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Asian (Chinese, Korean, Thai & Philippine) women are unlike any other women in the world. They are viewed as being exotic, distinctive, hardworking and exceptionally intelligent. One of the most attractive features of Asian women are that they are genuinely attracted to men of power or in other words a man who knows his role as being a strong and powerful provider.

They do an excellent job at taking care of the errands, children and all the typical duties that are expected of a wife. Many people have been fascinated about the fact that Western men have a natural tendency to find Asian women extremely attractive. And based on the fact that 60% of all men that go on an Asian tour dates, ultimately find the soulmae of their dreams, this comes as no surprise. 

You cannot fail to notice the elegance, beauty and appreciation for family when you see a Asian lady. Keeping in mind that there are over 2 billion women in Asia alone, the chances of finding a beautiful and single Asian woman are pretty high.

An Asian woman is essentially a simple woman. All you have to do is shower her with love and attention and you will enjoy all the perks that come with her. However, for the best experience in dating an Asian bride, you should try some of the amazing foreign affair marriage tours to Asia. To learn more about this, continue reading.

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Find The Right Romantic Tour Company

Ultimately, the most important thing you need to do before you partake on a journey to Asian to find your ideal Asian (Chinese, Korean, Thai & Philippine) soul-mate, is to consult a reputable Asian romantic tour company. Some of the things you need to look for when doing this, is the amount of years that the company has been in establishment, the success rates of their clients along with their level of professionalism.

E.g., a famous International romance tour and marriage agency located in the USA, offers romantic tours to Thailand which include following services:

Asian Dating Singles Tours by Services Reviewed offers a variety of services, all tailored to ensure that you meet a beautiful Asian woman. Random facts you won’t believe are true are that in Korea, you will need you to pay handsomely to the parents to be sure that their daughter will live a good life.

The Asian Dating Singles Tours are ideal for enabling you explore your options, while giving you a fantastic platform to enjoy your date. Essentially, these are major services offered.

  • Accommodations: The platform offers top tier accommodation options from internationally-rated hotels. You will have a variety of accommodation options to choose from, including double rooms suitable for single occupancy and superb amenities.
  • Hospitality service: They have fully functional offices located in all the tour cities, which is mostly in the hotels, to ensure that you enjoy top-of-the-line services during the singles vacation. The only thing you need to do is to submit you list and schedule and let the matchmakers do their job.
  • Professional translators: They are fully staffed with qualified professional translators who will be of help anytime you need assistance during your singles tour.

Main Asian Single Tour Destinations in 2023

Asia is full of amazing destinations that will have you immersed in a variety of experiences and memories. You can choose to head over to Gobi Desert and ride a camel, enjoy fun times on the golden beaches located in Bali or visit the Great Wall. These aren’t the only destinations for singles tours in 2023. Here are some of the main ones.

  • Taj Mahal: Why not visit this spectacular architecture and fall in love with the tastes, sights and sounds of India? Here, you can live like royalty, take memorable pictures or ride a camel, among other treats.
  • Bali: You can explore the beautiful rice feeds, the exquisite temples or even learn to surf at the beach. It is interesting to know that you can also go out snorkelling with the turtles or head over to Mount Batur and enjoy incredible views.
  • Vietnam: Start your Vietnam singles tour in Hanoi and sum it up in Ho Chi Minh as you discover everything Vietnam has to offer.
  • Japan: Visiting Japan could be an incredible experience. You can even take some time to prepare sushi by yourself, feel the unique Japanese atmosphere, and experience the bullet train, which is quite something.
  • Philippines: When you visit Philippines, you get the chance to explore Manila, sample the variety of Filipino delicacies, visit Puerto Princesa. Did you know that you could interact with some inmates at Puerto Princesa? That is something you could look forward to, among other things like zip lining.

What is the Best Destination to Find an Asian Bride?

