Are You Ready Going on a Romantic Tour to Asia?

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Asian (Chinese, Korean, Thai & Philippine) women are unlike any other women in the world. They are viewed as being exotic, distinctive, hardworking and exceptionally intelligent. One of the most attractive features of Asian women are that they are genuinely attracted to men of power or in other words a man who knows his role as being a strong and powerful provider. They do an excellent job at taking care of the errands, children and all the typical duties that are expected of a wife. Many people have been fascinated about the fact that Western men have a natural tendency to find Asian women extremely attractive. And based on the … Continued

Choosing the right Asian dating site: the 4 simples Tips

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Yes, it is a fact that finding the perfect bride in Asia can be difficult. There are ton of dating services out there for dating in Asia including sites like,, and It can be problematic to sort out which choice is for you. Today, I give you a few easy tips how to choose the dedicate online dating service to find a Chinese, Philippine or Thai woman for dating and marriage. Tip #1: Learn about the dating services very carefully There are a lot of similarities between all of the Internet dating sites. Many of the sites offer the same services including chat, translation services, gifts, and … Continued

Korean bride video: Mail order bride industry in Asia

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Finding the right bride is difficult for many men, but there are many Asian brides waiting across the sea for someone to rescue them. An Asian bride who is ready and willing to come to the West is something that many men find very attractive. Also, there is the tendency for Western men to find Asian women very attractive. Choosing the right woman is easy when a man considers all the factors below. Appearance Every Asian woman looks different, and men should consider if they see the sparkle in their bride’s eyes that speaks to them. A man who marries a woman is committing to that woman for the rest … Continued

Asian Love Story: a British man with a Thai woman for marriage

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In an interview for his television show, ” Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends,” Justin interviews a British man and his Thai bride shortly before their wedding in Thailand. He meets them at their hotel to interview them about their wedding, and how they were able to find happiness with each other so quickly. Justin meets with the couple, and asks them how the entire process has been going. The groom states that the whole process has been like a “fairytale.” Their wedding was a very active, two day affair. When asked how they met, the groom said that they would talk on the phone for three hours a day. The bride … Continued

A Foreign Affair ( review

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A truly unique introduction service called A Foreign Affair, at, has emerged amongst a sea of run-of-the-mill online dating and mail order bride companies. In today’s world, it has become increasingly more difficult to truly get know someone. For men and women, chat rooms, online profiles and even speaking with someone via webcam can be misleading, unless you meet in person, you can never really know what another person is really like. A Foreign Affair seems to have unlocked the winning formula, overcoming the obstacle of getting to know women from Asia. How? They have created an ideal international introduction service which has rivaled all others. When you visit … Continued

Tips how to recognize professional Asian pro-daters

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Oh yes, the pro-dater. I think we have all known a few versions of these Chinese, Thai or Philippine women in the past. I, myself, have gone out with a few. It sucks. Because the pro-dater is someone who you think is good to settle down with, but is not. Who are professional pro-daters? I found this acceptable explanation on the Internet: This is a special type of scam, described also in our pro-dating section. It is quite different from other types for several reasons. First of all, the girls are real, they DO exist, and you can meet them in person. They usually don’t ask money over the Interent … Continued

Philippine woman video: a tragic story of Cathy Bonesa

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This is a tragic story about a 25 year Filipina woman name Cathy Bonesa, who wanted a better life than what her poverty stricken city could afford her. She worked in a departmental store making a very low salary. The Philippians has 18 million people below poverty level and a 7.5 % unemployment rate according to the Asian Develop Bank. It is very common for these women to marry a foreign man usual from developed countries such as The Unites States, Germany, Australia, or Canada. In the recent years, men from South Korea and Japan are becoming more frequent buyers in the mail order bride business. Filipinas are a hot … Continued

Key tips for dating single Thai women for marriage

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Dating a Thai woman can be a wonderfully satisfying experience, but there are several key tips to follow if you plan on going out with a Thai woman. Even if this is your first trip to Thailand, take charge of the date from the beginning. Don’t make the mistake of asking the woman to plan your date together because this will start the relationship with the woman being in charge instead of you. You are also more likely to impress your date if you take the time to plan out when and where you are going to go and the mode of transportation to get there. Don’t give the wrong … Continued