AsianDate is a popular dating platform that connects you to Asian women. It enables you to find someone you share common goals with and maybe get a lifelong partner. In this article, you will learn the fees, services, usability, and suitable alternatives to AsianDate.

AsianDate - briefly about the company

Owned and operating under SOL Networks Limited, is a dating trademark. It focuses on connecting men with women of Asian descent from across the globe.

Under registration number C 70898, the platform is legitimate and abides by all the required rules. Established in 2001, the platform has over 15 years of experience in connecting clients. review

Clients seeking a physical location can visit them at 71, Level 4 &5, Tower Road, Sliema, Malta. Here is more about AsianDate.

How do you set up your profile at AsianDate?

Here is how you can quickly set up your profile at AsianDate:

Interesting to know
  • Over 27% of members on the dating site are there to boost their self-esteem
  • 41% of members are already dating
  • Over 47% of people have already met a romantic partner over the web

Does AsianDate have a Mobile App?

Yes. AsianDate has a mobile app for people who want to date Asian women on the go. The app is compatible with Android devices so that you can stay connected at all times. The app has a user-friendly and straightforward interface that you can use.

According to most users, there is not much difference between the app and the website except for the features.

If you have a membership, it will be easy to use the features available on the website while you are driving or when you are eating because the app runs smoothly on Android devices. The app is free to download and use; however, you will need a membership if you want to use the features on the app.

User Quality in our Check

As is the case with most paid online dating sites, AsianDate has a large user base. The platform has over 20 million registered members and more than 50% of them are active on the site.

The average of the members is 35 years old whereby 39% of them are women and 61% are men. Most of them come from Thailand, Philippines, and China.

On average, the platform attracts at least 50 new profiles every day. While the base is huge, there is also a chunk of spammers and fake profiles that we noticed on the site.

Usability and Interface of the Platform

During our research, we found that the platform had a very straightforward design and layout. While on the platform, users get an interface that shows all the features you need to get around and explore the platform. However, it is essential to note that free members won’t have access to all the features available on the site, and they will only view profiles at random.

Did you know?
  • 50% to 80% of people lie on their profiles
  • 1 in 10 sex offenders use online dating platforms to meet new people
  • Online couples mostly break up after three months
  • You might keep seeing the same faces

Free and Fee-Based Services at AsianDate Compared

AsianDate has different services for its clients. Some are paid for, while others are free. In this section, we explore the two categories of services; free and fee-based.

Free Services at AsianDate

Here are some free services available on the platform.

AsianDate is a free site for women and men who want to find love. However, it only allows you to create a profile and browse other profiles if you are a member. You will need to register as a free member before accessing the site’s full features, such as browsing profiles and instant messaging.

The site has a user-friendly platform that allows anyone to create an account. All you have to do is sign up, fill in some details about yourself and upload your photos. You can do this for free.

AsianDate allows its members to search for other willing singles. You can search for people by inputting keywords that describe the person you are looking for, their hobbies, location, and age.

Fee-Based Services

Here is a quick peek at the fee-based services at the AsianDate platform.

You can receive a personal letter from a member who has liked you if you do not have a membership. However, this feature will only be available to paying members. If the person likes your profile, then you will have to pay to send them a reply.

With a membership, you can enjoy live chats with your potential dates. This means that you will have the opportunity to chat with a person in real-time before meeting them, which is important. You can chat at any time and take things from there.

When you become a paid member of AsianDate, you will be able to send personal letters to any member who has liked your profile. You can use this feature so long as you have paid for it. Not all members are allowed to send personal letters on the platform.

With this feature, you can immediately connect with your date on cam before making physical contact. This is an exciting way of connecting while getting to know people online.

You cannot view a member’s profile if you are a free member. However, you can send them a wink or instant message to express your interest in them. If they like you too then, you can chat with each other.

AsianDate has a set of compatibility matching systems that will help you find the perfect date. It sends emails to people who have been deemed compatible by their system. Unfortunately, this service is only accessible by members on the site and not for free members.

