Asian romance scam: The basic information to know

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Dear readers,

have you heard of the Asian online dating scam?

I am sure, you have. Let’s discuss the definition of this. Asian online dating scam destroys men looking for a Chinese, Korean, Thai or Philippine bride through Internet dating services financially and emotionally in all parts of the world. The internet and a variety of dating and social websites bring men and women from around the world to your computer.

Close contact allows a level of familiarity with the far reaches of the world that has before never been common.

Who are Asian online dating scammers?

Unfortunately, the electronic system which brings these good things also opens the path to deception and the greed beneath that drives some people to manipulate other to make money. I refer to what is known as the “Asian Dating/Romance Scam.” There is no reason it has to be limited by to people from Asia, but that is the most likely source at this point.

Dating scams

The Asian dating scammers are brutal persons who are making money selling romantic dream stories to naive single Western men who have the last hope to find an Asian woman online. They know how to push the right buttons to make their victims to entirely fall in love with a fake lonely lady from the romantic messages.

How the Asian romance scams happen?

The general sequence of events follows a common course:

Lonely male, often in the US but could be from any first-world country, strikes up a conversation online with a stranger. The stranger might be a female or they direct the male to a female later, but eventually there is an introduction to a “woman” who “lives” in Asia. Conversations happen more frequently and before long, the woman says she would love to come meet the man. They plan it out.

But there’s a problem. It’s nothing big. Just a little more than the woman can handle on her own. The man offers to help out, usually by sending the woman money. But over the next few weeks or months, a seemingly endless string of these events results in more money being needed. At some point, the man gets suspicious, refuses to send more money, and the conversations stop. The man, with a smaller bank account and a broken heart, wonders what happened.

Asian dating scam is play with emotions

The man was the target of a scam. As with most scams, it plays on people’s deepest emotions. In this case, the scammers latch onto his loneliness and promise love. After feelings take root, they threaten that love with simple problems which a little money can fix. This also allows the man to feel like a provider, reinforcing his feeling of love.

Dating scams

If the man wants fulfillment for helping others, this might be fine. But in most cases the man wants love and a potential relationship. Neither are possible with this scam, because there is typically no woman involved. Usually the people behind these scams are men. These men open accounts posing as women.

What do Asian brides ask money for?

Moreover, the fake Asian bride can request money for:

Where do all of the women come from who’s pictures and profiles are attached to these scams?

A good question with a simple answer: they’re fake. The pictures can be bought or harvested from websites with little effort or cost. Profiles are created and designed to appeal to men by emphasizing different backgrounds. Since many men have no knowledge of the areas where these women supposedly live, the scammers can lie as much as they want. 

The scam offers countless options for the person running the con. The “woman” might need help getting their VISA, tickets, or other travel documents. Or perhaps there is a sudden family emergency or health problem. Maybe the soft approach is used and the “woman” asks for a cell phone to call the man she likes or loves. 

Requests might come directly from the supposed woman or they might come through others posing as travel agents, government officials, or family members. The common element? Money. A little bit of money and the process of uniting the man to the loved woman can continue.

The Asian dating scam relies on the man’s passion

If loneliness is the bait, love is the hook. The scam relies on the man’s passion and the compulsive behaviors that often accompany new love. The scammers often experiment to find the methods that work best. Occasional chats become more frequent. The chatting moves to emails or phone conversations (which are often female translators posing as the woman.) Innocent topics turn into discussions about fantasies. 

All of these elements fuel the “flames of love” and keep the man returning for more (by periodically chatting with him on the phone or sending him descriptions of “her” erotic fantasies).
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How can a person guard against this?

The first thing you can do just happened. Did you notice? You learned about the scam. Now you can watch for it. I know, it doesn’t sound like much. Like most things in life, knowing about the possibility positions you to be wary of it.

The second thing to remember: when the time comes, you do the traveling. If it turns out that the woman is a fraud, at least you get to see a foreign place, right? However, that is not likely to happen since most of these scams stop when they realize no money is coming. But, in case you make the trip, stay in public areas and only bring as much cash as you need.

What if someone is already caught up in one of these situations?

Final advice: Stop sending money!

Tell her that you’re having financial hardship right now and can’t help. Then wait a few weeks and see what happens. If this is a scam, she will probably keep asking about money or might disappear. If it is not a scam, then you might need to reconsider your relationship if she is already so dependent on your finances.

Our Advice to You:

Remember, there are people seeking love, but there are also predators.

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