With the growth of the Asian population in the US and across the world, authentic Asian singles seeking a potential date is rising. Asian dating platforms have provided a solution that saves your time when searching for a perfect Asian woman or man.

Furthermore, these Asian dating sites give any non-Asian person a chance to get along with an exotic Asian partner by providing a communication platform that offers translation services. Whether you are seeking an Asian American student, or an Asian professional living in America or abroad, these sites make your dream valid at the comfort of your home.

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The most popular Asian dating platform in the USA

In the US, online Asian dating sites are becoming popular daily. This factor is mainly attributed to the fact that Asian-Americans are 5.6% of America’s current population. The following are the top popular Asian dating sites in the USA.


Over the two decades of its operation, match.com has grown to become a successful dating platform. This site encounters more than 13.5 million visitors each month. It is best for marriages, serious relationships, and dates.



This dating site in North America caters to the Asian dating community. The site promotes and helps members to understand Asian cultures. Also, the platform allows you to browse profiles on your own.

Which dating platform has the highest success rate?

Nowadays, there are several ways you can interpret a high success rate when it comes to online dating platforms. When using different metrics, success is measured in terms of revenue, number of users, successful marriages, number of messages shared, the time you take to find a mate, serious commitment achieved, or physical dates that have taken place.

Nonetheless, depending on their taste and preference, people have several choices to select a successful online dating platform.

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Which Asian dating sites are completely free?

Are you looking for a free Asian dating site?

Also, completing your profile on these free Asian sites is easy but never expect any algorithm to work for you. Most of them require you to create mutual matches before you register a conversation. The following are two free dating sites that offer free features to satisfy online dating clients.


If you are looking for an educated and quality free Asian dating platform, EliteSingles will give you an upscale experience. This dating site has a fraud detection system. The free features in this platform are search user, send flirts, and the ability to post your profile.


This dating platform allows you to meet not only an Asian date but also a potential partner. With more than 38 million active members in their database, there are higher chances of getting your right partner. The free features are message matches, the creation of an account, browse members, and the ability to see who is online.

Which dating site is better: paid or free?

To pay or not to pay for a dating service is one of the critical questions asked by many people. First, it’s good to note that any dating site is there to have a good reputation for hookups. Several consumer reports conducted so far show that free dating platforms give more satisfaction than paid ups.

However, the result of the survey can be said to be relative. Because the respondent wasn’t thrilled using a particular dating platform on the mind. Consequently, it is recommendable for any first-timer dipping their toes into dating sites to consider starting with free sites. Free sites are flexible on different types of relationships, including same-sex relationships or casual hookups.

Do you know that safety is a top priority for anyone looking for love in the digital space? A good dating website should be committed to taking reasonable steps to protect its member's privacy. At any cost, they should guarantee the safety of any data in their client key in their system.
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Nonetheless, if you intend to seek a more meaningful relationship and have no interest in casual dating, subscribing to a paid dating site is paramount. Also, the best thing with paid sites is that they run frequent promotions to their esteem customers. Such promotion includes discounted subscription fee and free weekends.

How to choose the safest Asian dating site?

Nonetheless, when choosing the safest Asian dating site, it is essential to research how reputable the dating site is. You can do that by conducting online searches to know the number of members who have subscribed.

Furthermore, reading through the reviews from the sites can guide you in making a more decisive selection. The privacy policy can also talk more about the safety of the site. Hence, it is advisable to read through the website privacy guidelines before signing up. Lastly, it is essential to note that any safe dating site should delete your data once you disable or delete your account.

TOP3 most popular Asian dating sites in the USA

When looking for an Asian date in the USA, finding an ideal person can be tricky and intimidating. Nonetheless, deciding on the best choice to narrow down to is also an uphill task. But with the help of the best Asian dating sites, it becomes easy to achieve your dating dream. Whether a person is an Asian or attracted to the Asian culture, our experts recommend the following three Asian dating sites.


I can say with confidence that loveme.com, over the years, has earned a place among the respected dating sites in the world. This platform creates a comprehensive way to know a person through its profile. To register to this site requires an individual to fill in a questionnaire, a procedure that takes a few minutes.

Although the site does not have a mobile app, its features are accessible through a free mobile version. However, the website’s design is essential and looks a little outdated, but its functions are user-friendly and straight to the point.


Apart from the one-time and monthly renewal fees, this dating site has other additional charges.

For platinum members

Non-platinum members




Nonetheless, this dating platform uses an encrypted system. Thus, it guarantees the safety of the shared information to its clientele.

In this platform, there are random facts that you won’t believe are true. Each woman who is a member has an extensive profile. Nevertheless, each of their profiles takes note of the essential details such as age, birthday, weight, and level of skills in English.

Although the registration process is free, the site requires one to pay some amount to enjoy its services fully. The payment can be made using a visa card or Mastercard.


When you chat with your lovely girl on a live chat, it charges you one credit per minute.




Nonetheless, setting up your profile as a free member is easy and pretty straightforward. But it limits you when you want to access some features. Having a premium membership gives you full access as it provides multiple ways you can contact your desired friend.

This site offers a decent chat system that is highly rated by the members. Although messages are only available for premium members, you can reply to any message for free.


The dating site has two pricing strategies. That is platinum membership and gold membership. Each of this membership has three subscription plans which entails 1, 3, and 12 months.

Platinum membership

Gold membership




Are you an Asian single living in the US or abroad looking for a lifetime partner? Our advice to you is to seek the service of a professional Asian dating site. These platforms will help you connect with the ideal life partner and give you a choice to select the best partner.

Nonetheless, they also create an opportunity for non-Asian who are determined to have an Asian partner as their soul mate. If you are a first time, it is advisable to register an Asian dating platform with some free features.

Last Updated on May 24, 2023

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