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Asian online dating is already a big struggle. To make it a bit easier, Asian Dating Journal offers wise advice and beneficial tips for Western men looking for a gorgeous and family-oriented Asian bride through various online dating sites and marriage agencies.

When the Internet became a hit in the 1990s, few imagined that it would one day open doors to new (intercultural) relationships. International online dating websites developed rather quickly. In fact, modern online dating websites match millions of users to potential suitors, raking in millions in profit each year. As the online dating industry emerges, it legitimizes the Internet as a place to find love. Asian Dating Journal reaches out to those looking for romance with an Asian lady on the web.

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Asian Dating Journal provides a resource that is not only educational, but entertaining and helpful. We do this by offering valuable information that helps you in shaping your dating style and in making wise decisions when dating Chinese, Thai and Philippine girls.

Best of all, the posts are easy to read and gather information from quickly. Asian Dating Journal is not a place you will fine intrusive pop-ups and annoying advertisements that cover the content. Our first aim is to provide you with enjoyment and information.

You will also notice that each piece of content we feature is genuine, creative and unique. Our authors work around the clock to introduce new issues on dating Chinese, Thai and Philippine ladies and present them in an intriguing way.

We have deep fondness for each of our readers, and we look forward to your ongoing visits. You can look forward to more unique and insightful material in return.

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junjuJunju, founder and editor of Asian Dating Journal
She has a great experience with Asian online dating. In her interesting posts, Junju gives some useful tips and advice for Western men looking for an Asian wife through online dating sites. Stay with her and learn about how to deal with scammers and the special culture of Asian women.

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thomasThomas, editor and blogger from Germany. He loves Southeast Asia and is interested to learn more about its culture. Thomas is happy to share his experience with the readers about overcoming various differences (cultural, language or social barriers) in an intercultural relationship with an Asian woman. In his view, Asian women are the best! At the moment, he has a happy long-distance relationship with a Japanese woman.

yingYing, editor. She is a wonderful woman who is married to a German man. Ying was born in China but has lived in Germany for about 5 years. She writes about the culture and mentality of Asian women. As an editor of asiandatingjournal.com, she also shares the secrets how to win hearts of Chinese, Japanese and Korean ladies.