Before you go ahead and try to find yourself an Asian woman, you should be open to understanding the different cultures. This is an ideal way to understand what Asian women are about and what makes them tick. But you have to go out there and meet them. These are some of the best destinations to start.

  • Philippines: Filipino women are pretty open to marrying a foreign man. Furthermore, these women can easily speak English and they can easily assimilate a foreign culture.
  • Thailand: Thai women are quite feminine, beautiful and caring. A plus is that most of the women can fluently speak English and just like Filipino women, they are quite open to marrying a foreign man.
  • Cambodia: If you are under 50 years, you can meet plenty of beautiful Cambodian women. However, with the poverty levels in the country, you should keep in mind that most of them will want you to take care of her and support her family.
  • Kazakhstan: Women from this country are a perfect bridge between Asian and Europeans. This bridge extends to their traditions and culture. They are feminine like Asians but again do most of their things much like Europeans. It is important to mention that they are educated and intelligent.
  • Laos: Women from Laos are hidden gems. The fact that the country is little to known to foreigners makes it less competitive to get a Laos woman. They can communicate fluently through English but most of their education levels are pretty low.

How much Does an AFA Tour to Asia cost?

AFA has designed packages for Asia tours to ensure that you meet and date Asian women. It is interesting to know that by joining their service, you will get to view any kind of Asian woman that you wish for the longest time you can.

For the best value, you should go for the platinum membership, which is $29.95 payable monthly with a $95.00 activation fee. Upon payment, they will credit the renewal fee towards their full AFA singles tour of Asia. When you pay for this plan, you will be able to use your tour credits during your AFA tour. It’s like enjoying a fun holiday for free! However, it would be best if you keep in mind that you can only use these tour credits on the AFA singles tour.

What to consider in 2023 before you go on Asian marriage tours

Inasmuch as Asia offers fantastic experiences, visiting for the first time could be a challenge if you don’t prepare well enough beforehand. Therefore, when travelling to Asia for the Asian marriage tours, here are a few things to consider.

  • Going with an open mind. This is because you are going to meet a lot of different people from different cultural backgrounds. Keeping an open mind means that you will be accommodative to new people and experiences.
  • Have respect for local laws: There are some local laws like taking pictures of or in certain attractions and landmarks being prohibited. You should adhere to such laws to ensure that your tour is a success and fun.
  • Some temples may have dresscodes: You might visit some temples and some of these temples may require you to dress in a certain way. Therefore, always confirm if there is a dresscode before you visit.
  • Confirm if a Visa would be necessary: In some parts of Asia, you can enjoy short-term visits visa free, like 15-30 days. On the other hand, some countries like Vietnam, you will get a visa upon arrival. Therefore, always check beforehand.
  • Check immunisation and injection: The kind of injections or immunisation you get differ from country to country. In most cases, it’s yellow fever and malaria. However, recently many countries want visitors to get COVID-19 vaccination certificates before you can enter.

What is The Executive Plan?

If you desire an extensive personalised service, AFA is for you. The Executive Plan is their alternative to the standard services they offer. It is designed to offer a more personalised and extensive experience.

It takes advantage of the existing infrastructure but providing their clients with the highest kind of attention and individualised service. When you sign up for the Executive Plan, you get assigned a personal consultant whose job is to guide you all through the process. They offer one-on-one meetings to ensure that you build an efficient working relationship.

They will give you an in-depth questionnaire that they will use for personality assessment to help match you with your Asian partner. You will also enjoy 3-way skype or phone conversations with the candidates and up to $5000 correspondence credit.

Going on the Asian Romantic Tour: A Step-By-Step Guide

1.) Establish A Budget

Many people assume that the costs associated with going to Asia, may be somewhat expensive. But contrary to popular belief, this isn’t true. The costs associated for acquiring a Visa in China, for example is only $140. In terms of accommodation, hotels range from $40 for a three star hotel and up to $200 for a four star hotel. As far as the flights are concerned, by acquiring a plane ticket during the off peak season, you can get a two way ticket for as little as $900-$1100.

