You would certainly not even see Armenia on the map unless you live in the vicinity. There is only one valid excuse to pay them credit when it comes to local girls. Armenian girls are warm, pleasant, respectful, family-oriented, and worth your attention.

Armenian women make fantastic chefs. Girls feel like they have to cook or do not deserve being married because of their region’s old culture. They stick around their mothers and learn to cook from a young age. By the age of 18, most Armenian girls have culinary prowess and can impress you with their acquired skills.

You’d better accept it if you’re asked to dinner. It doesn’t matter who invites you, your dream girl, her mother, or her dad. The rejection of such a call may be equivalent to the refusal to consider the girl, so it is an insult.

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Armenian Dating Culture - What is alike?

You can become the ideal marriage partner if you can prove to an Armenian girl that you can stand on your feet in a difficult moment. Whether you are dating to marry or to enjoy yourself, Armenian women want powerful men.

Armenian women don’t want to put on their best outfits and make-up only to be left on the side-lines. Exhibiting that you are coordinated, mature and social means you’ll be there on time. Don’t give a poor first impression by arriving late to your date. After all, it is easy to be punctual, so don’t make it too complicated.

Dating Armenian women

Talking about an ex-girlfriend will take you into a dangerous field. As a matter of fact, the more girlfriends you talk about, the less serious you appear to be to the girl you’re dating. To an Armenian woman, multiple partnerships indicate you are not ready to settle.

Keep it brief if you are asked about past relationships. Rather, chat about local history, stuff she doesn’t like, or particular things she likes.

Dating Armenian Women: What Are Their Values and Mentality?

We could find that Armenian women are attractive and very loving, proud, and dedicated to their families. Many see their families as high priorities. They are outstanding women, fantastic chefs, knowledgeable, intelligent, and skilled in many art and crafts.

For Armenian women, who are educated on religion and spread Christian morality and values, faith is fundamental. For them, it is essential to preserve national features and traditions.

Armenian families usually favour marriages between people of the same ethnicity. However, they are not categorically opposed to foreign marriages, mainly where religious origins are undifferentiated. But the rural Armenians are generally more traditional.

Where and How to Meet a Woman from Armenia— Our Top 3 Tips

One of the easiest ways is travelling to her home country. There, you will easily bump into any of them on the streets, in a restaurant, park, or elsewhere, then strike up a conversation. This is likely to happen in one of the big cities, so target Ejmiatsin, Yerevan, or Gyumri. A plausible conversation starter is greetings, inquiring if she speaks English, then requesting her help. That is sure to get her attention, and she will be more than willing to help.

If you have friends who know Armenian ladies, ask them to introduce you. This is a sure way to start up a conversation without it being strained.

Another great way to meet an Armenian woman before travelling all those miles is via online platforms. This way, you can begin by interacting with several of them as you get to know them before narrowing down on the one you want to pursue long-term interests.

Top 3 Dating Sites to Meet Armenian Brides

With so many dating sites available online, it’s hard to differentiate them and tell which one has higher chances of success. At the same time, it’s difficult to tell how authentic a dating site really is as some of them have auto-bots sending messages to new members just to entice and deceive them. On that note, here are the top three genuine dating sites that would be your best attempt at successfully meeting an Armenian, and possibly making her your bride., launched in 1995, is arguably the most popular dating site for people looking to establish long-term relationships. In 2020, it was awarded the Best Niche Dating Site and the Best International Dating Agency. Previous years it received similar awards are 2019, 2018, 2016, and 2014. The Single Tour service that they offer sets them apart from other dating platforms. These events help people interact and find each other. The trips are non-complicated for a participant as the company handles all the logistics, including tickets and accommodation.

Memberships available are free and fee-based. As a free member, you can view profiles, receive matches, access your inbox, and only women can send messages. As a Platinum member, for which you pay a monthly fee of $29.95, men can send messages. Other services include sending real-life flowers, access to private videos, joining the Singles Tours, and phone calls with a translator.

With a membership base of women from Asia, Russia, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe, and users from France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the US, InternationalCupid makes it easier to find your perfect match. The majority of the members are within the 35-54 age bracket.The profiles are quite detailed and include information such as cultural values, lifestyle, and background. Each profile has a match indicator, so it shows you if you and another user make a good match based on the criteria you both selected.

To enjoy the full services, sign up as a Platinum member for only $12.50 a month (if you make annual payments) or as a Gold member for only $10 a month (if you pay for the whole year in advance).

This dating site is available in multiple languages due to its vast member base, including Vietnam, the USA, China, UK, the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan. As one of the most trusted and popular Asian niches dating sites, they back their credibility with success stories that are accessible on their website. Suppose you are serious about meeting a potential bride here. In that case, it is advisable to take up a fee-based membership as the free one will not allow you to interact via messaging. Instead, the application will lock your messages until you upgrade. 

Being an upgraded member also lets your prospective partner see that you are serious about your intentions. Membership is quite affordable, with rates as low as $10 per month paid annually for the Gold membership and $12.50 per month paid annually for the Platinum membership.

How to Start an Armenian Dating Adventure

Armenia is a male-dominated country, and women do not get the same merits as in Europe or America. Armenian culture is different from other parts of the world. The women are not as open-minded and laid back as single women from Western countries. To be successful, practice being attentive and gentle. Your personality, manners, and behaviour will either attract her or put her off.

Being knowledgeable about the basics will put you at an advantage. If you can, plan to visit Armenia as a tourist and travel to cities like Kirovakan, Yerevan, and Kumari. Also, practice humility. Showing off your acquisitions like expensive phones and gadgets, cars, and branded clothing is likely to put her off. In fact, it scares Armenian women, and you may lose her forever.

Starting a Relationship with an Armenian Girl: Important Things to Consider

For an Armenian woman, bringing her flowers on a date is a sign that you are serious about her. It also symbolizes your masculinity, which is attractive to them. How you dress is also an important factor. Exude elegance, intelligence, and neatness in your dressing manner. While it is okay to be casual, ensure it is smart and not shabby.

Armenian brides

Keeping time for appointments, whether in person or a virtual date, is taken seriously. Armenian women do not appreciate a disorganized man who cannot even keep time. Honesty and courage are other important factors when it comes to dating an Armenian woman. Your life will be so much easier if you get into the habit of being truthful from the onset.

Why Do Women from Armenia Like Dating Foreign Men?

Armenian women are generally warm, pleasant people and are very family-oriented, focusing on taking care of their husbands and children. They like dating foreigners because it’s a different experience from dating one of their own. They also find Westerners more respectful than their Armenian counterparts.

Random Facts That You Won't Believe Are True:

Certain conversation topics may make your first date the last one! Topics like sex, pregnancy, and several fantasies are topics you must avoid. Even if she is the one who raises the issues, keep it sweet and short as it may be a trap.

Additionally, Westerners are more exposed and have gone through a different education system that gives them some mysterious concept about them that the Armenian woman finds fascinating and eager to learn. Plus, dating a foreigner means the opportunity and likely possibility of visiting a different country.

Our Advice to You: Armenian women prefer supportive, caring men. She will connect with you and trust you when you show her how caring you are.
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Conclusion: Getting to Know Armenian Women

If you intend to date an Armenian woman, remember one thing: they highly value their family, and family opinions matter greatly. It will be better if you get along well with her family.

Treat an Armenian woman with great admiration and respect, and she will reciprocate the same. Frequently compliment her; they love that. Encourage, support, and take care of her and she will want to get closer to you.

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