to the messaging and calls services, Loveme offers express mail services and the actual delivery of flowers and gifts.

It also offers free dating seminars and letter writing tips, to ensure you communicate and woo your lady like a pro.


Besides the free registration, there are discounted rates for the various services offered.

There is a fee to upgrade to a Platinum membership, giving you access to more services such as free women videos and so much more.


This is a leading Chinese dating site, with over 1.5 million members. Having connected singles since 2005, ChinaLoveCupid assures you of finding your true Asian love.



Besides advanced messaging features and message filters, you can read profile notes and quickly check member activities on your Activities Tab.

ChinaLoveCupid offers message translation services for smooth communication with your Chinese lady.


It has a 2 – 3 minutes free registration and a free people search tool.

Depending on your preference, membership plans with fee-based services go from as low as 10 USD to 34.99 USD per month.


With over 4.5 million members, AsianDating has connected singles for more than a decade. This platform has a comprehensive database of Asian women from China, Philippines and Vietnam, among others.



Free services include replying to messages from paying members, sending interest and basic matching.

Fee-based services include message translation services, exclusive search features, no ads, live chat with instant messenger, communication with all members, and so much more.


Becoming a member of AsianDating is free of charge.

However, there are subscription plans and corresponding fees to ensure you get the most of AsianDating and the services offered.

How to start a Chinese dating adventure

After selecting your preferred dating site, you are in charge of your love life. Find your perfect match, exchange ideas and if the feeling is right, go for it!

Starting a Chinese dating adventure may be a bumpy ride; however, here are some few tips to give you a smooth landing:

Study the language

To further your connection with your woman, try learning some Mandarin. Although it is not the only language spoken in China, it is the most common. Some basic phrases and sentences will do. It will show that you have an interest in Chinese culture, as well as demonstrate your intelligence.

You can either enrol in a language program or ask your lady to teach you.

Develop a taste for Chinese cuisine

The Chinese cuisine offers some of the best, unique and considerably weird foods on the planet. Chinese women take pride in preparing these dishes from different regions. Showing some interest in the various delicacies and trying them out will help you connect better with the lady.

Starting a relationship with a Chinese girl: Important things to consider

When starting a relationship with a Chinese girl, it’s not only her that you need to impress but also her family. Parental approval is crucial to them. Therefore be sure to make an excellent first impression, otherwise continuing the relationship will be difficult.

Chinese brides

Since dating in Asian culture escalates quickly, it is important to be prepared for marriage and children’s topics once the relationship is on. Issues about planning for the future and babies will be part of your daily conversations. This is a good thing; at least you know what she wants from the relationship.

If you’re not into the lovey-dovey matching outfits, then you better start considering it. Chinese women love matching outfits. They don’t believe that couples should maintain separate social lives or friends. This is unheard of in the West; however, there’s no harm in wearing matching King and Queen t-shirts with your girlfriend. It’s kind of cute anyway.

Why do women from China like dating foreign men?

Local women everywhere prefer dating a foreign man; it’s not just a Chinese thing. Generally, foreign men are seen as a better fit since their mentality and culture are different. Below are some reasons why women from China like foreign men:

Our advice to you is, get yourself a Chinese woman and enjoy the adventure; it will be worth it.
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Conclusion: Getting to know Chinese women

Chinese culture is generally fascinating. Getting to know Chinese women will give you a more in-depth insight into their beliefs and traditions. While at it, here are some random facts you won’t believe are true:

China is home to 1.4 billion inhabitants. Please understand that the information here is generalised, based on my experience and encounters from other Western men. Despite the complexities, Chinese dating can be very rewarding when approached with an open mind. One point that always stands out – Chinese women are amazing!

Last Updated on May 24, 2023

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