Japanese dating culture

The costs for the 2023 Asian single trips are as follows:

  • 7 Days of Tour Services – $995.00
  • 10 Days of Tour Services – $1195.00
  • 14 Days of Tour Services – $1395.00

2.) Make A List Of The Cities That You Should Visit

When it comes to the places you should go to meet ideal candidates, you have a variety of options. The top 3 recommended destinations though are Shanghai, Chengdu and Chonqinp. Chonqing is known for having China’s most natural beauty and it is believed that the humid weather and fog, contribute to their naturally smooth skin.

Chendgu on the other hand, is known by tourists from all over the world for being a hot spot for beautiful, delicate women. And as far as Shanghai goes, it has the largest population of single Asian (Chinese, Korean, Thai & Philippine) women, which may be due to the fact that it has an abundance of nightclubs, restaurants and bars.

3.) Learn About Asian Dating Culture

The etiquette of Asian (Chinese, Korean, Thai & Philippine) culture may be significantly different that the customs of the western way of living. As such, before you attempt to travel to an Asian destination, it’s highly recommended that you do a brief overview of their customs, traditions, history and overall culture by utilizing various books and online forums. For example, in China, the concept of giving hard-boiled eggs that are dyed red is considered to be a charming custom, that is used to show happiness as birth announcements.

4.) Learn More About The Relationship Traditions

Another thing that you should consider is the relationship traditions of the country that you want to visit. Because not all cultures focus on the formal aspects of marriage. In Asia, whenever a couple partakes on their first set of dates, it is not uncommon for the couple to go with friends, where behavior is regulated strictly as in ‘no fondling’ or any other public signs of affection. This is because it is believed that this a sign of respect from the man to the woman.

5.) Learn More About The Dress Codes

Even though, there isn’t a strict dress code per se, in Asia. Some areas tend to be more conservative or less revealing than others. Wearing a tank top on a first date in some areas for example, may be viewed as a sign of a lack of respect for one’s self.

Dating chinese women

6.) Learn About The Single Tour Experiences of Other Westerners

A wise man learns from the experience of himself, but a wiser man learns from the experience of others. To heighten your chances of success, it’s highly recommended that you learn about the pitfalls that other westerners faced, so that you can avoid them all together and increase your chances of success.

Marriage and Romance Tours to Asia: FAQ

Can Asian brides speak English? What are the best destinations to find an Asian bride? Here are some answers to our readers’ frequently asked questions about single and marriage tours to Asia. 

Yes. Most of the Asian women you will meet can communicate in English. Therefore, this will make things a whole lot easier. However, if you still have trouble with communication, you can always take advantage of a translation service from sites like

Asia is a massive continent with lots of incredible destination to meet Asian women. However, these are some of the best ones you can consider visiting.

  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Cambodia
  • Laos

To enjoy the full benefits of a platinum member, you will have to part with $95.00 activation fee or $29.95 monthly fee. This amount will also go into your AFA Asian tour account. You can use the AFA credits on the tour as well.

Yes, they do. Unlike many western women who don’t see families in their futures, Asian women value family. A family is important to an Asian woman and they will dedicate their time and effort to ensure that their family is well taken care of. Therefore, you can count on them to keep your family happy.

Asian women are a bit traditional. This means that they are respectful and don’t have a problem with gender roles. Did you know? An Asian woman won’t try to be a man. They are known to embrace their femininity and won’t try to compete with you to become the head of the house.

Putting it together

Why wait and you can go on AFA Asian romance tours and get to meet beautiful Asian singles? Your lonely days are over with Our advice to you if you are not a member yet and you wish to meet some beautiful Asian ladies, the AFA romance tours would a great place to start. With these tours, you can get unlimited personal introductions, accommodation options in internationally-rated hotels, orientation tours and complementary interpreters, among other perks.

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