Asian women are a prevalent choice for Western men looking for the perfect mate. Why is that, and are all women living in the massive content of Asia precisely the same when it comes to tradition, culture, and relationship values?

To narrow it down, the women Western men are most interested in mostly live in South East Asia. I know, that doesn’t really narrow it down either.

To take a closer look and learn the secrets of wooing an Asian woman, join me for a peek into the world of South East Asia and its women, who they are, and what they value in relationships.

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General Values of Asian Culture: Do All Asian Women Still Have Traditional Relationship Values?

The Asian continent probably has rich and fertile historical ground that, in many cases, lays the foundation for its inhabitants’ values to this day.

There has been some influence from the West, but ultimately, Asians, specifically South East Asian women still hold on to several ideas and ideologies from their own cultures.

Asian dating

What should I know about Asian dating culture?

In multiple cultures of the world, the dating process entails three steps namely: meet, date, then get in a relationship. However, it is interesting to know that the Asian dating culture misses the second step. The “dating” idea is not a popular thing among Asian locals.

Basically, you will meet a man or a woman, go on a first date together, then depending on how the date goes, the couple decides if they’ll be together or not. There is nothing much to be discussed such as if you’re supposed to call each other love names, and “taking things to the next level”.

Furthermore, Asian ladies have a culture where two friends could go after the same girl and there is absolutely no problem. In Asian countries, it is common for friends to try and impress the same girl at the same time, and compete against one another. Asian’s culture of couples wearing matching outfits to portray love and affection.

What are stereotypes about dating Asian women

There is a plethora of misconceptions about Asian ladies, and how they conduct their love relationships. These stereotypes in the long run affect the manner in which foreign men interact with Asian ladies. They include:

They are submissive

For decades now, the media has been purporting Asian women to be subservient and submissive people. Most people think that they are not strong enough to defend themselves.

They are sex-crazed.

It is not uncommon to find multiple people who have fetishes based on Asian ladies. Some of these ideas originated from the popular Asia’s huge sex trafficking business.

They are too smart and book-obsessed.

As much as it’s not a bad thing to be reasonably smart, there are people who are attracted to Asian ladies because they think that they are very intelligent. This notion is oppressive and limiting to Asian ladies.

They only want you to converse in their Asian language.

When non-Asian speakers meet Asian people, especially Chinese, their first move is to try and speak a few of the native words that they know. People tend to think that making assumptions about people’s background solely based on their appearance.

Can All Asian Women Be Grouped Into a Single Category When it Comes to Relationship Values? Chinese women versus Filipinas

The most popular Asian women Western men are interested in include not only Chinese and Filipinas but also Indonesian and Thai women. Let’s compare Chinese and Filipino women’s relationship values as these two cultures may illustrate the common characteristics and subtle differences the best:

Even though Filipina women and Chinese women don’t look alike at all, there are some core similarities and differences in their relationship preferences that represent most southeastern Asian cultures to a degree. If you’re interested in dating an Asian woman, you’ll definitely benefit from reading the following comparison.

Both Chinese Women And Filipinas Are Shy At First

When meeting a Chinese woman or Filipina for the first time online, expect some introverted behavior from their side. Both will be shy at first as they want to take a good look at you before opening up to a relationship.

Thai women vs Filipina women

You’ll notice the difference when you start getting to know them better. Once you’ve come to a point where you and a Filipina are beginning to warm up to each other, you’ll notice that they have a liveliness to their character, where Chinese women remain slightly more on the introverted side. 

A Filipina’s personality tends to have more spice as they tend to be more spontaneous and lively, while a Chinese woman is more disciplined and focused in their relationship approach. They are, however, not cold at all.

Naturally Caring Nature

Both Filipina and Chinese women are family-oriented, and they are the most loving and caring women you will ever meet. This is not something they hide from you, and you’ll notice this instantly. It is important for both Chinese women and Filipinas to show care and loyalty towards their families and others. This is one feature that makes women from both countries incredibly attractive as potential life partners.


