Looking for your Asian match? Have you tried the best Asian dating apps?

There are a lot of dating platforms these days. Too many choices makes any person indecisive; plus, paying all the membership fees also adds up. Sounds like too much trouble to find your one true Asian love, right?

Well, exactly. And that’s why you want to go to (one of) the top 3 Asian dating apps where you can meet your match, while knowing the sites are legitimate and you don’t have to look to sell your kidney, liver, and heart to find love. 

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TOP 4 Dating Sites to Meet and Date Asian Singles Online

I bet you are ready to see what the top Asian dating sites are, so I won’t keep you any longer.  


Loveme.com is an international online dating site that purposes to connect singles from all over the globe. The online dating website boasts of a positive reputation and global recognition. Besides Asian ladies, the site also features women from Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Loveme.com goes beyond connecting singles online. The company also organizes program parties, travels, and events that link up singles in-person.

Top Services from Loveme.com

Besides typical online dating services, loveme.com also offers the following services:


The platform is quite simple to use. Firstly, it features a straightforward registration process. However, the sign-up process differs for female and male users. Additionally, the site boasts a simple interface with a minimalistic appearance. Its functions are simple and user friendly.

While some users argue that the design is outdated, the truth is that it still works effectively. However, the site does not have an app at the moment.


The dating site charges a monthly subscription fee. The charges differ depending on the type of package. For instance, the platinum membership costs $29.95 monthly. The site also charges a one time $95 fee for membership.




ChristianFilipina.com is the Asian dating site to join if you are a Christian man and looking for a lady love who has the same faith and values as you do (read our review: ChristianFilipina Review: A legit site for Filipino dating?). 

Top Services from ChristianFilipina.com

On ChristianFilipina.com, you can do the following at no cost: sign up, create your profile, send a limited number of winks to Asian ladies you like, browse and search, and reply to messages.

If you want to do more on the dating site, like sending an unlimited amount of winks, live video chatting to get to know your soulmate, and more, then you should sign up for a Gold, Platinum, or Unlimited package.

Gold package – US$97 in total for a 3-month subscription 

Platinum package – US$792 in total for a yearly subscription 

Unlimited package – US$1,576 in total for a lifetime membership 

What We Like About ChristianFilipina.com


Asiankisses.de/en is a global dating site that helps connect beautiful Asian ladies to western men looking to establish relationships online. The online Asian dating website has existed since 2014. Therefore, it boasts ample experience and a positive reputation. It has also gone through several upgrades to meet the changing industry demands and appeal to clients.

Top Services from AsianKisses.de

This online dating website features the following services:


The online dating website features a simple interface that is easy to navigate. The website’s core features are easily designed without unnecessary overloading. Therefore, you can easily find what you need. However, some users complain that the interface is slightly outdated.

The site works perfectly on all gadgets, including mobile phones and computers. However, it does not have a mobile app.


The website charges for its advanced features. You can subscribe to the services monthly. Additionally, the site offers a wide array of payment options. You can subscribe to the Gold membership for $31.37 per month, $84.79 every three months, $127.19 bi-annually, or $169.58 annually.

The costs reduce depending on the package duration. Therefore, the annual costs are cheaper than the monthly costs summed up over a year.




Cherry Blossoms Dating has been in the dating business for nearly half a century (50 years!). They started as a pen pal publication, and now have 500,000+ monthly visitors on their online dating site (read our dating review: Blossoms.com Review 2023: Worth your money?).  

CherryBlossoms review

Top Services from CherryBlossoms.com

There are quite a lot of features you can access for free on CherryBlossoms.com (or Blossoms.com). These are registering and creating a profile, uploading a max of 12 photos, searching and browsing, sending and receiving smiles, viewing complete profiles, getting personalized matches, and adding profiles to a Favorites list.

If you want to see who the newest members are, contact your soulmate via private chat, get full access to the email feature, and more, then you need to sign up. The Full Use Membership is US$29.95 per month.

There are monthly discount rates if you sign up for:

What We Like About CherryBlossoms.com

How to Find the Best Asian Dating App?

Finding the best Asian dating apps starts with research. You can either sign up to various apps and try them out – but who honestly has time for that?

Or you can read honest reviews of the best dating apps and platforms, and then go from there.  

When reading online dating app reviews, make sure you are reading reviews from honest sources. And you also want to keep in mind what you are looking for in a dating app. 

For example, if you are a Christian and looking to find a soulmate who has the same values and beliefs as you do, then a site like ChristianFilipina.com is a good dating platform. 

But if you are looking for a site where compatibility is color-coded (red or green profiles), or where you can choose geographical location matching, then a site like Asian Dating.com may be better.

How Do We Recommend the Best Asian Dating Apps to Our Readers

So why trust me and my recommendations of the best online dating apps for Asians? 

One, I’m a reputed international dating blogger, author, and coach. Two, I’ve written lots of articles on dating apps, relationships, and dating on my blogs, social media accounts, and Quora. I’ve also been featured in many publications. 

Three, I test every site that I recommend or blacklist (and I’m not scared of blacklisting sites I feel shouldn’t be recommended to my readers).

Here are the factors I look at when testing out an online dating platform and app: 

Reputation and External Reviews

I generally look at the site’s reputation and their external reviews on unaffiliated sites like Trustpilot to see what real users are saying. If the dating service has an app, then I can also see what reviews are left on the Google Play Store and App Store about the functionality and the dating service as a whole.  

