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At Asian Dating Journal, we will give you some essential tips you need to know before meeting and dating an Asian lady. In general, preparation is vital not only to the Asian girls but to all girls. Keep in mind that dating an Asian girl is fairly different from dating Western girls.

It is a fact that Asian ladies are among the most attractive, globally. No wonder they get substantial admiration from both Asian and foreign men. The dating process is quite similar, but if you want to take it to a notch higher, please read on to find essential tips.


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Asian Dating Culture - What is it like?

If you are dating in another country far away from your continent, there are high chances you will experience culture shock and come across some cultural differences. Yes, this is what you will encounter if you date an Asian girl. Based on your home country, the Asian culture is perhaps quite different from the norm.

There are a couple of steps involved in the Western world before getting a girl into a relationship. For instance, you’ll first have to meet the girl on the internet, via dating applications or even friends. Afterwards, you’ll go for the first date, second date, third date, fourth date or even fifth date to know one another. Finally, the girl can accept your dating proposal.

Dating Asian Women: What are their Values and Mentality?

Now that you want to date an Asian girl, I must give you info about their values and mentality. Here is what you should expect:

Family is Crucial to Them

Family comes first to a large percentage of Asian ladies. As a result, their bond with the family is powerful all through the dating period. In fact, there are high chances you might come across all her family members.

The Asian Girls Love the Foreign Partners

As you date an Asian girl, it is worth having slight pride due to the mere fact that they love men from the West. Yes, most Asian ladies prefer being dated by foreign men. Thus, always try to maximise this to your advantage and let her recognise how much you love her as she loves you.

Asian Ladies Prefer Long-term Relationships

It’s common for a gentleman and lady to meet, date for a short period and go separate ways in the Western world. However, the case is different when it comes to Asian girls, as most of them look for a long-term relationship with their partners.

Where and How to Meet a Woman from Asia - Our top 3 tips

There are countless Asian girls out there looking for men to love, date and marry. Notably, although Asia comprises several countries, most Asian women come from the Republic of China, the Philippines and Thailand. After winning over the foreign men, most men run after these girls for courtship and marriage purposes.

With the advancement of the internet and technology, the best place to find your perfect match is online dating websites. Unfortunately, if you ask your friends about their favourite dating platforms, you will get different answers from all of them.

Well, the main reason for this is that some individuals are searching for hook-ups, others are searching for love, while others are searching for something in between. Having said that, what are the best dating sites to find Asian ladies? When writing this review, we assessed several sites and came up with the top 3 dating sites for Asian ladies.

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Our TIP: to Meet & Date Asian Brides

The online dating platforms offer you access to countless single Asian girls interested in meeting a single man like you. Due to the increase in the number of online dating websites, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting the best Asian dating website to meet your dream girl.

Although you will come across thousands of single ladies on these sites, finding a fascinating and attractive lady that you can actually date is another story. Fortunately, to assist you in finding serious, attractive and humble ladies to date in Asia, we would like to introduce Company

Since its foundation in 1995, has been connecting singles from different countries and races. In fact, it provides an exclusive feature known as the ‘Singles Tour’ to link up ladies and gentlemen. By looking at this dating platform, you will quickly realise it emphasises bringing Asian ladies to you.

The website is easy to use and includes a couple of links to make it easy for you to browse from one page to another. Overall, the website may seem minimalistic, but it offers everything you need as you search for your better half.

When it comes to payments, you have to activate a platinum membership plan at a one-time fee of $95. Afterwards, you will have to pay a renewal fee of $29.95 per month. Some of the benefits you will get as a platinum member include:

Other fees you have to pay on the site include:

One of the good things you will love about this site is the ability to send flowers to your ‘catch.’ What’s more, you can have the option of the phone translation service.

How to Start an Asian Dating Adventure

First things first, it is worth noting that dating an Asian girl born in Asia is totally different from dating the one born in Western countries. Still, there are several things you need to adhere to when you embark on the journey of dating one, regardless of where she was born.

First, it is advisable to treat her as a lady instead of treating her as an Asian. Yes, all girls are special, and they want men to treat them as persons. Keep in mind that she will not like you to recognise her for being a member of a certain nationality or group.

Second, you do not need to start guessing her origin country. Remember, when you decide to approach a hot Asian girl, it will help if you keep off guessing her native country. Even if you know some Asian-based greetings, please avoid using them as it may sound embarrassing and awful.

Starting a Relationship with an Asian Girl: Important Things to Consider

Now, if you want to date an Asian girl, these are the most important things to consider to make your dating experience a memorable one for the two of you.

Make Sure You are Straightforward

Since most Asian ladies are fairly shy, they will always prefer to date a decisive and bold person. In addition, if you want to portray your feelings to her, ensure you say it directly to her.

dating asian women

Be Romantic

Yes, most ladies are romantic, but these women from Asia are romantic from the heart. Therefore, it will help if you do some sweet acts, such as writing her a poem, showering her with flowers and gifts as well as inviting her for romantic night dates.

Avoid Forcing It

You should avoid rushing into things. Instead, give her time to process. So, if you need something serious from the girl, avoid moving the relationship into bed rapidly. If you did so, she might label you a disrespectful person.

Why do Women from Asia Like Dating Foreign Mаn?

Most single ladies from Asia are all over the internet dreaming about dating and marrying a foreign man. There is a common misconception that only foreign men love Asian girls. Well, that is not true because women across Asia prefer dating men from the West more than ever before. Here are the main reasons why this is the case:

Foreign Men are Expressive

When it comes to feelings, foreign men are incredibly passionate. Yes, all women love the aspect of being loved. The local Asian men fail to express their feelings in the best way possible.

They are Appealing

To the Asian ladies, men from the West appeal more than the Asian men. Generally, they boast an appeal that easily catches women’s attention. Merely put, these men have the masculine and manly appeal that the Asian women long for.

Getting to know Asian women

Lastly, it is worth keeping in mind that Asian women are intuitive. Therefore, if you decide to get into a relationship with one, there are high chances she will be attentive to the things you say and do. Regardless of how cunning you are, an Asian lady can easily tell when something is wrong.

I recommend that you remain faithful and truthful to her. Actually, a human is to error, but coming out clean after making an error shows how devoted you are to the marriage. The best thing about these girls is that they are extremely peaceful.

By following the tips mentioned above, you should now have an easy time meeting and dating an Asian lady. Remember that the girls are different. Thus, some ladies may prefer different characters and manners. For this reason, you need to find out more about the lady prior to making some serious moves.

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