Regarding relationship independence, Chinese women and Filipinas are looking for a more old-fashioned relationship with a strong man that they can depend on; however, this is where their relationship values start to differ.

When it comes to Chinese women, nothing could be more important than being a good partner and keeping the relationship more traditional where they follow their partner. They prefer to be taken care of even though they will never lose their sense of independence if life requires them to use it.

Take note, though, that if you want the relationship to float like a dreamboat, don’t try and put your Chinese partner in situations on purpose where they need to show their independence.

When it comes to Filipinas, these beauties also prefer a traditional type of relationship. Still, if their partner does something that they deem inconsistent or if they disagree with how their partner is taking care of things, they will challenge the situation and can even be rebellious in this sense.

They like to keep their man on his toes even though they will follow him anywhere. Compared with Chinese women, Filipinas can be described as more self-sufficient as they are more comfortable having a career while still being dedicated partners.

Finally, even though both women are inherently traditional, Filipinas tend to be more self-reliant than Chinese women, who are more traditional; one thing they will not stand for is being taken for granted.


Religion and tradition still play essential roles in the communities of both China and the Philippines. However, Filipina women tend to be more Westernized and are thus more liberated than Chinese women, who prefer to stick to their traditions and cultural beliefs.

In the Philippines, you may find women that are still very religious and believe that saving themselves for marriage is per these beliefs. Still, you will also find women that are more open to having sex before marriage.

Chinese women will take a lot of your time before showing you any sign of their sexual side. However, it’s there, and what they are looking for is your genuine interest, friendship, and intention to become their life partner before they give you access to this side of their beings.

Of course, there are exceptions, but with women living in China, these beliefs also come from society and their families and put pressure on them to hide their sexual sides until they are settled in a long-term romantic partnership or marriage.

If a Chinese woman sleeps with a Chinese man before marriage, he will lose much of his respect for her, and that is why these Asian beauties are more stuck in their traditional ways. 

Do's and Don'ts During Dating an Asian woman



Our Advice to You:

You should keep things clear from the word go. In the event you feel that you feel that things are going too fast, then be straight-forward and inform her about the cross-cultural differences.

Top 5 questions for successful dating with an Asian woman

It is important to understand that a date is not a venue or time to be asking a series of questions like a detective. Rather, it is a platform to interact, connect and get to meet and know each other.

That said, here are the best 5 questions for successful dating:

How to Show an Asian Woman You Respect Her Relationship Values

Make an Effort to Learn About Their Culture

Instead of asking very basic questions about an Asian woman’s culture when you meet her online, do your homework first by looking up this information online. You can then use what you know to initiate conversations that draw out even the shyest type.

Offer Stability

Most Asian women are not materialistic at heart, so that they won’t be looking for a man with a massive bank balance. However, you need to be able to provide a stable existence and not be job-hopping or, even worse, be jobless.

One thing that Asian beauties all prioritize in a man is that he will be able to provide for them, even if they are also working. 

Don’t Move Too Fast

You know now that most Asian women are not the sex on the first date type, so when meeting someone you really like online, don’t become too heavily flirty as this will repel them. Take your time, and show genuine interest in the person you’ve met instead of making them feel like you’re only looking for a hookup.

Honesty Always Wins

As most Asian cultures value honesty and integrity, you’ll not be doing yourself a favor if you’re not honest with your Asian beauty. They are accepting individuals, and you will get more for your honesty than you would have for a fancy facade.

Final Words

There are many Asian beauties out there, and most of them share the same fundamental values that seem old-fashioned to Westerners but play a significant role in their societies. However, isn’t that what you want from your perfect partner, hence the fact that you’re looking for a beautiful and more traditional Asian woman?

If you know what their basic cultural beliefs are and you are able to act accordingly, you will find that you’ve met the most caring, giving, beautiful woman there is online. Asian women are beautiful from outside and in, and if you prefer looking for a partner with more traditional values, then you’ll certainly find them in southeastern Asia.

Just make sure you know how to adapt to their traditions so you can get to know the woman of your dreams.

Last Updated on May 24, 2023

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