It’s all good and well to look at the reviews the online dating company publishes on their site, but of course, they are going to choose only the best reviews to put the dating service in a good light. And you never know if those reviews are real – written by a member of the online dating site or written by a copywriter.

Design and Usability

Next, I look at how usable the service is and what the design is like. 

Do I need a degree in “how to use a computer and websites” to figure out where and how to sign up and connect with love interests? 

Or, can I simply go to the site and everything is intuitive and user-friendly?  

I want easy because I know online dating service users don’t want to waste time trying to figure stuff out and be frustrated.

Services and Their Costs

No online dating app offers exactly the same services. So I look at what services each site I recommend (or blacklist) offers, and how valuable these services are. 

I also look at how much you have to pay when you sign up. Most sites offer some services – like signing up, setting up your profile, and browsing – for free, while others require departing from your hard-earned money to access anything on the site. 

That’s cool. Not everything in life is free, but you don’t want to pay, for example, US$50 per month just to be able to communicate to the love of your life on dating service X while you can pay US$30 per month for dating service Y and get translation services, gift services, and more in addition to be able to communicate with your Asian love.   

Profile Quality

Looking at the profile quality on an Asian dating site also reveals a lot.

You want the profiles to be detailed. This way, you can get to know a little about the person (other than just judging the profile photo to be “hot or not”), and then make an informed decision about whether this could be a good match. 

Asian dating

If all the profile photos on the dating service look too glam-worthy, then you should know something is up. You should want to see the ladies in their natural environments and as they are (with make-up on is fine, but you want photos that aren’t photoshopped to the point of perfection).

Plus, if you like someone who has such a filtered and photoshopped profile, you are probably in for the fright of your life when you meet them for real. (Just something to think about.)    

Safety and Anti-Scam Policy

Safety is something to always keep in mind, especially these days with more and more people falling prey to online romance scams. 

I make sure the sites I recommend are legitimate websites (and most of the dating services have been in the industry for years, if not decades). I also want to see what the site’s anti-scam policy is, whether they vet the ladies who sign up, and if you can easily report fake profiles.  

Our Advice to You:

Before selecting a dating app, make sure that it suits your needs. If it is a serious relationship or just a fun and adventurous relationship with an Asian lady, be sure to make your intentions clear to avoid disappointments and frustrations.

Things to remember

Online dating is quite convenient, especially for singles looking for foreign partners. However, it would be wise to remember the following when using online dating websites:


It would be wise to research the online dating platform before becoming a member. Additionally, you may benefit from learning about your future match’s culture for seamless communication and interaction.

Recognize possible online communication pitfalls

Online communication differs from one-on-one interaction. Some of its pitfalls include:

The pitfalls above may hinder your effective interaction with your potential partner. Therefore, it would help to recognize that online communication can be challenging and actively work towards avoiding the pitfalls.

Avoid dating mistakes

Something else worth recalling is the probability of making dating mistakes. Most people do not take online dating as seriously as one-on-one dating. This is a core mistake as it influences the quality of your experience. Mistakes like failure to learn more about your partner can also affect your experience.

How to avoid scammers on the Asian dating sites

One of the greatest challenges of online dating is encountering scammers. However, this should not deter you from meeting fellow singles online. Reliable dating sites work hard to ensure the security of their users. For instance, most sites incorporate strict registration requirements like video profiles and document uploads.

You can avoid scammers on online dating apps by:

How does online chatting work at Asian dating sites?

Most Asian dating sites offer messaging features that allow you to chat with your romantic interests. They function like basic messaging elements where you send and receive messages. However, most reliable Asian dating sites require users to request to send messages to the ladies. 

Therefore, the ladies can choose who they want to talk to and who they want to avoid. Once the request is approved, you can conveniently chat with the ladies. However, the ladies also have freedom to cut contact and block individuals. This feature aims to protect the ladies.

The messaging features differ depending on the online dating site. For instance, some have advanced premium messaging like translation services to bridge language barriers between users. It is worth mentioning that online chatting can be tricky, especially for beginners. 

Most people have a hard time getting into it. However, it is quite simple. All you need to do is avoid offending the person you are talking to and be as clear as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find an online Asian dating site on the internet. However, you ought to be careful not to fall for scams. Reviews are always helpful when looking for the best dating site.

There are many incredible Asian dating sites. The best site should be simple to use, safe, cheap, and have incredible online dating features. Loveme.com and Asiankisses.com are among the best Asian dating sites and the most highly reputable.

Some of the key factors to look for in the best Asian dating site are; usability, special and convenient services, affordability, easy registration, and safety. Reviews are also very instrumental in finding the best Asian dating site?

While there are a few scammers in the online dating sectors, including scam websites, there are also many legitimate Asian dating sites. You can find legit sites by reading reviews and through ample research.

Various elements, like costs, features, convenience, and reputation, will determine whether a dating site is worth it. Most people determine if a site is worth it based on the outcome and the costs. However, there are many worth it Asian dating sites on the internet.

Putting It Together: Learn About Asian Dating Services and Get Started Today

You must be beyond ready to get out there and find your Asian true love. So see which of these sites, their services, and costs matches your needs, and go register.

Remember to create a date-worthy profile, be you (you want your soulmate to love you for you, right?), and beware of romance scammers

Unfortunately, the best of scammers get into even the most secure sites so don’t share personal information like your bank account numbers, social security or government-issued ID number, and address with just any and every woman.  

Content was last revised on May 18, 2023

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