Which Country in Asia Has the Most Beautiful Woman?

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Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the most beautiful of them all in Asia? 

Truth be told, Asia is home to many beautiful women, and they are all stunning in their own right. Obviously, which country has the most beautiful ladies depends on your preferences and what characteristics and qualities you are looking for in your dream wife. 

But it’s always good to have a starting point. My starting point today is these 10 Asian countries. 

So let’s learn more about the beauties that hail from here (you can also check this article: TOP10 Most Beautiful & Hottest Asian Women in the World). 

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Top 10 Asian Countries With Beautiful Women

Here is our list of TOP10 countries with the most beautiful women:

1. Vietnam

In 2022, Wonderlist, a U.S. travel website, ranked Vietnam as one of the top three Asian countries with the most pretty ladies. These women made the cut because of their outward and inward beauty. 

Vietnamese single women are popular on online dating sites and for good reason too. 

vietnam brides

Characteristics of Vietnamese Women 

Mindset of Vietnamese Women 

Vietnam is a traditional country, and it’s no surprise that these ladies are raised with a traditional mindset. 

You’ll find that these women are kind, compassionate, and sincere, and they see you as the head of the household. That also means you need to take charge and set the right tone for your relationship. 

dating vietnam women

Main Pros of Dating and Marrying Vietnamese Women 

2. Laos

Laos is the smallest Asian country. The Loatian ladies are truly stunning, for their looks and personality, meaning you get the best of both worlds. Feast your eyes while she wins your heart.

laos brides

Characteristics of Laotian Women 

Mindset of Laotian Women 

Women in Laos are expected to adhere to traditional family values and gender roles. Your ideal Laotian lady will look feminine, be well-groomed, and obedient. 

They are also polite, modest, thoughtful, and compassionate. 

dating laos women

Main Pros of Dating or Marrying Laotian Women 

3. The Philippines

The Philippines are quite Westernized, and it’s very likely that your lady will speak English in addition to her native language. 

At least you don’t have to worry about the language barrier breaking down communication and causing issues as much as if your lady love was from another non-English speaking country. 

beautiful filipina

Besides the benefit of speaking English, Filipino women are gorgeous. 

Characteristics of Filipino Women 

Mindset of Filipino Women 

Filipinas are caring and positive, a mindset that is likely to influence your own – for the better! These ladies won’t make light of any hardships, but they’ll stand by your side and help you find the silver lining. 

These ladies also treasure traditional family values, so if you know you want to settle down with the lady of your dreams, having kids will most likely be on the table. 

dating philippines women

Main Pros of Dating or Marrying Filipino Women 

4. Japan

Japanese culture is quite different from the rest of Asia’s diverse cultures, but one thing this country has in common with other Asian countries is their gorgeous women. 

japanese brides

Characteristics of Japanese Women 

Mindset of Japanese Women 

Japanese women are very polite, intelligent, honest, and modest. You’ll never be bored with your Japanese dream lady, and you may need to coax her to share her problems or life challenges as she won’t want to trouble you. 

japanese dating culture

Main Pros of Dating or Marrying Japanese Women 

5. Thailand

One thing that stands out among the Thai people is their friendliness, and kindness always increases how beautiful any person is. 

thai women

Characteristics of Thai Women 

Mindset of Thai Women 

Thai brides have a positive outlook in life, and they possess those virtues that men love: kindness, sensitivity, humility, empathy, and patience.

thai women online

They also love to chat and make friends easily. 

Main Pros of Dating or Marrying Thai Women 

6. South Korea

Wonderlist gave the number 1 winning spot to South Korea for their beauties. Reasons for South Korea’s win are their women’s natural beauty, strong independent spirit, and cultural influences. 

korean brides

K-pop has a big influence with South Korean women wearing lots of makeup, coloring their hair in funky colors, and dressing very modernly (#FashionRebels). 

Characteristics of South Korean Women 

Mindset of South Korean Women 

South Korean ladies are very hard working and strong minded, but they are impatient. They feel pressured to get ahead in life, so they’ll want a career and a relationship (and they’ll make it all work). 

korean girl online

Main Pros of Dating or Marrying South Korean Women

7. Georgia

Georgia is one of those countries where you probably wonder if it’s in Europe or Asia, and my answer is “kinda both” since it’s at the intersection of these two continents. 

One thing you should know about Georgia is that their women are stunning. 

Characteristics of Georgian Women 

Mindset of Georgian Women 

Georgian ladies are optimistic, friendly, sincere, and direct, and they have good manners. You’ll find that your Georgian partner is cheerful, easy-going, and talkative, which will add joy in your life. 

Since ladies from Georgia are also honest and openly express how they feel, you’ll know exactly where you stand. 

georgian brides

Main Pros of Dating or Marrying Georgian Women 

8. Taiwan

The island country off the coast of China has highly attractive ladies. Taiwan is also more progressive than their other Asian counterparts, so you’ll find that you’ll get along well with your Taiwanese woman

taiwanese brides

Characteristics of Taiwanese Women 

Mindset of Taiwanese Women 

The ladies from Taiwan are sweet and respectful, and while these ladies are raised to value family and traditional gender roles (so that means you need to make the first move), the country is progressive, so your lady might be into equality. 

dating taiwanese women

Main Pros of Dating or Marrying Taiwanese Women 

9. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country that is located off the Indian subcontinent. While many are attracted to the country’s exotic nature, scenic beaches, tea plantations, and temples, you shouldn’t forget about the country’s beautiful women. 

sri lankan brides

Characteristics of Sri Lankan Women 

Mindset of Sri Lankan Women 

Sri Lankans value education, so your Sri Lankan beauty will be smart and resourceful. She’ll also love learning new things, and will want to know about you and your culture. 

With an easy-going and friendly attitude, a Sri Lankan woman will get along well with you, your family, and friends. Beware that these ladies are quite direct and openly express their thoughts and feelings – at least you’ll be on the same page and know where you stand with her. 

dating sri lankan women

Main Pros of Dating or Marrying Sri Lankan Women 

10. China

China has different ethnicities, so it’s not easy to stereotype what a Chinese beauty will look like. But if you dream of having an Asian partner to love and hold, consider a Chinese woman who is truly gorgeous. 

dating chinese women

Characteristics of Chinese Women 

Mindset of Chinese Women

Chinese women are romantics at heart, so you’ll need to woo your lady love. She is also caring, compassionate, and smart, as well as practical, dedicated, and hard working.

chinese woman

These ladies have one thing in common with most other Asian cultures – they value family and the traditional role of a man in marriage. 

Main Pros of Dating or Marrying Chinese Women 

Final Thoughts: Who Is the Most Beautiful in Asia?

As they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and this is 100% true. I can’t decide for you who is the most beautiful in Asia – only you can.  

You can have the Asian lady your heart desires, and best of all, you can find her on reputable and affordable online dating sites. 

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Good luck! 

And remember, your Asian true love is out there, so don’t settle until you find her!

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