You can send any member a virtual gift to show that you are interested in them. If they accept your gift, you will be able to chat with each other through the app or website. It is only available for members with a plan.

When you become a paid member, you will send flowers and presents to any member who likes your profile. Your gifts will then appear on their profile page for seven days. You can only send gifts if the other person likes your profile as well.

You can enjoy a three-way call with an interpreter when you become a paid member. You will be able to chat with any member of your choice on the app or website during this time. The interpreter will help you understand your online date well. It eliminates the language barrier.

Free members cannot view profiles and photos on AsianDate. You can only view them if you are a paid member, but only if the person has allowed their profile to be viewed by free members.

You cannot read letters sent by women if you are a free member. An AsianDate paid membership is the only thing that allows you to do this.

The AsianDate Costs in an Overview

Instead of having membership plans like the other platforms, AsianDate allows you to purchase prepaid credits to access the paid features. The platform has big discounts for your first month.

The most affordable package consists of 20 credits at 0.80 GBP per credit and a total of 15.99 GBP. The second package has 160 credits and goes for 0.60 GBP per credit and a total of 96.00 GBP. The third one contains 1000 credits at 0.40 GBP per credit, for a cumulative price of 399.00 GBP.

With these credits, you can conveniently carry out live chats, video chats, and general communication on the platform. A phone call with an interpreter for ten minutes costs 100 credits or an equivalent of 80.00 GBP.

If you want to purchase virtual gifts, you can do so for as low as 15 credits. Other services such as the actual delivery of flowers and gifts cost 12 credits for a single flower and 869 credits for jewellery. You only need to know what you truly want.

Customer Reviews of AsianDate at TrustPilot

Going through the platform’s reviews at TrustPilot, we noticed some mixed reactions from clients

Customer reviews of AsianDate

I have been in touch with AsianDate support for days regarding my profile. I requested them to delete it since I no longer want to use the service. However, they paid no attention to my request and sent me several automatic replies.

The site is a lifesaver for me. I have met hundreds of women I like, and I always love interacting with them. I only feel that they should give clients more affordable rates for some services.

“AsianDate is a big scam; they will not use the promised features if you are a free member. They keep on telling me that I should upgrade to become a paid member to get what they promised. It’s purely bogus; do not believe them.

TOP Alternatives to AsianDate

AsianDate has its shortcomings. If you find it non-ideal for you, you can always try or (A Foreign Affair)

This International dating and matchmaking site is excellent for people who want something more serious than casual dating. It allows you to build a relationship with someone special and not just date around without any commitments.

The platform is easy to use; all you need to do is fill out your profile well.



To access the platform, clients only need to pay a one-time fee of 68 GBP. After this, you will only pay 21GBP monthly for the renewal fees.

AsianDating stands out as one of the most reputable sites in the world. It has high industry standards that meet or exceed most users’ expectations.

It differentiates itself by having members from all over the world, not just Asia. The site also offers exciting features such as date ideas, personality matching, and special occasions for your benefit.



The platform has two membership plans; gold and platinum. For the gold membership, one month costs 27.99 GBP per month and a total of 27.99 GBP, while the three-month plan costs 18.66 GBP per month and 55.99 GBP cumulatively.

The cheapest plan is the twelve months which costs 9.33 GBP per month and a cumulative fee of 111.99 GBP.

The platinum membership plan is the high-end one that has equally different variations. The one month plan costs 32.98 GBP per month and a total charge of 32.98 GBP, while the three months plan costs 21.99 GBP per month and a cumulative fee of 65.98 GBP.

The cheapest package in this plan is the 12 months plan that costs 11.00 GBP per month and a total fee of 131.98 GBP.

Our Advice to You:

It is possible to find love online. You must take your time in exploring all the dating sites available online before settling for one. It is easy to get confused when there are so many options, but it is always best if you make the most out of what you have at hand. You can find love online.

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