Dating the perfect woman not only makes your life happier, but it also enhances the quality of life. Burmese women are beautiful and impress men with a certain force. From looking at her, you can tell that she is the perfect match for you. They have a jolly personality to make you feel comfortable at any time.

Whether you are a local or a foreigner, these women will give you the love and respect that you deserve as a man. In this article, you will learn more about dating Burmese women and what you can gain from this.

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Burmese Dating Culture - What is it like?

In Myanmar, it is very rare to find Burmese young adults dating casually. For most of them, marriage is always factored into as the final goal; hence no room for casual dates. Usually, the genders begin getting together through socialising as groups in their teenage years. If they like each other and decide to marry each other, they must first inform their respective families of this decision once they are certain on the marriage decision.

Couples rarely marry without consent from their families. Additionally, you will find arranged marriages common in Myanmar. Usually, they are negotiated by a female family member (the matriarch, the grandmother or aunt). Even more, the families will then consult an astrologer to determine whether the couple is compatible.

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 However, in special tribes such as the Karen, people are free to choose partners; it is not always arranged.

Dating Burmese Women: What are their values and mentality?

They are family-oriented

These women love families. This is mainly because they are raised in very close-knit families and have been taught families’ value. From a young age, they are careful not to damage their family and parent’s reputation.

They are religious

Buddhism is the major religion in the country. As such, these women advocate for peaceful ideologies and are easygoing, friendly and tolerant. You can bank on her to be very mature, dignified, and respectful.

They rarely show strong emotions in public

This is among the strongest features of the Southeast Asian people. They will not show strong emotion in any situation unless it’s overboard. If you do something to make her mad, she will not lose her temper immediately; instead, she tries to diffuse the situation.

They are forgiving

These women have the willingness to forgive in most cases. They love to forge ahead and leave the hurting things behind; unless they have been deeply crossed.

Where and how to Meet a Woman from Myanmar - Our Top 3 Tips

You can find beautiful and pretty Burmese women in different places or settings. There is no sure-fire way to meet the love of your life. You can meet her at a funeral, wedding, or any other place. These are the top three places to meet a Burmese woman.

Bars, Clubs and Social Places

As you take a few drinks in the evening, you should also open your mind to meeting ladies. They will be there also enjoying themselves. You should go to the events that you enjoy instead of just going to those with cute women.

The Gym

Burmese women love a guy who works out and keeps their body fit. These beautiful women normally work out, and you will consistently find them at the gym.

Online Dating

What’s better than browsing beautiful women online at the convenience of your home? Well, you can sign up on reputable sites and begin the search for your perfect match.

Top 3 Dating Sites to meet Burmese Brides

Online dating is steadily rising in popularity. With many online dating sites now available, you can choose one to foster your dating. Finding the right one does not have to be a hassle as there are several options for Burmese women. You can begin by determining your reasons for joining the dating site and whether you want a free or a paid-for dating site.

You should never disregard the free sites as they could be just as good as the paid versions. In any case, you should try three or four options and determine where your interests and preferences are taken care of. Usually, your urgency determines the kind of site you shall enrol for.

The site operates under the umbrella of Cupid Media and connects you to thousands of Burmese women. You can choose to use the free version or the paid one (for $29.95 per month). The free version contains messaging for Burmese women, viewing profiles, inbox access, members search and receiving matches. Company

On the other hand, the paid for version has all the free version features and other more. It has additional services such as messaging for men, sending real-life flowers, joining singles tours, a three-way phone call with translators, and access to private videos. It is a perfect deal for you.

Owned and operated by Cupid Media, the site is known for its reputable dating services. You can quickly signup on the platform and get access to a huge range of Burmese women. With over 2500 members online every day, you can get your perfect match at any time of the day. The site charges $29.98 for every month for the gold membership and $34.99 per month for the platinum membership. It is a great way to start your search for Burmese women.

International Cupid review

The site also operates under Cupid Media and has been reputedly operating for over fifteen years. You can find thousands of Burmese women on the website ready for dating and marriage. Like, you can use it for free or join a membership plan for unlimited services. The free version offers basic matching services, sending interests, and communicating with the paying members. Once you pay, you get to communicate with all the members, live chat with instant messenger, send and receive messages, block ads, hide your profile and browse anonymously.


You can even rank above other members, get exclusive search features, and translate the messages to the desired languages.

How to Start a Burmese Dating Adventure

Dating a Burmese girl is fun and exciting. Usually, these girls are virtuous and are modest in their dressing. These women are respectful and know how to treat their boyfriends in the right way. At no one point will she contradict what you say concerning serious topics such as politics.

These women are great cooks and will take care of her family with her life. It is always a great life for you. As you start to date a Burmese woman, there are a few things that you must think about and follow in order to make the process even smoother. Let’s see the important things that you should consider when starting a relationship with a Burmese girl.

Starting a Relationship with a Burmese Girl: Important Things to Consider

What You Want

Before you set out on finding a Burmese girl for a relationship, you should take some time and know what you intend to gain from the relationship. Determine your wants before you bring her on board.

Your Passions

Most people tend to disregard their passions when they begin dating. Well, you should make your passions a priority for personal gratification. Do not put your passions on hold even after the ‘we’ mentality sets in.

Be Yourself

You should unapologetically be yourself. Always do what you always have to do.

Your Baggage

Check your emotional baggage at the door. Most people bring in their past traumas, and experiences and these will affect how you relate with your partner. If you want a successful relationship, you must leave your baggage right at the door.

Why do Women from Myanmar like Dating Foreign Men?

These men love fun

Burmese women perceive these men as fun-loving and humorous. Besides their day to day activities, these men also know how to have fun and treat their women.

Dating Burmese women

They are romantic

When compared to their Burmese counterparts, these men come up as more romantic and sensual. Burmese women love a man who knows what he is doing.

Random Facts that you Won’t Believe are True

Burmese makeup is done by thanaka, the long neck women tribe comes from Myanmar, educated girls from Myanmar are changing the country

They are well-educated and easy-going

Foreign men are perceived as more educated and knowledgeable in different matters than their Burmese counterparts. In most cases, education translates into more prosperity in life and businesses. Burmese women love a prosperous man.

Our Advice to You: As you date her, you must be careful to follow your heart, instincts, and intuitions. There is no right or wrong way to do things as long as the involved parties are comfortable.
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Conclusion: Getting to Know Burmese Women

Burmese women are excited to date. Once she has decided to get married to a foreigner, your task for winning her over gets lighter. In order to know her, you will need to spend more time with her, learn her ways, and probably, the Burmese culture.

For these women, the family is an important aspect, and it encompasses her future family and her parents and other family members. You can always win her attention if you intend to support her and the family. As you get to know her, she expects you to take the lead and show off your gentlemanly side.

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